Whether Siward was born in England is also not known for certain.However, he was the first to carry the name of Armstrong and was listed in the History of England as having earned the right to the title of Earl of Northumbria (Northumberland) having been conferred the title by Edward the Confessor. By 1070, the Battle of Hastings (1066) was over and England hsd been conquered by William of Normandy.Malcolm III had been on the Scottish throne since the death of Macbeth in 1057 and Siward has been dead since 1056.His first son, Osberne Bulax, was killed in the battle of Macbeth in 1054, some say by the hand of Macbeth, himself.Osberne is also said to have married the daughter of Lady Godiva.Siward's second son, Waltheof (which means forest thief - nice name!)
Perhaps he is the son of The Fairbairn Earl of Huntington by another woman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. These lands (shown above), known as the Debateable Land, were disputed for centuries by both Scotland and England.As time went on they were protected by neither nation and, as the Armstrongs were of both Anglo and Danish descent, they were entirely different from the Celtic Clans of Northern Scotland.As a result of blood ties and loyalties not unlike those of the Mafia in Sicily some centuries later, these Clans avenged bolld for blood for centuries.In this environment it is not hard to understand how a reputation for plundering, bloodshed, and violence came to be tied to these marauders of the border lands.

The Fairbairn Family was the family name of the descendants of Samwise Gamgee, through his eldest daughter Elanor and her husband Fastred of Greenholm, because her elvish beauty was long inherited by her descendants. Fairbairn's book of crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland Item Preview Fairbairns is always a highlight of Michaelmas term for novices and seniors alike. Currently, we plan to hold all usual race categories with  the exception of invitational 8+ and 4+ crews.

This is according to Lorna Henderson. Robin Hood is sometimes said to be the Earl of Huntington.

Where Did The Fairbairns Come From? Malcolm III, the 85th King of Scotland greeted Siward Barn the White (his cousin) with great kindness, and together they fought against William the Conqueor, driving him out of Northumbria.An interesting story apparently involves Siward the White Fairbeorn during a battle against England.During this battle, King Malcolm's horse was killed under him partially crippling him and young Soward fought his way to the King's side.Passing his left arm around the King's body under his arms, he reportedly fought his way with a great Sword through the enemy to a place of safety.For his courageous act he was knighted by the King, given land and a castle on the Scottish border, and from that time on was referred to as the Sword of the Strong Arm (or Armstrong).This was how he and his decendants came to inherit the lands of MANGERTON in Liddesdale.
Richard Fairbairns first encountered one of his life’s passions during a sea-angling excursion off Mull.

James IV of Scotland was on good terms with the Scottish Border chiefs and he regularly visited and was entertained by them.His son, James V of Scotland, on the other hand, ruled by decree from distant Edinbaugh and did little to protect his Border subjects or support them against repeated English incursions.In fact, in 1530, James V, with some 8000 men at arms surged into the borderlands and the betrayal of the Armstrongs began.Johnnie Armstrong, Laird of Gilnockie, was a much beloved nad highly respected member of the Armstrong Clan, who James V invited to parlay.Accepting the King's invitation, he and 50 of his men went to meet with the King in good faith.Instead, they were seized and summarily executed.This incendiary act outraged the Armstrongs and their allies and set the Borders ablaze with rage and indignation - increasing the violence and bloodshed it was intended to suppress.At the prodding of the King, the Church also entered the fray and the Armstrong's and other Border reivers were cursed by the Church excommunicated enmasse.The Armstrongs, with other Borderers, were thus left to their own devices so far as mutual self-defense was concerned. Inspired by Mr Fairbairns’ own personal journey, One Year No Beer is a global alcohol prevention program, aimed at anyone drinking more than three glasses of wine a week. Fairbairns is a family furnishing business, started in the town of Berwick upon Tweed in 1946. )He was received by Edward the Confessor, the King of England, with much ceremony and was made many promises if he would stay with the King and help him fight to retain his kinship. Receiving neither aid nor comfort from the Scottish or from the English Crowns, the Armstrongs and other Border clans were forced to become makers of their own laws and protection.After Edward I of England slaughtered a thousand of Scots at Berwick, self-defense and preservation became their paramount endeavor.The Borderers were forced to become the best in what had become a profession - a greater thief (raider) did never ride was one complimentary description of an Armstrong.Jock O'Syde, in Liddesdale.They would raid by night and attend Carlisle Market by day, greeted by all who knew them.Unable to do more than bare subsistence farming, the cupboard was frequently bare.When the lady of the house served her Laird a pair of spurs on a plate, this meant it was time to ride and raid the other side of the Border yet again. While running a trip to the Treshnish islands, he was astonished when two whales came over to As Siward's reputation as a brave and valiant knight continued to increase, so also did the kingdom of Edward continued to be visited by other Danes who held him and his people in much less esteem than did our good Siward.In fact, they became an ever-growing nuisance - arriving by ship and plundering the eastern coast of England.As the most of the havoc they created was located in Westmoreland, Cumberland and Northumbria Counties, some wise soul counseled the King to put Siward in charge of defending this area.White perhaps properly descriptive if not overly flattering, it was reportedly stated that it was best that the little devil should be first exposed to the great devil. [2], The Fairbairns were also the heirs of the Red Book of Westmarch to which they made additions and also created copies.