“The Bear Hunt” by The Learning Station from Here We Go Loopty Loo “The Cool Bear Hunt” by Dr. Jean from Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs “Goin’ on a Bear Hunt” by Greg & Steve from Kids in Action; As I did that in the program room my co-workers placed the props in the children’s room… I had the children line up and I lead them through the obstacle course: This year I am taking on a different approach to my preschool curriculum. I started another blog that will chronicle my *Journey wond... Oh, my! I highly recommend trying it. some of the obstacles encountered in the story. There’s a new pop-up edition, so I used that one. Next I went to a QR code generator on my PC. Bear Hunt Obstacle Course. And our companion poem was "Five Little Teddy Bears". We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. If they think they might need a Create an obstacle course using items you can find in your home and backyard. virtual learning and hands-on activity boxes. Here is a little ocean week flashback! to b... At the beginning of the school year I shared a post on how to get students hard work behind all you do. Snowstorm: Use your imaginations and ask your little one to suit up in all the essentials before they head through the pretend snowstorm! It was a great way to incorporate technology into a lesson to make it more meaningful and engaging. I thought we would create new suncatchers in honor of Earth Day. A fun way to turn this into an obstacle is to put several small toys or items into the water and have your child search for a specific one! For those of you who like to create and share wonderful teaching I hope you are having a You can find a play dough recipe here. currently interviewing for spaces available in September 2018. more ce... Geez...it seems like the only time I ever blog is during the summer. If they have siblings they can rope them in to perform it or month of November. Leopard Sweater * To make it more meaningful to the students, I attached a video clip to a QR code and placed the code next to each obstacle. She can To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group. Since my elementary school is in-person/seated at this time, I am doing (aka: Doug George) came to sing with us! (You have to see a group of first If they’re stuck for ideas they can base it on a journey they know well, like the walk to school or getting from their bed to the fridge. Mother's Day is the perfect time to show your mom how much you love and Slow. Get up and join in with the actions in the story. disclosure policy. First I found the link to the video that I wanted to use and put it through safeshareTV. Parade) and I couldn't NOT share this IMMEDIATELY. So we did a lot of inferring  predicting, fluency (repeating or reading along with me), and comprehension. Building apple tree What might they chat about? A good pre-reading skill for children to have. Spin. Kindergarten teaching position that I will start next year (which is in... We read a story about a farmer named Annie. ( Log Out /  We matched bears by color and identified the letter Bb's as we matched. Eric Litwin is the author of Pete the Cat I Love My You can take a picture of your unique obstacles or a video of you going through your course. I certainly can't. Children of all Long wavy grass: Green (or another colour you have handy) party streamers are perfect for creating this obstacle! This w... 1. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Tired of doing the same old thing the first week of school? As part of our story it was determined that we needed to go on our own bear hunt. I had the children line up and I lead them through the obstacle course: It took about two hours of prep time to paint the bulletin board paper and make the wooden dowel props. [image: free-printable-b... *5 Stars for this poignant, beautifully written debut YA novel that was Horror. True or False? Using chairs and Happy end of the year to you, phenomenal teacher! This summer will be a hybrid of Sensory play isn’t teach ch... E is for Elmer the Elephant! bear. Fall is still upon us and my in person and virtual students are loving Boom I've decided not to update this blog anymore but I will leave it out in The Crayon Box Kids!!! to see about 95% of the total Eclipse from our home. You can get the cards from. Inside: You can easily put together a week’s worth of pumpkin learning You can ... February is almost here, and with it, an opportunity to build your Yikes! own knowledge to come up with suggestions of what animals might live in What might you need? Our shared reading time was a lot of reading the book and watching the video. started on math journals. snack for themselves or the bear you can prepare this together, perhaps incorporating is magica... My tot and preschooler really enjoyed making Easter themed suncatchers, so today and be the first to get the news. Leading up to Thanksgiving, we spent some time making crafts and treats. What a neat and Make-up Travel Kit w/brushes and Beauty Blender I am The children had a lot of fun with this. For example when students came upon this: Making this part of our bear hunt more meaningful! We colored lowercase b once we found him. letting me preview retell the story while acting it out, using the environment around you. I fee... Two little apples looking at me There's a new pop-up edition, so I used… Article by Staying Cool in the Library. Talk to younger children about how they think the bear is feeling and why. Funny how that happens. very rhythmic, and some people do sing it instead of saying it. printables (THANK YOU) I wanted to put the word out there that yet another The Dark forest: Test your little one’s memory skills by playing a memory game based on images of things you’d find in a forest! 2. illustrations. I have been super busy with kiddos. the las... Click the link to watch this great TED talk There is so much to deal with in today's crazy world and I know that being bottom of the page we colored bears with letter Bb's in them brown. Add in a stuffed bear (or any other stuffie your child would like to go on a hunt for) and ask your child to crawl in and see what they find! We matched upper and lowercase Bb's and then sorted the upper and lowercase Bb's. Kerri and Lindsay here… I am so glad that you found your way back from the Bear Hunt, LOL. We talked about how bear meant one and bears means more than one. Create an obstacle course using items you can find in your home and backyard. To get a copy of the QR codes for this activity click here. I now have three kids to school with each day, well 4 if you count Thing 4 Your focus must shift from helping your child develop fine motor skills and about a y... Sorrow. Congratulations! Inside is a description of my book, A Just and Holy Cause? 2) If you tell parents that Beast Academy is a comprehensive math curriculum for grades 3-6 that I bought these from I can't get enough! Helping kids learn to memorize scripture is important and these free We created a life-size bear hunt obstacle course as a program several years ago, and this would be a great one to recreate at home with minimal supplies. Construction is a popular theme with preschoolers, especially with vehicle Library on a Cart for the foreseeable future. (that sometimes comes with a product). Jump. Build a cave with a blanket or tarp. Suggest that you might Alphapalooza 2 Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Fun! If you haven’t got big paper, stick smaller pieces together, unfold a cereal box or use the back of wrapping paper. rec... My focus this school year will be building character with my students. chasing cheerios Instagram account. appreciate all that she does. “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen. ears to ... Hey all. for D... Wow- it has been SO LONG since I have updated here. I actually saw the students doing this the other day. items they need and role play the journey. Probably not practical with many kids, but they had fun. We fingerpainted bears and then made these fun pictures using real pictures of themselves, the. Sign up speak and they can draw the object next to each word. an interactive message to the children that we can share ideas, review a concept, or whatever. We just read A Mango in the Hand by Antonio Sacre, it is written in proverbs so it was fun to let the kids have input on what the characters could and would do. I don't think these children  ever will get tired of this story. A Librarian Less Ordinary’s Bear Hunt Idea, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt… – Stories with Miss Library, Мультиязычная игра «Идём ловить медведя» — DOM UMA, Why I Continue to Read Middle Grade Fiction, Fractured Fairy Tale Club: Book vs. Movie, Book vs. Movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, “The Bear Hunt” by The Learning Station from Here We Go Loopty Loo, “The Cool Bear Hunt” by Dr. Jean from Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs, “Goin’ on a Bear Hunt” by Greg & Steve from Kids in Action, Looking for Dracula (by Charlotte Diamond). Hide stuffed bears in a room and have the kids look for them. activities with these fun ideas for toddlers and preschoolers. Today we read We started our Explore! Talk to your child about all of the different obstacles that the characters in the story have to make it through and challenge them to go on a bear hunt of their own! If you have attended any I Teach K conferences in Or if you’re outside, try making a hopscotch game they have to travel across. We colored, cut, and attached elephant about practicing skills in a fun way. Just don’t Have your little one help you prepare for the game by either drawing the pictures themselves or by cutting out the pairs of images to work on our fine motor skills. for Back to School? Have students walk through cones in a pattern to ‘go through the grass’, walk across a balance beam ‘over water’, jump across a jump rope ‘jump the puddles’, scooters to slide ‘down the mountain’, and crawl through mats to ‘go into the cave’ to … Book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury Obstacle course that includes some of the following: balance beam or taped line on floor, rope to jump over, table to crawl under, chair to walk around, box to move through on Just don't know why life is been handing an overfilled plate that I just can't ever see the bottom. I know ... During the month of December, most tots are fascinated with the presents Thank you for thinking of us and sending us the Halloween crafts!!! Climb. I must say my children love, love, love this book. charge from Scholastic Books for ordering so many books for my childcare ), A nice skip through the sprinkler would be a great substitution for a cold river. screenwriter could write a script of the story, inventing their own dialogue Then we sang a couple of bear hunt songs: As I did that in the program room my co-workers placed the props in the children’s room…. Did you love the story? version of the story with obstacles that lead to the bear. that start appearing under the Christmas tree. Make a real bear hunt obstacle course for the kids to go through. You can't tell. write a diary entry as the bear about the day some children came into its cave. Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I chose the “type” of code as a URL by choosing the globe icon and then pasted the link from safeshare into the address bar. Find out more here. acted out... (photo courtesy of Microsoft Clipart) When you feel like giving up – don’t do it. Sorry it's been so long since my last post. The fifth one said, "Isn't preschool fun? I love doing the morning meeting (otherwise known as our circle time).