Warren Stainless Steel. her eyes bored into him Here are fifty more challenging examples of metaphors. Tight-lipped smile And I know what you mean. she scowled Confusion represents a lack of understanding, and the expression itself is created by one increasing their efforts to understand something. Lack of eye contact Closed eyes, Pessimism Bared teeth Pressing lips together in firm line Eyebrows are also frequently raised in an attempt to stay awake. Some of these aren’t exactly facial expressions, but useful for dialogue tags. Giggling Biting one’s nails Wiping one’s nose with a tissue If you need additional beats, consult a body language dictionary. I would definitely buy the book/list if it were sorted by emotion. Relax and enjoy your creative journey —. For example, a slight smile could be referred to as an almost smile, the ghost of a smile, or an enigmatic quirk of the lips. Sticking out one’s tongue If the person is focused on a particular task, their eyes will be fixed on it. Head turned away or slightly downturned while maintaining eye contact, Happiness, enthusiasm Tugging on an earlobe Staring at floor PS. her eyelids drooped Broad smile Dilated pupils Runny makeup Hello Bryan! Bared teeth Grimacing Be sure to pin or bookmark it for future reference!
Squinting his eyes darted Pressing lips together This is really wonderful, but it would be awesome if you also divided them up by emotion rather than portion of the face :DD. Biting nails 10 Examples of Analogies 1. he gawked Tears Holding one’s head in one’s hands Envy, jealousy It’s hard going to slog your way through 6/800 pages – however good they are when you’re a busy writer yourself. his eyes lit up she peered Tugging at earlobes or hair Lifting chin Nodding Kneading the face Glaring at the object of irritation Downturned head Sadness is coupled with feelings of loss and helplessness. she gnashed her teeth Chewing the lip his pupils flared, her nose crinkled

Reddening of the ears Open mouth with tip of tongue showing
Lips pressed together Red face Bulging eyes Chewing on lips, nails, or personal object. Sallow features thanks for this list, it does helps when your expressions used are limited. Tight-lipped smile Immaculately trimmed beard and mustache, Concentration Excessive blinking Biting the lip I turn and run. his eyes gleamed Related words. The art of seduction is classified as someone enticing a person to engage in some sort of behavior, typically sexual. Relaxed brow free of frown lines Rubbing an eyebrow The head is often slightly lowered as the eyes look through a lowered brow. Gritting teeth Glances darting about rather than focusing on anything in particular, Compassion, sympathy Fear, like surprise, is closely rooted to instinct and indicates a desire to avoid or escape something. Curled lip And sometimes in the middle of writing, when we’re trying to find the words to describe an angry expression or a sad expression, we draw a blank. I haven’t heard this from anyone else. Vein(s) pulsing in neck or temple Rictus grin (involuntary fake smile) Sweating

Rolling the eyes he faked a smile she gaped Licking the lips