I love this build though I wonder if you have started testing a 2 piece of the bajor defense set at all as I been running that with 2 piece iconian and I have had good results for my pilot escort. Cannons with wider arcs (turrets, single cannons, wide-angle DHCs) can tag a wider selection of secondary targets, but you’ll still want to maneuver to bring your 45°-arc weapons to bear. Discuss in the forums. That is quite worth it to my mind. As Felisean says, the DPS gain won’t be huge but will add a bit.

Each Science variant Flagship comes equipped with the Dampening Wave Emitter Universal Console. 2 Improved Command Frequency Star Trek Online. Hi, top stuff here, well done. For Feds, using the Secondary Shield Projector and the Disruption Pulse Emitter for the 2 piece Synergistic bonus would work. I bought the cross faction pack and just wondering which one is currently the top performer, also I run ap currently and the 4 set ico, dont have krenim trait or console sso i run the 3 set from the scimis with polymorphic and 2 set borg, i swap in target rich environment for Ifbp, what is the change that now A2B has come back into favor, i am just returning and last i remembered it had fallen from grace, I was using the energy weapons officers, just wondering if i need to change that as well. 3. Follow @PlayArcGames.

I use Prevailing Fortified Impulse Engines instead of Innervated, but is innervated one batter? For announcements on Mobile please see the “About” Tab. And on an unrelated note, how do you register on the site? Cheers! If it’s just on the manual lock, it’s only viable for single-target crf builds or ground. Romulan Tactical captain here Here’s the latest version of my build: https://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/62af3637b9e526afc697884ba22b775b Any suggestions? If you do have more questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do the best I can to answer them. I decided to replace APD to APB, so I can use APB by turns.

In the previous Flagship announcement blog we revealed the Consoles and Starship Traits found on these new Tier 6 ships.

I have just obtained an Amarie class smuggler’s heavy escort and just love the looks of the ship. Vanguard boffs are an account unlock, you receive 1 tac, 1 eng and 1 sci Vanguard. I’m not 100% sure but it seems as if the Dyson armor pen trait has been updated to work on multiple targets. Posted by. I am a sad panda. If you have it, the Domino Console is worth slotting simply for it’s clicky.

Any ideas for substitutes? Sounds good. Cheers. We have emailed you a pin to verify you are the owner of this account. Critical Severity (CritD) is category 2 damage and draws from the same pool. As your build is overly tanky, I would suggest perhaps another EWO for CritD or CritH. Not sure what you think the issue is?

Amazing build!

And everyone kept advocating for dmg>critd in space during s13 and s14. The traits are listed in my article. Winters System Series (Videos of the major STO Systems) Personal Endeavors; How-to-Guides: Support Ship; Science Ship; Cannon Ship; Beam Ship; get the most out of Hanger Pets; Soludor’s Ground Builds: Builds . Keep asking in NoP Public Service if you can.

I read (maybe)some years ago in reddit that elachi weapons dont proc well and have a 5 sec lockout from proc’ing again, is it still the case?

You may only equip a single one of these consoles.

These Flagships will be made available in the C-Store very soon. This buff stacks up to 3 times. ), there are generaly only a few things with diminishing returns, the major thing would be damage resistance rating . Hello there! Are you going completgely with SROs, or should we be slotting the Jemmies in Eng and Sci, and then the SROs in tac (My fleet doesn’t have access to the kentari boffs yet, but I assume that they will be worth slotting). It has been fun listening to you laugh with glee and curse with annoyance on your journey.
Weapon’s CritH on parses is above 50%.

sto-news. I’ll update and let you know when the build is current.

Built to Last (reduces weapon power usage);