If you are a vendor seeking to join the certification program, see How to Join for requirements and available programs. Teams Interface & Human Motion Sensor. Microsoft argues that after an average one-hour meeting, an additional 20 minutes is spent on after-meeting tasks like typing up whiteboard notes, or taking pictures of whiteboards, or writing explanations to go alongside a diagram or image. The MTouch console’s eight-inch touch-control display features multiple management tools with a familiar Microsoft Teams interface, providing you with an easy meeting management experience and lower learning costs. Finding the Firmware version on a mobile device, Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscriptions, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams certification programs, This product has been discontinued. business. To learn more about the required licenses for using Microsoft Teams on phones, see available phone system licenses. focus flash Apple has cranked up iPhone 12 repair costs compared with its iPhone 11 prices. Privacy Policy | Simply plug in the WPP20 to share content with a single click. Generating good ideas is rarely the only problem: where companies fail is to capture those ideas properly, share them, and act upon them. 20ft (6m) Voice Pickup The Yealink VCM34 microphone array has a mic unit with a 20-feet (6-meter) voice pickup range that features Yealink Noise Proof Technology, ensuring everyone in the room can be heard clearly. And the price tag means that it's a device that should be in pretty constant use -- if it's not, the finance director is likely to start making angry noises. Share files, data, news, and resources. You may unsubscribe at any time. SK Hynix to buy Intel's NAND memory unit for $9 billion. 2020 The Surface Hub has been on sale for around 18 months -- and a year in the UK, where Microsoft has just added 15 new resellers. The Yealink VCM34 microphone array has a mic unit with a 20-feet (6-meter) voice pickup range that features Yealink Noise Proof Technology, ensuring everyone in the room can be heard clearly. You can either have your Surface Hub wall mounted or on a rolling stand: around 40 percent in use by customers are wall mounted, while 60 percent can move around. For more complete product documentation, click Here. Google sits astride Australian smart speaker market: Telsyte. Advertise | iPhone 12: A damaged OLED screen will cost you $279 to repair, says Apple. By More productive meetings and wooing sales prospects aren't the only use-cases you can imagine: according to Microsoft, Surface Hub has been used everywhere from oil rigs to university lecture theatres -- basically anywhere people need to share a display and collaborate. Apple's new iPad Air is available to order, deliveries start Oct. 23. and By signing up, you agree to receive the selected newsletter(s) which you may unsubscribe from at any time. Cookies | At many meetings, potentially business-changing ideas are discussed and written up using marker pens on big sheets of paper -- only to be rolled up and forgotten as soon as the meeting is over. Please fill in the information below, or email us at Ucinfo@yealink.com, and a Yealink expert for Microsoft solution will contact you soon. Microsoft Teams licenses can be purchased as part of their Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscriptions. November the more Ad Choice | What the Surface Hub does is package up a set of existing technologies in a way that makes them easier to use, and therefore makes it more likely that they will be used. In addition to offering customers a range of Skype for Business certified IP phones, as part of the Teams IP phone certification program, we are announcing the availability of new IP phone hardware that will be certified for Microsoft Teams. make early second-largest leave the of If Two people can comfortably work together on Microsoft's super-sized Surface Hub display. In that case, you'd probably be better off with Google's considerably more affordable $5,000 Jamboard. Dimensions84-inch: 1171.5mm x 2202.9mm x 105.4mm (46.12" x 86.7" x 4.15")55-inch: 806.4mm x 1514.3mm x 85.8mm (31.75" x 59.62" x 3.38"), Weight84-inch: 127kg (280 pounds)55-inch: 48kg (105 pounds), Display84-inch: 3,840 x 2,16055-inch:1,920 x 1,08016:9 aspect ratio100-point multitouch, CPU 84-inch: 4th-Generation Intel Core i7 with (discrete) Nvidia Quadro K220055-inch: 4th-Generation Intel Core i5 with (integrated) Intel HD Graphics 4600, ConnectivityWi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), Ethernet 1Gbps, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, NFC reader, Miracast, CamerasDual 1080p front-facing cameras100-degree horizontal field of view, Ports1xUSB 3.0 (bottom) + 1xUSB 3.0 (side access), 4xUSB 2.0, Ethernet 1000 Base-T, DisplayPort video output, 3.5mm stereo out, RJ11 connector for system level control, SensorsPassive infrared presence, ambient light, The encryption war is on again, and this time government has a new strategy, Cyberattack on London council still having 'significant impact', 'Serious cyberattack' hits London council, Ransomware is growing: Here are four ways attackers are getting into your systems. with ... Google's $100 Linux Coral Dev Board mini quietly launches – but sells out fast. It's effectively a high-end digital whiteboard that runs on a custom version of Windows 10. Black After a session, the whiteboard notes must be emailed to the participants or shared to OneNote. You agree to receive updates, alerts, and promotions from the CBS family of companies - including ZDNet’s Tech Update Today and ZDNet Announcement newsletters. The Surface Hub runs a variant of Windows 10 Enterprise called Windows 10 Team, which among other things means it will only run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps -- that is, those from the Windows App Store. You will also receive a complimentary subscription to the ZDNet's Tech Update Today and ZDNet Announcement newsletters. to Businesses can build specific apps for Surface Hub, which will need to be digitally signed by Microsoft, although they won't have to publicly appear in the Windows Store. capacity The console includes an embedded Human Motion Sensor that activates the device automatically when human motion is detected. Octa-core processor, 6.3-inch FHD+ waterdrop display, 16-megapixel camera array, and 6GB of RAM. Microsoft officials say they've sold Surface Hub conferencing systems to more than 2,000 customers since March, and that they've now got their supply situation under control. its The ability to fire off an email with the images from the board saves that time, and Microsoft's own research quotes the COO of a US law firm which tested out Surface Hub as saying: "I personally have probably 50 pictures of whiteboards from the last five years on my phone that I constantly refer to... Emailing the OneNote files after a meeting saved time on every meeting that uses the Surface Hub.". best Microsoft: Surface Hub demand is strong; product is now in stock. Even the act of investing in these kinds of devices can be an icebreaker, disrupting established corporate culture by demonstrating that creative ideas and collaborative working are supported. The vast screen is bright and crisp, and responds quickly to both pen and finger input. staging laptops. With Yealink MVC devices and Microsoft Teams software, the Microsoft Teams Room content sharing system allows participants to see content in 1080P/30FPS resolution. Microsoft 365 live events bring live video streaming to a new level, encouraging connection throughout the entire engagement lifecycle with attendees before, during, and after live events. Hynix It comes in two sizes: a massive 84-inch screen and a still pretty huge 55-inch model. Terms of Use | Yealink MVC Series Video Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms Flyer, For Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. For more information about getting Teams, check out How do I get access to Microsoft Teams? See Microsoft Teams phones feature set for information on features supported by these devices. Because it's a Windows 10 device you can also import content -- such as a web page to annotate -- to the infinite whiteboard using Microsoft Edge. What more do you need? "Some organizations shared how rooms with Surface Hub devices have impressed clients and led to higher-quality sales meetings, enabling some new and larger sales," noted the report. memory This certification program ensures a higher quality bar with higher performance targets and audio quality metrics. LG begins official sales of rollable OLED TV. Steve Ranger Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. You can remotely manage, monitor, configure, update, and diagnose all Yealink audio and video device peripherals on the Yealink Device Management Platform / Cloud Service. By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy.