These snakes are good for beginners as they are relatively docile and respond quickly to gentle and consistent handling. This is why correct heating combined with correct sanitation is critical. That is seldom true, and good monitoring of the conditions with changing seasons will prevent problems. Then when the strike and squeeze has occurred, leave your snake in peace for at least 24 hours. In captivity, brumation is not strictly necessary for health and may actually cause your pet to be unnecessarily lethargic, with a greater than normal tendency to hide and refuse food. My zipcode is (zipcode). Let your vet or a breeder do it for you. These charts are NOT a "Scientific" study. And around 10-25g in weight, so quite a substantial difference. Mouth rot is a very common outcome of a filthy habitat. You can also check for responses on our site. More details on offering the best ball python substrate can be found here. Some advanced models may have a false bottom with some sort of screening to allow feces and urine to sift down. The record age for a ball python is more than 40 years – so plan on a long life for your new pet snake if you provide proper care. Average Weight per month. If the rod goes further, it’s male (the extra distance suggests the presence of hemipenes). Keepers need to remember that the ambient temperature of the room can affect the temperature of the habitat, so frequent readings are strongly recommended. Injuries caused by live prey can include lacerations to the snake's mouth area and eyes. How often you feed your snake depends on how old it is. If you choose to mist your snake twice daily, be sure to spray the entire habitat with warm water, not just the snake. Negative feedback about your inquiry on this ad. You will need to dangle the item in front of the snake (dancing it around the habitat is what some keepers do with picky eaters who don’t strike right away). A female needs to weigh about 1500 grams. But even though they are common reptiles, they still have their needs and complexities. The use of a separate feeding enclosure is a subject of debate among fanciers. Their poop should be a light brown color, and should not be watery. It is often first noted as a pus lined mouth, or bubbling nostrils. The rat equivalent of a pinky would be a ‘rat pup’. The average female ball python will be around 1500 grams when she’s 3 years old. This shy yet gentle snake is the perfect pet for someone new to snake keeping. But CB Reptile is one of the best ball python breeders we've experienced. Do not attempt to pull it off with tweezers, as the head may remain imbedded and begin to fester. After that they will graduate to fuzzies, and then hoppers. You can also pith (pierce) the braincase of the prey with a pin or nail to release even more enticing odors (yum). Some feel that while a separate feeding enclosure may not be strictly necessary, but it can sometimes be helpful. Whereas in captivity, it can be up to 3 years till a ball python reaches its full size. Use tongs or hemostats to dangle the prey and "dance" it around the cage to make it appear alive and entice the snake to strike at it. At this point, a 20-30 gallon tank is advised. Well, for one, we offer reptile care information that you can actually trust. The basic elements of the tank should include a suitable substrate, one-two hides, a warm and a cool side, a water dish/shallow pool and something for the snake to climb and bask on. An adult Ball is quite strong and only a screened top clamped down tightly on all four sides will prevent escape. So the average length of a ball python (regardless of sex) is around 4 feet. It is up to the keeper to carefully test and retest all surfaces several times weekly to keep your snake safe. #1: Female ball pythons get larger and heavier than males. While males only need to weigh about 800. The rest is explained here. MorphMarket currently has 23908 Ball Pythons for sale listed by 1758 Ball Python … Finding a reputable ball python breeder is a challenging task. Although this species is used to some fairly hot conditions, they are also used to a humidity that might surprise some keepers. You will receive an email several after your inquiry where you may record this in feedback and it will be reviewed by staff. Believe it or not, ticks and mites can be particularly troublesome for ball pythons. Everyone enjoys a change of pace and an older snake can be offered day old chicks now and then. Depends on how old he/she is. This is a heat loving species at home on the baking plains of the Sudan, so don’t assume it’s warm enough. Popping is a procedure which, when performed correctly, opens the snake’s vent and exposes hemipenes (if present). Should i use a Separate feeding enclosure? Ball python guide on weight. Despite their tendency to climb, most keepers have had the best success with a horizontally oriented tank, rather than a vertical arrangement. If the terrarium is glass, spray sides with vinegar after the bleach has been applied and removed and wipe down for better visibility. She has a bump on her nose, probably from rubbing at some point. Think in terms of the old adage about a ‘boiled frog’. Scam: You have good evidence to think this is a Scam (see our, For example: they are using someone else's pictures, Spam: The image or content is inappropriate, For example: very unhealthy animals, noting this is somewhat subjective and can be difficult for us to assess. These are slightly bigger in size, around 5g. And they closely follow our guide on breeding ball pythons, and how to care for ball python eggs, to ensure their ball pythons are healthy and free from genetic deformities. Otherwise, state your intent: I'd like to buy this animal. These snakes have been selectively bred for decades for their color variations, called ‘morphs’. Does the prey have to be alive? Poop may be gross. Sort of a fancy cat box type of setup. You may choose to feed dead prey instead of live. A Tupperware box with tight fitting lid, a thick rumpled terry cloth towel in the bottom, and a warm location (or you can but the box right next to the aquarium/vivarium, remove the undertank pad from the underneath the primary habitat and slip it under the secondary holding container) are all that is needed. Some are more labor intensive than others, but it is up to the individual keeper’s preferences and life style. Provide your python with a basking spot temperature of 88 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and an ambient temperature of 78 to 80 degrees. Other conditions such as mouth rot, respiratory infections, and fungal infections are often a function of a dirty environment. Like popping, probing should not be attempted by amateurs, and is best performed by an experienced snake veterinarian or ball python breeder. If a ball python is in the wild, it can take up to 4 to 5 years for it to reach its full size. I agree Posted by Feeder Crickets on October 14, 2018. The seller's response will come to you in email. They are indigenous to the grasslands and open forests of West and Central Africa. Make sure the prey is warmer than room temperature; it will smell more appetizing to your snake that way. For temperature measurement, a digital laser thermometer is a worthwhile investment. Because the humidity level throughout even large habitats will be more consistent than temperature gradients, an hygrometer attached to the side of the enclosure will take the guess work out of managing humidity.