If you choose Take a Photo, your device's camera app opens.You might be asked if you want OneDrive to access your camera - tap Yes to allow your pictures to be saved in OneDrive. OneDrive’s Camera Upload functionality isn’t as adequate compared to Google Photos. Upload the photos from your iPhone/iPad to your OneDrive. An unreliable connection, a bad update of your OS, or denial of permission are some other common issues that cause the OneDrive not syncing issue. In the OneDrive app, tap your account image: The Camera Upload entry in OneDrive for iOS Step 3. Even if you have a premium account, the maximum file size that you can upload on OneDrive is 10 GB. That means you can delete uploaded photos and videos from your device, and the copies in OneDrive won't be affected. From Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365. If automatic camera upload isn’t working, or only some pictures are uploaded, follow these steps: Apple recommend that customers leave the OneDrive app running in the background. OneDrive’s Camera Upload feature presents an alternate way to back up and sync photos, especially if dealing with iCloud confuses you. In any Office document, select File > Save As, choose your OneDrive, and then pick the … The camera roll on your device only uploads to OneDrive - it does not sync photos both ways. Upload files or photos to OneDrive for Windows mobile devices. If you are uploading a large chunk of data, then also it can cause the OneDrive sync problem. Notes: OneDrive cannot upload photos optimized for iCloud. To disable optimization, tap Settings > iCloud > Photos and uncheck Optimize Storage.. The OneDrive app now opens the screen called Camera Upload.On it, you should see the Camera Upload switch, which is turned Off by default, and the Camera upload account, which is the Microsoft account used to connect to the OneDrive cloud storage space. Automatic uploading cannot work if the app has been Force Closed (double-tap Home and swipe up and away). Upload files or photos to OneDrive in iOS. To automatically upload your iPhone or iPad camera roll to OneDrive. But it still offers the best way to sync the photos and videos shot on the iPhone … If you are not a fan of OneDrive, there are other cloud services to choose from. Upload files or photos to OneDrive in Android. Learn how to upload HEIF and HEVC photos and videos to OneDrive.