Fans are now skeptical that the sudden romance was a publicity stunt because Yolanda posted a collage of photos kissing a new man on the cheek. Uche claims to also have dated Yolanda via Instagram and hails from Nigeria. "Since their father passed away, my kids have been my life," she said. She said, “When he passed away, it woke me up. It took me awhile to learn “Being alone is not scary….but being with the wrong person is a lot more frightening!” Take this Quarantine time to reflect on what really counts….!! Yolanda, mother of six, and Josh, a former exotic dancer, are 20 years apart, and fans were pessimistic about the age difference. All Rights Reserved, TV Gold! … I mean, I feel like the truth is somewhere in the middle, and I’ll get to it. © 2020 Every now and then, fans of 90 Day Fiancé see their catfishing fears realized.

Instagram/TLC Williams and Yolanda, stars of the TLC series "90 Day Fiancé," have a questionable relationship, which has fans wondering if Williams is catfishing Yolanda. Then, when Yolanda hired a private investigator, the report said Williams was most likely a scammer living in Nigeria, per Screen Rant. When Yolanda, a widow, met Williams through the internet, she was trying to give herself a new chance at love. Exposed! And the British boyfriend has already given his lady and her family plenty of cause for concern. I mean, it’s looking like Williams is faking who they are,” Karra said. In a March episode of the show, he disappeared from social media and stopped responding to his girlfriend’s texts right before she was set to book a trip to fly out and meet him. “It’s a bunch of stock photos of the same guy, ‘muscular shirtless man outdoors,’” Damante told his mom on Before the 90 Days. However, it turns out that among all this concern for Yolanda Leak, she may have been the one playing Williams after all. Yolanda Leak may be happy to have met Williams, but her children aren’t entirely sure that he’s the real deal.

Yolanda and Josh met by coincidence in August 2020 when Josh, who starred in Season 11 of the reality show, spotted Yolanda on the Vegas strip. “On one hand, you know, I have these stock photos. “Being alone is not scary … but being with the wrong person is a lot more frightening!” read a quote she shared on Instagram. It seems that Yolanda is staying positive despite all the hiccups and is happy to date around. While fans suspect that Williams is catfishing Yolanda on Instagram, it may well be that Yolanda pulled the wool over Williams’ eyes — she may have had a second Instagram beaux the entire time. That’s what a catfish is. Williams always seems to be having problems with his camera, and so Yolanda Leak hasn’t actually video chatted with the man yet. Yolanda went on to explain that her husband passing away changed her life. Following the death of Yolanda Leak’s husband, Dwayne, the reality star underwent a wild weight loss journey through which she shed half of her body weight. He also claimed Yolanda gets paid $2,000 per episode, saying, “That’s what she told me.”. I’ll definitely get to it.”. Yolanda is worried about more than just the shape of her new date’s body. 2020 Showbiz Cheat Sheet, All Rights Reserved. You are delusional.”, People People……..don’t believe all the HYPE!! According to Soap Dirt, Yolanda Leak was well aware that Williams was catfishing her prior to the show, and decided to go on the show to promote her book and earn cash in the process. If you tuned in to “90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days” then you’re well versed in Yolanda, who was catfished by a man who was seemingly a Nigerian scammer and using stock photos to fool the 52-year-old into a relationship. Did 90 Day Fiance's Yolanda Leak and The Bachelorette's Josh Seiter split?