During the past two Congresses, some members of Congress, at the behest of the big record labels, introduced a bill to impose a performance tax on local radio broadcasters. NAB/RAB Virtual Radio Show Wraps Up Today October 9, 2020 at 1:20 AM (PT) Final Day. Supporting NAB.

John David will refocus his advocacy efforts beginning Feb. 1. ", As for the challenge of keeping the momentum going, NPR Chief Diversity Officer KEITH WOODS said that the problem arises when diversity and inclusion are treated as projects rather than a permanent part of the business; he also noted that the plans should not only be about hiring and retaining a workforce but needs to address content as well.

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The 2021 NAB Show was originally scheduled for April 11-14. © 2020 National Association of Broadcasters     Privacy Policy | Terms of Use, American Heart Association: Workplace Stress PSA. We're on the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, play a wide variety of music - rock, soul, rnb, jazz, hip-hop, country, and even some classical. With more than 14,000 radio stations across the country, NAB understands the importance radio broadcasters play in their local communities and supports their businesses by providing numerous benefits, including professional development opportunities, networking and business development events and cost-saving programs for stations. And CHATELAIN, noting that initiatives like those being proposed today have happened in the past without being brought to fruition, likened businesses' failures in that regard to "planting seeds without watering them.". The 2019 Radio Show, produced by the RAB and NAB, was staged in Dallas. He noted that some businesses -- plexiglass, hand sanitizer, home improvement, car and boat sales -- actually increased sales in the pandemic and became good categories for ad sales, helping offset troubles for other radio clients. You won't find such a breadth of musical genres anywhere! Learn More ». NAB to Host “Eye of the Storm” Seminar for Broadcasters. But our success is not possible without the engagement of our members – united we are stronger. Radio PSAs Download radio PSAs that share a message of hope and encouragement, as well as how to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Police in Greater Sudbury say an automated license plate scanner installed on a cruiser has done more than just help them catch people driving without a license. NAB radio awards recognize radio stations, personalities and leaders that demonstrate a commitment to outstanding public service, innovation and excellence in the radio industry.

We urge your stations to air these PSAs as much as possible through Election Day, November 3. The NAB and RAB's virtual RADIO SHOW conference got underway TODAY (10/5) with a series of streaming sessions beginning at 2p (ET). All Rights Reserved. Be sure to also use the Marketplace planner to schedule time with exhibitors and sponsors to help further your bottom line.
Stimulate Your Audience To Register & Vote With Ideas At YouGotta.Vote, Courtesy Of All Access + Alan Burns & Associates. Artists Page Learn More », THE PERFORMANCE RIGHTS ACT PUTS LOCAL JOBS AT RISK The NAB had a sharp response to the DRM Consortium’s request, calling it ill-advised and contrary to the FCC’s intent. The Radio Advertising Bureau is the not-for-profit trade association representing America's broadcast Radio industry. NAB Radio. At the 2020 Gala Dynastie, CTV News Montreal's Quebec City Bureau Chief Maya Johnson won the Anglo TV Personality of the Year.. Radio. Listening Help The panel discussed working remotely (FERGUSON and WOODY noting that, unlike most other shows, they have been doing their shows from the studio with few exceptions since the beginning of the pandemic; SHERTENLIEB, with a wife in a high-risk category, said he will likely be broadcasting from home until a vaccine is available); finding a rhythm while working remotely; the value (or, to WEISS, lack of same) of celebrity interviews; promotion during the pandemic; and talking about sports during the pandemic lull (SHERTENLIEB pointing to the avalanche of sports news that came out -- "four months of chaos" -- during the period when all sports were shut down). About NAB. The Radio Hall of Fame, formerly the National Radio Hall of Fame, is an American organization created by the Emerson Radio Corporation in 1988. If you listen to NAB Radio, we guarantee that you will hear music that you didn't even know that you liked. Radio … Also check out our Blog pages, and join up, and participate yourselves if you wish! Due to COVID-19 concerns, the 2020 event is now a virtual affair.

The major output from NAB Radio is from Independent artists and bands. Crystal Radio Awards Crystal Heritage Award Marconi Radio Awards National Radio Award Distinguished On-Air Talent Recognition Program © 2020 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use, NAB Sales and Management Television Exchange. To submit your PSA or to learn more about NAB's Spot Center and public service efforts, contact Suzie Raven. The Broadcast Resource Hub is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for resources, tools and information on issues impacting local radio and television stations. He said that his company did not have to lay off anyone and advertising revenues are up for 2020. NAB Radio EVP Plans to Step Into Advisory Role. As broadcasters, you serve an indispensable role in educating voters and driving civic participation, helping our communities understand the importance of exercising their right to vote.