“I am so thankful and grateful for the opportunities I have been given and the way it is progressing but this whole issue still needs a lot more work and to progress at a more rapid rate,” she said. [30] The women's team won the 2014 World Cup tournament but was paid $7 million prize money less than their male counterparts who failed in Round 16. Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie welcomed the report and said women would receive equal pay in sport. Women in Hollywood, including Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman and Viola Davis have spoken out on the disparity. According to research undertaken by Swinburn University, coverage of women’s sport during the pandemic fell from a meagre 8.4 per-cent in April to a dreadful 7.6 per-cent in May 2020. “The idea of activating the entire sports eco-system to hasten change is an approach that could be considered and replicated throughout the world,” she said. [27] In 2019, MCC released the report of Pathway to Pay Equality, which aims to create new systems and cultures which can breed pay equity across all elite sports. Except for prize money, there are other factors that affect female athletes' income, which include both internal and external factors. In 2006, American tennis player Venus Williams wrote an open letter to the London Times after she won the championship of Wimbledon but received lower prize money compared with her male counterpart. I scribbled this as part of a piece which will be in @theheraldsun tomorrow. The year 2020 continues to challenge societal norms and the way we as individuals operate within our daily lives. [28] The report details the specific actions and supports need to be taken to close the gender pay gap in sports. [14] The different marketability of athletes affects the corresponding earnings of male and female athletes. Name at least four sports organisations supporting this report. If they win a Slam then they are paid the same. CRICKET Australian cricketer Rachael Haynes, 32, said cricket has made leaps and bounds in recent years and she’s now in a position where she no longer has to work a second job to support her professional career. "On every measure they have done this as athletes and ambassadors. Comparison of Roger Federer’s income with Serena Williams' income based on their prize money shows that Williams earned 2 million dollars more than Federer. [11] Except for the quantity, the quality of media coverage also matters. [8] Male’s sports have higher production values and are going to seem more exciting. "We believe the inter-connected steps outlined in the report provide the pathway to gender equality and delivering equal pay in sport.". This has included the AFLW (Australian Women’s Football) being curtailed while stages such as the Olympics and Paralympics where Australians traditionally embrace their female athletes as equals have been postponed until 2021. "The benefits to our economy, our community and our athletes will be exponential.". ESPN will also broadcast an additional 16 games on their network. #GenderPayGap #genderequity #womeninsport pic.twitter.com/07RMYGS7Ou, — Dr Kirstin Ferguson (@kirstinferguson) February 17, 2019. The report introduced by MCC is considered to be the first time that the sports organisations have united globally to address the issue of unequal pay in sports, this can be a role model for other countries and institutes to emulate.[29]. Fronting Senate Estimates on Monday, Senator Payne, Minister for Women, rejected the assertion that the federal budget had not done enough for Australian women. - Invalid The economic benefits will occur as long as female athletes generate outstanding revenue as their male counterparts do.[15]. Wonderful headline to start the week. Ms King is a former World No. Green man or green woman for crossing job? It’s the fact that sports lovers, including most female fans, prefer the product produced by men. Athletes would be paid for each hour and “unit” of their work, such as training, media appearances and community engagement. One of the most noteworthy cases happens in tennis. Individual readers can also help by becoming an Extra member. Utilising privilege to help those who do not benefit from it, is essential and especially crucial when building female sporting brands. It is already clear that when women’s sport is invested in, the returns are there. Women in this category earn $42,900. But, while the level of pay varies from sport to sport, a look at five popular American sports shows a common reality: female athletes consistently make less than men. In 2019, the WNBA signed a deal with CBS to broadcast 40 games a year. Read more stories from TheLatch— and follow us on Facebook. The media portrayal of female athletes tends to be less professional, and sometimes involve entertaining or sexualised contents instead of portraying their athletic abilities. ", "Novak Djokovic: men's tennis should fight for more prize money than women", "Basketball's Growing Gender Wage Gap: The Evidence The WNBA Is Underpaying Players", "Ronda Rousey Explains Why She Deserves To Make More Money Than Male Fighters", "Should women athletes earn the same as men? CEOs of 16 sporting codes and clubs have committed to the recommendations including NRL CEO Todd Greenberg, Football Federation Australia CEO David Gallop, Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle and the chiefs of Collingwood, Geelong, St Kilda, Richmond, and Carlton AFL clubs. Investing in equal infrastructure* and resources for men and women. There is no question they deserve pay parity and we developed a model to achieve this. Gender pay gap in sports looks into the persistence of unequal pay in sports, particularly for female athletes who do not receive equal revenue compared to their counterparts, and it differs depending on the sport. Ms Williams said she was extremely grateful to be able to play a sport she loved at an elite level, but that more work in her sport and others was needed. [40], Volleyball is also one of the pioneers of promoting pay equity in sports. This also lead to the winners of the gradslams and named UNBEATABLE when she was just 20 years old. One sport haemorrhaging millions of dollars directly as a result of its players engaging in conduct ranging from criminal to entirely lewd, makes the business case for investing in women’s sport as compelling as the moral imperative. Learn more about our use of cookies: Cookie Policy, The Gender Inequality Gap In Sport Is More Evident Now Than Ever, Using White Noise as a Sleep Aid May Do More Harm Than Good, Answer This Beauty, Grooming and Wellness Survey for Your Chance to Win a $500 Westfield Gift Card, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Has Collaborated With 6 Aussie Artists on Post-Donation Bandages, Rafael Nadal Is the Latest Player to Pull Out Of the US Open Due to COVID-19 Concerns, Lewis Hamilton and Other F1 Drivers Staged a Black Lives Matter Protest At Silverstone, World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index, Jaguar Jonze on Facing “Ignorant Racism” After Being Diagnosed With COVID, Young Aussies Place Second in Global App Competition Judged by Bill Clinton.