For years NAB has made the process easier for stations by publishing its political file form. Appointment, feedback and enquiry forms. NAB Members may download the PB-19 forms for FREE. NAB Form PB-18 Candidates AGREEMENT FORM FOR POLITICAL CANDIDATE ADVERTISEMENTS (check applicable box) FEDERAL CANDIDATE STATE/LOCAL CANDIDATE To Avail Themselves Of The Lowest Unit Charge During A Political Window, Federal Candidates Must Sign The Certification On Page 3 Station and Location: 9590 ICAN/Sioux City, IA Date: 10/30/2019 These forms include (1) NAB agreement form for political candidate advertisements and (2) NAB agreement form for non-candidate/issue advertisements. Making sure your political file is kept up to date. Internet banking feedback; Personal feedback; Credit cards. View NAB's business products forms and documents. Broadcast Education is NAB’s home for online educational offerings, including live and on-demand Looking for forms or documents for your business banking products? By making election issues and candidates a cornerstone of your on-air and online programming, you give your listeners and viewers the political knowledge they need to cast an informed vote. Thank you for your efforts in engaging Americans in the 2020 electoral process. To assist with your understanding of the political advertising rules, an all-new Political Advertising Primer course will become available via Broadcast Education in March 2020. A companion to this form is NAB’s Political Broadcast Catechism. Try Now! NAB Form PB-17 Issues For programming that “communicates a message relating to any political matter of national importance,” list the name of the legally qualified candidate(s) the programming refers to, the office(s) being sought and the date(s) of the election(s) (if applicable): Non-members may place their orders now. Each order includes 50 sheets of each form. Home Loan Application form (PDF, 435KB) Guarantor Particulars form (PDF, 459KB) Guarantor information sheet (PDF, 424KB) NAB Political Broadcast Agreement Forms Updated. PB-18 NAB AGREEMENT FORM FOR NON-CANDIDATE/ISSUE ADVERTISEMENTS These political advertisement agreement forms have been designed to serve as actual contracts for the sale of political broadcast time and to satisfy FCC record retention requirements. Fill Nab Political Forms 2020, Edit online. Stations selling political time must update their political file daily. NAB credit card – additional cardholder application (PDF, 282KB) Direct debit request form (PDF, 239KB) Home/Personal loans. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller Instantly. With political files now on-line, it has become increasingly important for stations to make sure they are complying with FCC rules. Produced by NAB’s Legal Department and Published by the NAB Publications Department.