Is that really possible, and what is up with this infamous photo? I presume your question is about what happens to the venom? © 2020

It's a legitimate bulge in him, much moreso than normal, but he seems to have got it down without any real problems, and he doesn't look obviously in distress.

What happens when a snake tries to eat itself?

I thought he would give up (it really did look impossible), but he seems to have managed. No hide for one night shouldn't do him too much harm right? Cookies help us deliver our Services.

If so how? Went to put it back and he's having none of it. he asked why i am getting rid of them so i told him they are too big for my bp. Don't worry, snakes won't eat something too big, because if they can get it past their jaw, it's considered eaten. You may also see a snake yawn after eating… If you can keep your terrified eyes cracked open, you'll find the answers you seek below. Sometimes snakes just get too hot for their own good.

I bought the wrong size of mouse last week, my corn got halfway down then spat it out. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Didn't have any trouble getting it down!

Contrary to what common sense might be telling you, the fork-tongued devil isn't trying and failing to kiss its own behind. We don't mean that in a Sir Mix-a-Lot sense. in his reply he said that a bp wont kill something unless its capable of eating it and if he can get it down, then its not too big.

so not a hatchling or anything.

The technical term for this is "poikilothermic," which means their body temperature matches that of their surroundings and "if snakes get too hot, they can become confused and disoriented."

All rights reserved. crawl cay boa royal python snow corn snake apricot pueblan milk snake. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Just don't make it a regular occurrence. He moved up in prey sizes a month or two ago, and I've been working my way through a big bag of fuzzies. snakes will try and eat prey thats too big for them, and can cause themselves injury doing so. Easy twice the size, and looked to be 1.5-2* the width of his head. Is there any risk to this situation?

I'm not sure I can put it in without massively stressing him out right now, he's moving too much and i'm afraid of crushing him with it.

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Unfortunately for confused serpents, once they start, they become their own can of Pringles and sometimes can't stop.

Otherwise it would be little different than swallowing a mouse, a lizard or a fish (except for the shape and length). I did feed it to the royal and he ate it fine! Obviously I'd rather take a mild snake bite over a injured snake, but is there a better way, or some kind of technique to use to remove a snake from a prey in the proccess of eating?

I just grabbed one from the bag, not paying much attention, defrosted and fed it to him. Once I put it in however, I realised how insanely huge this one was compared to most in the bag.

The biggest prey on record is a 130-pound antelope that was swallowed by an African rock python.

Actual snakes sometimes try to eat their actual tails. I've decided to just leave him be overnight without a hide, maybe put it back in in the morning, or try to?

I considered just grabbing the tail and trying to dissuade him, slowly get him to let go but he can be a bit touchy at times and I suspect he might just go for my hand if I did this.

Known as the ouroboros, "it symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and death," per the BBC.