Although the traditional name “Saiph” derives from the Arabic phrase “saif al jabbar” meaning “sword of the giant”, this name originally applied to Eta Orionis, which is a different star altogether.

Saiph’s is a blue supergiant (B0.5 Ia) located 650 light years from Earth that shines with an apparent magnitude of +2.09. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}). • Luminosity: 56,881 sol Saiph, the sixth brightest star in the constellation of Orion.

• Surface Temperature: 26,500K (astronomy) A blue star in the constellation Orion; Kappa (κ) Orionis. • Coordinates: RA 05h 47m 45.38884s|Dec. Popularity of the name Saiph in 30 countries, origin and meaning of the name Saiph Astronomical map - Astronomical map - Star names and designations: Of approximately 5,000 stars visible to the unaided eye, only a few hundred have proper names, and fewer than 60 are commonly used by navigators or astronomers.

• Other Designations: Kappa Orionis, 53 Orionis, 141 G. Orionis, BD–09 1235, FK5 220, HD 38771, HIP 27366, HR 2004, SAO 132542. ), You can customize by clicking on the images below.

Saiph Inner Dream, Mionix Saiph by Akin Khan from the Album Headron, Mionix Saiph (Darren Nye Rework) by Akin Khan from the Album Headron Remixes, Saiph by Yves Pain Chammings from the Album Vano vango, Saiph by Undermathic from the Album 10:10pm, Saiph (Meetya's Back 2 Tech Rmx) by Ben Samuel from the Album Saiph, Saiph (Original Mix) by CopyLeft from the Album Orion LP, Saiph (Original Mix) by Ben Samuel from the Album Saiph, Discovery of the Saiph (The Saiph Series Book 1) by PP Corcoran (Feb 23, 2014), Saiph di Atlantide: 1- Il ruggito degli Shangar (Italian Edition) by Eunice S Dalton (Jul 2, 2014), The Stealers from Saiph (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles, 3.12) by Nigel Robinson and Mary Tamm (Jun 30, 2009), The Drake Equation: Discovery of the Saiph (The Saiph Series) (Volume 1) by PP Corcoran (Mar 28, 2014). However, in the 17th century catalogue Al Achsasi al Mouakket, the name Saiph was mistakenly listed with under the name “Rekbah al Jauza al Yemeniat”, which translates into Latin as Genu Dextrum Gigantis or “[the] right knee of the giant”, which is how Saiph is known today. Although the traditional name “Saiph” derives from the Arabic phrase “saif al jabbar” meaning “sword of the giant”, this name originally applied to Eta Orionis, which is a different star altogether.

Information and translations of SAIPH in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … • Apparent Magnitude: +2.09 Alnilam’s Chinese name is the Second of Three Stars (參宿二). example: "lord of the rings" will match names from the novel 'The Lord of the Rings' this field understands simple boolean logic -09° 40′ 10.5777″

Other bright stars of Orion – Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix and Saiph – were added to the asterism later. • Age: 11.1 million years Saiph is the sixth-brightest star in the constellation of Orion. Meaning of SAIPH. Consequently, the Chinese name for Alnilam is 參宿二 (Shēn Sù èr, English: the Second Star of Three Stars). Nonetheless, and despite the confusion regarding its evolutionary state, Saiph provides an excellent source of background illumination with which to examine the interstellar medium, or the “cocktail” of matter that fills the spaces between stars. Dig into and choose from MomJunction’s treasure of 70,000+ baby names that are divided based on meaning, religion, origin, English alphabet, and gender. The name Saiph, comes from the Arabic phrase “saif al jabbar” – which translates to “the sword of the giant.” The giant, of course, refers to Orion and the Orion’s Sword asterism of which Saiph is not part of. the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes. The Chinese also call them Three Stars (參宿), in reference to an asterism originally formed by the three Belt stars. In practical terms, its position on the H-R diagram shows that the star is only starting to evolve into a giant, even though it is known that it has exhausted its hydrogen fuel. As the twentieth largest island in the world with only about 6.5 million people, Ireland has a bloody history due to its two main divided parts – the Republic of Ireland with Dublin as the capital and Northern Ireland, a part that has always been under the rule of the United Kingdom.

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Irish Background. Saiph is the sixth-brightest star in the constellation of Orion. Alternatively, Saiph is pronounced “safe” and is synonymous with being “safe” in every possible way. Aileen: Means light bearer in Ireland.. Thea: Was the Greek goddess of light.. Zia: Arabic meaning light or splendour.. Ciana: An Italian name meaning light.. Ayla: Turkish name that means moonlight.. Luna: Means the moon in both Spanish and Italian.. Golda: Made of Gold.A soft yellow metal that is very valuable and used as jewellery. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If you have information about this name, share it in the comments area below!

In Chinese, 參宿 (Shēn Sù), meaning Three Stars (asterism), refers to an asterism consisting of Alnilam, Alnitak, and Mintaka (Orion's Belt), with Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Saiph, and Rigel later added. On the last available year for each country, we count 0 birth.