Weaving traditional wisdom into our lives is a powerful act of reclamation of our inner medicine woman and earth keeper. Wonderful for all women. This Womb Medicine Woman Training ™ is for women of any age, with our without a physical Womb who want to incorporate Womb Wisdom into their current practice. Your privacy is respected and protected. You deserve all of the goodness that our beautiful, powerful and life-giving Earth wants to birth through you. Many women lose hope after a few failed attempts of pregnancy and their first thought is to visit a fertility specialist, who will be ready and willing to pump them full of hormones. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Cindy T. - Womb The Poppy Mask x 2 Pieces. Learn how to steam at home with an at-home ritual guide. Connecting us across cultures and time to our ancestors, yoni steaming is a practice, tradition, and ritual that supports women to do just this. Love My Womb® Academy provides on location and online classes, training, workshops, events, and certifications in the ancient healing art of Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming, womb health, and feminine wellness by using our Goddess Steam® method. Directed by Benedek Fliegauf. Find out more about Eventfinda Ticketing. If you don’t see anything in your inbox, check your junk! Whether it's an event or workshop to dive deeper into the wisdom of your body and connect with other women, a 1:1 womb healing & empowerment session or treating yourself to some Do you love to sing but are scared of 'being heard and seen'? The Voice of the Womb has a Primordial Cry. We help you learn how to increase your fertility naturally, even if a doctor has told you that you cannot get pregnant. I am eternally grateful to her. All rights Reserved. This self-guided class includes everything you need to support your fertility, without pumping your body full of hormones or spending thousands on IVF or IUI. Plenty of time to complete your purchase. The layout of the weekend will look as below: We educate and enhance sensual pleasure for empowerment. Learn more about Ariele's services and … Find out more. Using nature's botanicals, plant medicine, natural remedy Bring this self care practice into your home by buying your at-home steaming kit with support of the blog and a range of free resources. I am eternally grateful.” -Allison. womb.love is here to help with bringing you back to a place where you are the keeper of your very own sacred temple. I highly recommend this program. This was the first pregnancy where I felt positive and never once felt that fear that I always had with my prior pregnancies. As well as exploring the 7 Womb/Throat gates through transmission and ritual by Tahlia we will explore: *The Biological connection between the Throat and Cervix. Friday evening 7.30-10pm NZST (NZ) Patients I have helped conceive have done so while drinking this tea!