You snap the situation out and come back to normal in time. Realme 6 Pro Predictions. You will find them taking an emotional decision over rational. They don’t express what is inside them and it not only affects their relations but also themselves, it gives them a lot of stress when they are filled with words and emotions but tends to suppress it. You can empathize with the pains and sufferings of other people. You are normally protective and courageous. What do the stars predict for the mobile market future with the launch of Realme 6 Pro? Cancer's sensitivity makes all their charm, but they also have a naïve side that tends to annoy their loved ones. Cancer individuals are also known to have a moody attitude, especially whenever they are jealous. Also Read : 3 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs. They are very suspicious when it comes to relationship and not only on this but even in minor things they will doubt your intentions once and then will proceed. They feel things deeply and tend to be very emotional at times. They love to feel needed and wanted and they have a very tender and sensual side that thrives on affection from their loved ones! Cancer is the most concerned with a secure and faithful relationship. It’s in their nature to be of help and to avoid any type of conflict, so you’ll rarely see them arguing. They feel things deeply and tend to be very emotional at times. Cancers rely so much on their intuition that they’re considered psychics. You shut down your emotional responses when you are hurt. You will see them nagging all the time. 1. Other jobs such as real estate agents and gardeners are also ideal for them because they appreciate value and are really caring. This is part of your everyday life which rides like waves. It is one of the bad traits in Cancer and makes very difficult for others to handle them. Those who think of them as clingy are more than right because they really are like this. It is very difficult to please you. This lady is one of the most difficult ones in the zodiac because she can’t be pinned down to a stereotype and always changes her ways. Copyright © 2020 Pandit Ventures Private Limited. They tend to see the bad sides of the coin and are deeply afraid of failures and this is one of the reasons they talk about … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Zodiac Signs Ranked From Angels To Devils, 3 Zodiac Signs Who Can Be Every Woman’s Nightmare, Types Of Serial Killers According To The Zodiac Signs. On the bad side, Cancers are overly sensitive, moody, and vindictive. They are scared of rejection and this is the reason taking the first step becomes difficult for them. Below are some mostly known bad traits of the Cancer male: 1. As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Cancer man can get easily hurt and cannot accept rejection or failure. Explore if you are dominated by your sunsign or moonsign. Cancer individuals are blessed with expansive and wild imaginations that can turn a word into a story in a matter of minutes. Belonging to the Water element, like the sign of Pisces and Scorpio, they only allow emotions to rule them and don’t use too much of their logic. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. If they won’t be afraid of getting hurt and accept the fact that some of their emotions aren’t actually their own, they’ll be able to easily adapt and to become the caring personalities they’re trying to be. They will run away from a conversation, people, if failure comes their way. You seem to be emotionally immature at times but have uniquely receptive nature. Loving their privacy and preferring to spend their time at home, Cancers are also very sociable when the situation requires them to. This specific arrangement of planets, the numbers and the stars at the time you were born makes you unique. Cancers are known for their loyalty, emotional depth, and their parenting instincts. That’s why their loved ones should give them all the space they need in order to fix their problems and to return to their older selves. Also Read : 10 Bad Traits Of An Aries Zodiac Sign. Ruled by the Moon, the Cancer woman has moods according to the lunar phases. Cancer negative traits Moody, twisted and not in any way predictable, Cancers can have too many emotions and are very sensitive when someone is saying something nasty. When it comes to their profession, they’re great writers, chefs and even nurses. People need to be very careful with her feelings and hopes because she’s very sensitive. Know The Future Of Joe Biden In The 2020 US Election. Cancer Soulmates: Who’s Their Lifetime Partner? You will be overly involved and attached to those who are highly sensitive to their emotions. To understand this highly complicated sign, a little better, take a look at the positive and negative Cancer traits. Although he looks hard from outside, he is actually deeply sensitive … He’s very serious when it comes to matters of home and family, so you can be sure he’ll never cheat on his wife or give more attention to his job than to his personal life. You love home and family and are not happy unless you have deep emotional ties. Unravel your true potential through the Birth Horoscope report, being offered for free. Know How Will The SBI Card IPO Perform As Per Astrology, What good is life if it doesn't involve great fun ...More, Decisions must never be impulsive or made in a has...More, Businessmen may need to remain calm and composed. You have intense mood swings, as well as sensitivity. Cancers need to express their feelings without fear of rebuke. ► The Cancer Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life. They are funny, passionate, insightful, adventurous and indulgent, and very well know how to have a good time. As family members, they’ll impress with their cooking and with the way they can make their home the most comfortable place on earth. The Cancer can’t say no to a bit of affection especially when it’s coming from the right person. Because the Moon is their ruling body, they have moods according to the lunar phases, which gives them an air of mystery and also doesn’t allow them to be in control of their emotional world. Let’s look at some of the positive and negative traits of Cancer for complete astrology insights: Positive Traits: Creative, emotive, faithful, loving and charming, intuitive Negative Traits: Moody, negative, clingy, unpredictable, suspicious