Die Hochleistungsversion mit Allradantrieb entwickelt eine Gesamtleistung von 316 kW und ein Spitzendrehmoment von 660 Nm, wobei der Frontmotor eine maximale Leistung von 120 kW und ein Spitzendrehmoment von 265 Nm bereitstellt. Please keep a reasonable distance, improve driving vigilance and ensure driving safety. Dabei haben wir bewusst kein Ingenieur-Labor - Wir testen Produkte im Alltag und können daher genau sagen, ob es ein lohnender Deal ist oder nicht. Hopefully, I'll get the opportunity to do a thorough P7 test drive myself soon, but until then, check out Sullen's video and let us know what you think of the Xpeng P7 and how it compares to the Tesla Model 3. Xpeng P7 mit Allrad- oder Heckantrieb. The new parking-place memory parking function will learn your commonly used parking spaces and routes to conduct auto parking. Der G3 mit einer Reichweite von 520 km befindet sich unterhalb des ES6 von NIO und soll Käufer von Elektroautos locken, die weniger Geld ausgeben wollen. The front windshield camera automatically recognizes lane markings to center vehicle in the lane. Das Elektroauto hat Technik von Nvidia, Bosch, Brembo und sogar Porsche an Bord und bietet eine Reichweite von 700 Kilometern. My drive course was laid out in a New Jersey stadium parking lot, included a straightaway for testing acceleration and braking, some long looping curves, a moose test, and a high-speed slalom. Der Vorwurf von Tesla: Ein ehemaliger Mitarbeiter habe geistiges Eigentum, und zwar den Sourcecode der Autopilot-Funktion, gestohlen und in die Entwicklung des P7 eingebracht. Please pay attention to parking safety, and intervene timely whenever necessary. Vorstellung Xpeng P7. In-car infotainment offers you a vast variety of games, KTV, music and audio book selections20. Some parking spaces may be unrecognizable and may cause parking failures. Für große Aufmerksamkeit sorgt in diesen Tagen der chinesische Hersteller Xpeng. The P7’s exclusive adjustable tweeter, creates a lively ambience in the cockpit. Das Herzstück des elektrischen Systems des Xpeng P7 ist ein 80,87-kWh-Akkupack, der eine Reichweite von 550 km für die Allrad-Version und 650 km für das Topmodell mit Hinterradantrieb bieten soll. However, in some cases, the related items may not be recognized. We can be honest here--they were pretty appalling cars, from material and build quality to safety. In dem Fall kann NETZWELT eine Provision vom Betreiber erhalten. 6/12... Fahren auf Level 3. In case of complex and changeable traffic conditions, wet, icy, slippery or muddy road conditions due to weather changes such as snow or rain, poor visibility, rough mountain roads or entrance and exit of expressway, please drive with caution. I drove the latter, which shares its 80.9-kilowatt-hour battery pack with the "Super-Long Range" RWD model. Xpeng Secures Production License, Will Manufacture Cars At Zhaoqing Factory, Xpeng's P7 Lights Up The Night With A Synchronized Music & Light Show, XPeng Files Motion To Quash, Responds To Tesla's 'Overreach' - Stop Harassing Us. Das Fahrzeug kommt im zweiten Quartal 2020 auf den Markt. Im neuen, leistungsstarken E-Mobil XPeng P7 wird im Innenraum besonders viel Wert auf leichte, formschöne und zugleich funktionale Teile gelegt. Look on that as a model for what the rest of the world's carmakers aspire to--getting you to spend money regularly via your dashboard. Your mobile Bluetooth will connect you with the P7 to lock or unlock. But for American consumers and enthusiasts, with a few notable exceptions, this massive growth all been happening in the abstract. (For mobile phone compatibility, please see details in Xpeng Motors APP). Als besonderen Service bieten wir ein kuratiertes Download-Archiv, zeigen alle Störungen und welche DSL Speed Nutzer haben. 12 Ultraschall- und 5 Radarsensoren sowie 12 Kameras sollen zusammen mit einem schnellen Rechner und einem hohen Vernetzungsgrad für autonome Fahrkünste auf Level 3 sorgen. *17 Many active safety functions cannot replace the driver's own safety judgment. Xpeng ist vor allem Tesla ein Dorn im Auge. Yesterday, The Drive got the rare chance to answer that question by taking a Chinese-market Xpeng P7 for a spin. Please be highly vigilant when driving to ensure driving safety. Das 3-in-1-Elektroantriebssystem des P7 ist auch das erste der Welt, das mit dem deutschen IGBT-Modul Infineon 950 ausgestattet ist, das den Motor 40 Sekunden lang mit 580 Ampere versorgen kann. Der Xpeng P7, das zweite Massenmodell des Startups, positioniert sich betont als Hochleistungslimousine. Please pay attention to the system alerts at any time while driving, and be prepared to intervene in advance. Three basic variants exist: RWD Long Range, RWD Super-Long Range, and 4WD High Performance. Lies dir vorher unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen durch. Subtle things, to be sure--but if you're gonna mimic Tesla, you're gonna be compared against Tesla. Comparison: Does The Xpeng P7 Leave The Tesla Model 3 In The Rearview? Xpeng's second car is the P7 electric sedan, which went on sale in China at the end of June. Nichts verpassen mit dem NETZWELT-Newsletter. Thanks to the P7’s high-performance battery cells and optimized charging system, a quick 10 mins charge will give you 120km range 31. when you are in a hurry. It is slightly different from the keyless entry system. Im Gegenteil: Mit Technik von NVIDIA und ... Xpeng . *28 Please pay attention to the system’s real-time alerts when driving, and pay attention to the complexity of road conditions. Das chinesische Industrieministerium bestätigte, dass der Xpeng P7 von allen in China hergestellten Modellen die höchste Reichweite aufweist. Also, a few worrisome issues of build quality surfaced right away: orange peel in the paint, a creak in one door hinge, and slightly gummy rubber on the back of the interior door pulls. Xpeng P7 is an intelligent electric coupe for younger generations. A command center beyond conventional definition. Although the Tesla Model 3 has been selling very well in China, it will soon face its toughest competition to date. Please drive with caution. The new XPILOT 3.0 advanced driver assistance will deliver upgraded driving experience, including navigation-guided pilot for highways and memory parking for car parks. Supported by the SEPA system, the P7 not only upgrades your in-car APP, its ECU controlled vehicle functions can also be upgraded and modified, delivering holistic new experience. Dienstag, 20. I can't say, but the bar is pretty low there. Mit bis zu 700 Kilometern Reichweite ist der P7 von Xpeng ein echter Langläufer. Für eindrucksvolle Negativbeschleunigung sorgt Technik von Bosch und Brembo: Der Bremsweg aus 100 km/h soll nur 35 Meter betragen. Der Xpeng P7 ist in China offiziell das Elektroauto mit der höchsten Reichweite: Die Sportlimousine schafft 706 Kilometer mit einer Ladung nach NEFZ. Natural and smoother vehicle control to increase driving comfort with enhanced safety. Wir berichten täglich über Neuigkeiten rund um Consumer Electronics und Streaming. Chinese automaker Xpeng is the most recent of a string of EV-makers to launch a headline-grabbing IPO. Xpeng Motors does not guarantee each software support is permanently available, and some applications will incur network traffic fees in the future. Unser unabhängiges Angebot mit Fokus auf Kaufberatung, Testberichte und Vergleiche ist erste Anlaufstelle für interessierte Leser und ein häufig zitiertes Experten-Team. You will experience authentically played music, throughout your journey. Strong ability to locate sound source enables the P7 voice assistant Xiao P to respond differently to commands from driver or passenger19. The market is so big that its companies don't need to branch out to America the same way European and Japanese imports needed to in the 20th century. Full-scenario intelligent voice assistant21 is how a smart car communicates. Do you think the Xpeng P7 can beat out the Tesla Model 3 when it comes out? *23 Requires the support of certain phone model, operating system version and Bluetooth version. Equipped with the standard configurations of a super sports car, the front double-wishbone achieves superior sports car performance. Please drive with caution. Whether listening to classical or acoustic music, the latest electro beats or the powerful live recording from a stadium concert, the P7 will bring you a truly magical experience. Ist ein E-Auto für den Familienurlaub geeignet? Chassis adjustment developed from the pragmatic philosophy of a luxury European brand. Der Eintrag "freemium_overlay_form_apr" existiert leider nicht. The P7 always targets the best performance. Interaction feels natural and smooth when the P7 helps you process your commands. The P7 is based on a platform developed by Xpeng Motors called SEPA (Smart Electric Platform Architecture), which suggests that there are more models on the new platform. What's important to know here is that Xpeng has no officially defined plans to sell its cars here in the United States. Die Autopilot-Funktionen sollen besonders ausgereift sein. It does not mean that it can be achieved in any scenario. That's unacceptable in the cheapest economy sedan. Your voice is your command. *26 Nappa leather seats are not standard configuration for all versions. Unter der windschlüpfigen, 4,90 Meter langen Limousine steckt Xpengs SEPA genannte Smart Electric Platform Architecture, die verschiedene Antriebsvarianten und Akkugrößen erlaubt. For specific sound configuration and quantity please refer to the specs table. Comprehensive warning of door opening collision risks, blind zone monitoring and warning, and lane departure warning to avoid grazing pedestrians and traffic accidents caused by side blind zones. But if I took one thing away from our Xpeng P7 drive, it was this: A company that was only founded five years ago is selling a car that has perhaps 75 percent of the features and capability of a Tesla. *32 Xpeng Motors is the first automobile company to become a member of the IIFAA alliance, and has jointly developed and issued the digital car key safety standards. *31 The battery pack water test was conducted for battery safety purposes by Xpeng Motors, not to be simulated by customers. The new generation CATL battery pack succeeded in 17 rigorous tests with more stringent requirements than the national standards. *14 The success rate of advanced automatic parking assist is calculated by Xpeng Automobile Intelligent Driving Center through research and analysis based on China’s parking scenes, and is calculated through experiments in the Xpeng laboratory. Zero to 60 mph comes in a respectable 4.4 seconds, still is over a second slower than the quickest Model 3's 3.3 seconds. Es geht dabei nicht um die Optik des Xpeng P7, der viele an eine Mischung aus Tesla Model 3 und Model S erinnert, sondern um die Autopilot-Funktion, die der Hersteller Xpilot nennt. (I don't count Kandi, now taking U.S. orders for its tiny, underpowered electric hatchbacks.) That puts it a bit more than a decade behind Tesla, which got to its own IPO on roughly the same timeline.