', Horrified: Bella swiftly ran away from Locky, who was still tearful as she left him on his own, He went on: 'Because I asked you in the pool "What do you see our next year looking like?" No contact: Bella revealed that there has been no contact from either, saying: 'Look, I think it would have been lovely if Locky (pictured) had reached out. Suddenly, the woman who had been pegged to be the winner, was the subject of gossip columns and trolling comments on social media. A few different decisions in the production meetings and we might have met vastly different women over the past few years. Sign up to our bodyandsoul.com.au newsletter for more stories like this. RELATED: Osher slams Bella’s Bachelor behaviour. They said they couldn't trust each other. Later, Irena asked Bella for a chat. WATCH: The Bachelor's Locky Gilbert answers our rapid-fire questions. 00:48 19 Oct 2020, updated 05:55 19 Oct 2020. The Bachelor's Irena Srbinovska officially moves to Perth with Locky Gilbert - one month after the finale aired, The Bachelor rejects hit Byron Bay:  Bella Varelis and Bec Cvilikas document their Insta-perfect getaway - from bikinis by the pool to designer shopping sprees. She always got alone time with Locky at the cocktail parties, and their connection seemed to deepen. The conflict escalated with Bella storming off and calling Irena a "manipulative little b*tch". “I had my heart broken pretty badly, being cheated on and yo-yoed has made it really hard for me to trust again.”, “But I’m trying to not let my past affect my future.”, The Bachelor airs from 7.30 tonight on Channel 10. A G2G pass allows individuals to apply for a travel exemption to enter Western Australia for an approved purpose. What can happen, though, is you can be on the receiving end of different editing processes which make it appear that way. Catch up on The Bachelor in minutes with this recap. She's showing Locky her true colours. “I haven’t ‘slept around with Bachie boys’. The marketing consultant got the classic 'wifey' entrance - the slow-motion exit from the limo, the princess dress, the fairytale music. “Apparently they met in Bali and … she basically made an agreement to go on the show and then they’d be together,” she continued. Leave a Comment: Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. She’s become the surprise “villain” of The Bachelor this season after things went south with former friend Irena in her quest for love with Locky Gilbert. She’s also a woman who knows an excellent opportunity when she sees one. The recipe for healthy children: Scientists say 11 hours of sleep, 90 minutes of 'vigorous activity' and 8... Royal Navy officer is stripped of his MBE after he was jailed for forging his wife's signature to steal... 'My father sent people to die at Auschwitz. In an episode of the So Dramatic! Reply. Nick Cummins aka Honey Badger criticised for tackling Shayna... SAS Australia: Fans kick off on social media after Schapelle... James Redford dead at 58: Robert Redford’s son dies after li... Rumer Willis revealed how she lost her virginity on Red Tabl... Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. ', Heartbroken: Bella then ran away in tears, shaking over what had just happened. We could have seen Areeba quietly sitting through the cocktail parties and demanded more screen time for her. Despite seemingly being surrounded by it, she stayed out of the drama. I had to apply for a G2G like everyone else and it wasn't easy. @dee I totally agree. Nationwide News Pty Ltd Copyright © 2020. I chose to be a Jew': Remarkable story of how decorated Nazi... 'You are the best mother a lad could have': Heartbreaking letters home from soldier, 21, killed in WW1 are... or debate this issue live on our message boards. More. In an exclusive interview with Body+Soul, The Bachelor frontrunner Bella Varelis reveals all the health and wellness rituals she swears by. For lunch I tend to make a salad such as a tofu Buddha bowl with a tamari peanut sauce made from natural peanut butter. The thing is, none of us fit neatly into a box. Chelsie McLeod could have been stirring the pot in the mansion. During 'Love in Lockdown', tensions grew between Bella and Irena. I also load up pretty much every dish with hemp, chia and fax seeds, and have about 2L of water a day. "I had my heart broken pretty badly, being cheated on and yo-yo’d has made it really hard for me to trust again," she shared, although not specifying if the man who cheated on her was Sam Johnston or not. ', She then stormed off, stating: 'My God... Can I leave. I also take marine collagen daily and have seen a massive improvement in my hair and nails since doing so. At the start of the season, it served the producers and the storyline for Bella to be the 'wifey'. To catch up on all The Bachelor Australia 2020 recaps and gossip, check out Mamamia’s recaps and visit our Bachelor hub page. The former contestant even alleged that Bella confirmed to one of the contestants that she and Locky had an “agreement”. Has YOUR career been put in limbo? Official data shows infections are falling in HALF... New COVID-19 outbreak rocks New Zealand as 11 new cases emerge - just days after Jacinda Ardern won over... Sweden plans to EASE restrictions for older people and allow them to live 'more of a normal life' despite... Nicola Sturgeon's two week 'circuit breaker' is set to get LONGER: Scotland's nationwide ban on mixing... Ireland's lockdown divide: How millions in the Republic face strict three-mile travel limit while Northern... Liverpool gym owner who is refusing to close during lockdown says he has won support from police, the mayor... Coronavirus CAN survive on frozen food packaging, Chinese authorities claim. There were rumours about her body-shaming Irena and creating a "mean girl clique" in the house. Bella Varelis was unceremoniously dumped by Locky Gilbert in one of the most brutal Bachelor break-ups on Thursday night. ', Furiously, she responded: 'You can't turn this around on me. Locky burst into tears and gasped for air as he delivered the shocking news to Bella, saying he needed 'more certainty' in a relationship. Now, it’s been revealed that the 25-year-old NSW marketing consultant has already had a brush with reality TV stars, after she dated Bachelorette contestant Samuel Johnston. Image: Channel Ten. Her friends likely describe her as loyal and kind and caring. The moment Bella Varelis stepped out of the limo on the first episode of The Bachelor and locked eyes with Locky Gilbert, it was love at first sight.. Heroes amid M25 havoc: Paramedics leap from ambulance involved in crash with HGV and car to help the injured... Bride-to-be reveals she's considering 'uninviting' her own SISTER from her wedding because she can't afford... Lady in red! In fact, the contestant said that Bella “only dates celebs” and while in the mansion often bragged about the many high-profile people she had dated in the past. I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic. It only takes a few, small editing decisions for us to meet a completely different woman and for the woman in question to have a completely different experience on the show. While Bella was creating drama, Irena was off chatting to Locky, cementing her 'wifey' storyline. 'I fell in love with you the first day I saw you, and I saw those big brown eyes,' he said in an emotion-filled speech. 'But at the same time, I think the closure in itself was just being aware of the fact that I deserve to find someone that knows they love me and knows they want to be with me,' she continued. Bella Veralis has a background in digital marketing Though self-employed now for over three years, Bella started out as a junior buyer for Her Fashion Box … The 25-year-old marketing consultant said that while it 'would have been lovely' if he reached out, no contact is probably 'for the best'. The 25-year-old was then the first contestant to be chosen to go on a single date with the Bachie where a very passionate first-kiss-of-the-season happened. And on Sunday, 25-year-old Bella Varelis returned to TikTok with a hilarious clip poking fun at her single status. It was a brisk and dramatic fall from grace. Her fairytale ending wasn't guaranteed, and she would not go down without a fight. Bella may have slipped under the radar for most of the season before being quietly dumped prior to the final four. On Thursday's finale episode, a heartbroken Bella stormed off when Locky told her he had chosen to be with her love rival and enemy, Irena, 31. They said they couldn't trust each other. This year, Irena could have been the kook. In that moment, Bella seemingly went from 'wifey' to 'villain'. 'I just don't get it. news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site, SAS: James Weir recaps episode 2 quits after dumb mistake. Bella is neither entirely a 'wifey' nor a 'villain'. Obviously Bella trying to raise her profile to make it as an actress which the rumours of her previously being one have pretty much proven to be true. or debate this issue live on our message boards. Bad move on Bella's part. Abbie Chatfield has slammed the editing of The Bachelor, comparing how she was portrayed on her 2019 season to the hero edit that Bella Varelis has received this year.. On Wednesday night’s episode, Bella continued to get the wifey edit which was especially evident when she and Locky Gilbert kissed at the cocktail party, despite the other woman being just around the corner. One person's perception of us can be vastly different to someone else's. Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week commencing Octob... Best Water Bottles 2020: Which bottle is the healthiest to u... What the end of Mercury retrograde means for those pesky exe... What each colour heart emoji actually means. When they arrived back at the mansion last Thursday night, we suddenly saw another side to Bella. But how well does her approach to health, wellness and relationships line up with Locky? JAMES WEIR RECAPS: Read all the recaps here. The side we see of them on TV is largely decided by the producers and fits nicely within the narrative they're trying to sell. As it turns out, frontrunner Bella Varelis is no stranger to a high-profile romance, having dated a few fellow reality stars and the ex of superstar Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson. On Monday, the 26-year-old became the latest local star to join Cameo - a platform where fans pay for personalised messages from their favourite celebs. Required fields are marked * Comment. During this conversation, both Bella and Irena became upset. Dinner is simple, something like a pesto green-pea-pasta. She then took a few of the other women aside and told them she didn't trust Irena anymore and their friendship was over. Bella's red carpet entrance only confirmed our views. On Monday, the 26-year-old became the latest local star to join Cameo - a platform where fans pay for personalised messages from their favourite celebs. If I’m craving something sweet during the week I tend to have dried mango or a piece of dark chocolate with herbal tea. In the early weeks of the season, there were whispers she and Locky knew each other outside the show. She’s become the surprise “villain” of The Bachelor this season after things went south with former friend Irena in her quest for love with Locky Gilbert. And speaking to Vogue magazine on Friday, the brunette revealed that neither Locky, 31, or winner Irena Srbinovska have been in touch since the show wrapped. bodyandsoul.com.au may receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. Bella and Irena in their first edit. Bella Varelis The Bachelor 2020. All times on this site are AEDT (GMT +10). 'Look, I think it would have been lovely if Locky had reached out.