The only reasons to turn off overdrive is when you are driving in hilly or mountainous terrain or are towing. Is It Ok To Drive This Car As A Lady(photo)? tx yall..i appr8 ur commnt so far and i will leav it on all d tme ..dis site don helpd me in all aspect... i even got d car tru dis site and its workin now pefctly....tanx yall once again. So I came to you MMers to tell me once and for all. (2) (3) (4), The Man Who Has The Largest Car Collection In The World! wait you keep your on all the time? Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Car Talk / Is It Ok To Drive With OD (over Drive) On Or Off? So in other words, when it shows the "O/D OFF", it means it's ON, and when it doesn't show at all, means it OFF.... is that it? However, you will get worse fuel economy and have more noise at high speeds. The more knowledgeable peeps can correct me if i am wrong though. Mine comes on when I turn o/d off. Just added wear and tear because your car has to run at higher rpms for the same speed. And you automatic guys will know what I am talking about when I say this, always driving with o/d off takes away that annoying downshift the computer does. Dine kontrolfunktioner til beskyttelse af private oplysninger, Oplysninger om din enhed og internetforbindelse, herunder din IP-adresse, Browsing- og søgeaktivitet ved brug af websites og apps fra Verizon Media. Is that OK? I think Overdrive O/D should be on always. Hence why the light says o/d off lol. i turn it on by pressing the white button on my shifter and to turn it off just press it again. pls mr siena and other pro ..i will like to know if its the best to drive with OD on / off . “Overdrive” technically refers to the existence (and use of) a gear that turns the transmission’s output shaft faster than its input shaft is spinning, so that the engine can turn more slowly to maintain a particular speed. However, i don't want to reach a conclusion yet on this first trial. Yahoo er en del af Verizon Media. When you turn overdrive off you prevent your tranny from shifting to 4th so you cut back on your efficiency, but I doubt it will hurt your tranny to drive with it off all the time. Well I have heard mixed things about it. I believe (and I may well be wrong), but I think overdrive is only effective in high gear. Kudos to the pro in the house. Quick Meaning Of 'P','R','N','D','2','L' And 'OD' For Autogears. & the Toyota Camry 2002 manual I believe has settled the matter. Come join the discussion about performance, racing, builds, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! However, i wouldn't know if this is applicable to all vehicle. All rights reserved. By definition, overdrive is a gear ratio less than 1:1. Due to the traffic situation i was only able to speed between 0-80km, so i decided to put off my OD and what i noticed was that my car pick up faster and change gear smoothly especially between gear 1 and 2 under low RPM. The overdrive acts as an extra gear ratio, so it ultimately earns you savings on fuel. If you want to see more about our tranny check out the video at Went all the way up to 4th gear, I let off the gas to stay there because I was going like 80 lol. But I have heard its not bad to always drive with o/d off and I have heard to only use it when your going 60+. Putting the shifter in 1st is first, 2nd is second, D with O/D off is 1, 2, 3. This allows the vehicle to achieve better fuel efficiency, and often quieter operation on the highway.