HELLO POP - 1933 (THS) ThreeStooges.net is a privately-owned non-profit site, and its' resources are made available to Three Stooges fans everywhere. A DUCKING THEY DID GO - 1939 (MLC) CORONER CREEK - 1948 (SJD) BEER AND PRETZELS - 1933 (THS) BOMBSHELL - 1933 (STH)

DeRita tries to get off a couple off half-assed Curlyesque noises, and fails miserably. - 1935 (SSH) SING, BABY, SING - 1936 (STH) STAR SPANGLED SALESMAN - 1968 (MLD)

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The bad guys want to cut the diamond out, but the boys foil them with the help of a friendly gorilla.

3 STOOGES FOLLIES, THE - 1974 (MLC) 'FRAIDY CAT - 1951 (SJB) This picture was clearly made to cash in on the Stooges' sudden resurgence in popularity, and, sad to say, it's not very good.

DIZZY & DAFFY - 1934 (SSH) They learn that the Emir of Shmo has absconded with the contraband jewel. MURDER OVER NEW YORK - 1940 (SSH) THREE STOOGES FAMILY ALBUM, THE - 1998 (MISC) THREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK, THE - 1963 (MLD) GRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS - 1937 (MLC) NO CENSUS, NO FEELING - 1940 (MLC)

- 1934 (SSH) HEARST METROTONE NEWS Vol. - 1944 (SJB) NOISY - 1946 (SSH) WHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? He's my friend." FOX FALL 1936 EXHIBITOR'S REEL - 1936 (STH) FOR THE LOVE OF PETE - 1936 (SSH) Movies & TV Hello, Sign in. MICRO-PHONIES - 1945 (MLC) HOLD THAT GHOST - 1941 (SSH) The stooges escape and take off in the spaceship which goes wildly out of control. Janitors Moe, Larry and Curly Joe want to help her, and break into the laboratory at night to concoct their own special brand of fuel. 4 FOR TEXAS - 1963 (MLD) SPIES AND GUYS - 1953 (SJB) KOOK'S TOUR - 1970 (MLD) Even small donations are appreciated for site maintenance and further development. SCREEN SNAPSHOTS Series 14 # 6 - 1935 (MLC) Get ready for more outrageous antics as The Three Stooges return in this collection of chronological masterpieces.

[clang! KNIFE OF THE PARTY, THE - 1934 (SSH) HENRY THE ACHE - 1934 (SSH) CUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO - 1952 (MLS) SCREEN SNAPSHOTS Series 14 # 1 - 1934 (MLC) INCOME TAX SAPPY - 1954 (MLS) MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR - 1970 (MISC) WHERE THE PEST BEGINS - 1945 (SSH) DON'T THROW THAT KNIFE - 1951 (MLS) They journey to the stronghold of Shmo where they disguise as Santa Clauses and scare the ruler into giving them the diamond. SOME MORE OF SAMOA - 1941 (MLC) GOOF ON THE ROOF - 1953 (MLS) When all three show up at her house at the same time, a wild fight ensues, as each stooge accuses the others of making time with "his" girl. [A remake of "Vagabond Loafers", with footage from "A Plumbing we will go" and "Half-Wits Holiday". ROAD SHOW - 1941 (SSH) - 1933 (SSH) WINNING TICKET, THE - 1935 (STH) NUTTY BUT NICE - 1940 (MLC) CURLY SHUFFLE, THE - 1984 (MISC) SCREEN SNAPSHOTS Series 21 # 2 - 1941 (STH)

HERE COMES THE BAND - 1935 (STH) It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness.

The space agency's latest attempt to launch a rocket into space has failed, and Mr. Morse (Jerome Cowan) lays blame with Dr. Ingred Naarveg's fuel formula. A PLUMBING WE WILL GO - 1940 (MLC) PRIVATE BUCKAROO - 1942 (SSH)

Wrecking the lab in the process of pumping the fuel into the rocket, the Stooges find themselves on the run from Morse when he stumbles across their latest disaster. UNCIVIL WAR BIRDS - 1946 (MLC) PUNCHY COWPUNCHERS - 1950 (MLS)

STRICTLY IN THE GROOVE - 1942 (SSH) BLONDE BOMBER, THE - 1936 (SSH) G. I. WANNA HOME - 1946 (MLC) Jun 10, 2015 - Explore MRS. When the boys learn that they're going to be turned into zombies, they escape. This website is made possible, in part, by displaying a few online advertisements to our visitors. Site contents © 1997-2020, ThreeStooges.net.All rights reserved.Template Design: HTML5 UP. WAITING IN THE LURCH - 1949 (SJB) PARDON MY SCOTCH - 1935 (MLC) "Here's your half!" CRASH GOES THE HASH - 1944 (MLC)