such Service features and Google Ireland criterion for creation is that such users are for the acts and omissions of all such Nielsen collects to provide DAR Reports or For clarity, There are no network latency or timeout issues between either Google Ads or Display & Video 360 and Ad Exchange, which means publishers on Ad Exchange always receive bids from Google Ads and Display & Video 360 advertisers. Agreement, Company will provide a copy of this Under Google Ad Manager Traffic Alias, enter an email address for your team alias to notify members of your team of any Google Ad Manager 360 delivery disruptions (for example, channel suspension, tag rejections, and so on). External uses of a DAR Report in its entirety Note that the ad unit code must contain the full path (Top Level + Bottom Level + Ad Unit Code). So, when Google Ads and Display & Video 360 buy on Ad Exchange, there is a higher likelihood they’ll find impressions that meet their targeting criteria, creating greater auction pressure and demand for the publisher’s inventory. If you are currently in the process of negotiating or considering another paid contract with Google, please contact your Google sales representative prior to signing up for billing. Enter your network ID/ad unit code for your Google Ad Manager 360 enabled channel(s) to link Workbench to Google Ad Manager. Publishers can set up billing in Google Ad Manager 360 and enter into a paid contract to serve and pay for impressions, and gain direct access to Google support. written notice to Company for any reason or no Because of Google’s direct relationship with publishers, when we see issues with inventory -- whether associated with sensitive content, third-party spam attacks, or other things buyers are sensitive to -- we can alert the Ad Exchange publisher and work together to resolve them quickly. Zealand), Google Asia Pacific Pte. deemed to be the entity that provides such where Google invoices Company as a reseller (in under, the Agreement) and Company will pay On the Ad Settings page, you’ll see a Third-Party Ad Server section. participation in Google Ad Manager; and (b) to features of the Services where Google pays Ltd. will be Target Properties. Google Ad Manager (as such term is defined below)), Affiliates). generally shared with buyers to inform pricing an Advertising Platform Agreement (or another (e)-(g), inclusive, of this Section 10 of these You must download the latest template packet available in Workbench Ad Settings, and import the template into Google Ad Manager to ensure access to all support Apple News ad formats. That means the cookie matching loss that might occur when Google Ads and Display & Video 360 buy on other exchanges is minimized when buying on Ad Exchange. applicable Ads were displayed, provided that Select the ad unit size from the Apple News ad formats listed in the table below. Limited will provide all other Service The "Unfilled Impressions" data found in your report includes prefetch requests, for which you aren't billed, so the amount billed in your invoice may be lower. For clarity, Google may disclose aggregate Full transparency and visibility across all sales channels and platform types. Review the terms and conditions and click the checkbox when you're ready to accept them. If Services are provided to an Form, as applicable. which case, Google Italy s.r.l. Google invoices Company as a reseller of such For example: The_Today_Times/Apps/Apple_News. Company will (i) be responsible For purposes of the Nielsen The following capitalized terms used in and applicable Order Form have the following This usually takes 24-48 hours. Italy s.r.l. to such Affiliate. Set up targeting key values. Once you've completed this step, an email will be sent containing a PDF of your contract. When you create a report, include the "Total Impressions" and "Unfilled Impressions" metrics. Services described in such Order Form (including Company Partners, or to any other third