We have been told there may be  a Vet who does exotic pets that is w/in an hour or so. If it stays on the warm side to “hug the heat,” you might want to bump it up a few degrees. There’s also a chance the snake injured itself while it was on the loose. If your snake does not have somewhere warm to go to after a meal, then they might decide not to eat. His feeding cage has nothing in it.

You may have the temps wrong or the cage maybe to large. The symptoms you describe could be from a number of issues, including constipation / fecal impaction and other problems. Hi, I have a 3 year old corn snake who until recently was feeding fine – every 3/4 days with small to medium thawed mice. 2 Answers . My Corn Snake shed his skin 1 month ago and since then he has been really active in his tank. Temp at the cool end is usually 73, temp at the heating pad end at the top of the cage is about 75-80. Male and Female Average Size, How to Handle a Ball Python for the First Time. As she was checking if it was dead and looking around for a sec I noticed a little cut, but no blood whatsoever , the things when she was swallowing, by the time the rodent got to that part of the body I noticed very little blood, as if it was superficial but she opened it by pushing it back.

He went back about 10 days later, stitches looked good.

Jack: It’s really hard to say what’s wrong with a corn snake from a description alone. He's always eaten small thawed mice. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Posted - 05/03/2010 : 02:19:33 . If you have any follow-up questions, you can send another email or just leave a comment at the bottom of this entry. He is fairly active moves around his cage just fine, has several hiding spots on both side of the cage and a heat lamp at night. hi my son recently got a baby corn snake its about 2 weeks old and we have had it a week tomorrow brought it home on the saturday and was told to feedit a thawed warm pinkie on the monday evening was also told to put it in a separate part of its tank with just paper towel on the bottom and the pinkie placed on a small lid and to leave well alone over night did this but the next day it hadnt eaten it so removed pinkie put snake back in normal side of tank left it that day and night then tried again the next night still didnt eat it so was told by the lady to place the snake in a small clear tub with lid some paper towel on bottom and the pinkie place it back in the tank in this tub and leave again overnight but still got up this morning and the pinkie untouched so really dont know what to do next it has fresh warm water daily a hideout in warm section of tank and one in cooler end of tank temps in tank are what they should be and not been over handled only been picked streight up and placed either in other side of tank or in /out of the tub 30 secs each time top so really am stuck for what to do next can you suggest anything cos this means the snake hasnt eaten for 10 days now as the lady from whom i got it from had fed it on the tuesday evening as we bought it on the saturday so 10 days any advice would be gratefull thank you very much. Natalie: Do you have some kind of heating system on the cage? The bite is the primary trauma — the infection is the secondary concern. The people at this site should be able to help you: http://ball-pythons.net/forums/index.php? How are things going with your juvenile corn snake?

The mouse was slightly bigger than the normal size but I didn’t think that would have affected his choice of a meal. How do you think about the answers? Ok, thanks for the insight! Which bad signs should I be looking for just in case?

Do you have any advice on what should be done. Is there anything else I can do before taking him to the vet? At this point I am at a loss, last night when returning echo to the terrarium I accidentally closed the tip of his tail in the door which was slightly mangled, I examined that part of his tail today and it seemed ok and he didn’t jump due to my touching and prodding that area. She looks very healthy and is in great shape, I wanna trust her curing herself.

Why is my corn snake soaking in his water bowl lately?

I hope this gives you some direction. He has a different cage for feeding. The only way to know if there is an infection is through a blood test. Your temps sound like they’re at a good level now.

Why is this?

She is very healthy, active and seems to be trying to fine ways out of the vivarium. Anonymous.

What are the temperatures like on both ends of the cage, at ground level? I've heard that snakes can go on springtime hunger strikes when they're looking for a mate, is this normal? So last Wednesday was the day of the scheduled feeding, echo sensed the mouse but didn’t strike or seem interested. Still have questions? We live in Florida, if that helps, and he has always been a frequent eater unless he’s about to shed. What temperatures are you keeping inside the cage?

Just wanted to say you should probably only let your snake eat once a week, then there is more time for the snake to digest. Hi my name is Sage. hi you need to be careful when choosing the "next size" of pinkies because you can stretch the muscles in the mouth that retract the food.

My female carolina corn snake has just gone of her food. I have a month old corn snake but he doesn’t seem to eat, I had to force feed him egg yolks and protein to make sure he had food. Paul: Can you describe the cage setup? Since, Rupert has not eaten.

Rodents frequently bite snakes (sadly), and their bites are nasty. he is active, drinking, shed about 3wks ago. Make sure the snake has at least one good hiding spot in the cage.

We changed his substrate 1 month ago from wood shavings to “Forest Bark.” He has a bowl of water in there at all times.

What temperatures are you running right now? Often, there is something wrong with the environment that prevents the corn snake from eating.

He looks healthy, and is very very active, normally he just … Does My Corn Snake Need A Heat Lamp on Its Cage? He has a heating pad at one end, and currently nothing at the other end (he came with a light that had been on most of the time before).

What do we do now. How to Tame Down Aggressive Brazilian Rainbow Boa. Click the link below and scroll down to where it says “FAQ from Kathy Love on Regurgitation Treatment” followed by the words “This is very important.” That’s how she suggests dealing with the problem. I have about a 3 foot long corn snake (echo) that I’ve had for 10 months. Where does the snake spend most of its time, on the warm or the cool end of the cage? During the time I have had him he has grown from roughly 2 feet to his current length. The past month- month and a half he had refused to eat. Hi Brandon, I have a question about this. Related article: Tip for Feeding Corn Snakes.