Conversion process. ERFs are approved by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). You could also open a new account by choosing your employer’s default super fund when you start a new job, if that fund is right for your needs and retirement goals.

NAB does not guarantee or otherwise accept any liability in respect of this product. What are Eligible Rollover Funds (ERF's)? Please note: In order to receive a spouse contribution you must provide your spouse with your BPAY® reference number and the spouse biller code to make the BPAY® payment. Before calling us, visit COVID-19, Tax time essentials, or find answers to our Top call centre questions. Find out about: News and alerts for APRA-regulated funds Make sure you have the information for the right year before making decisions based on that information.

Yes. To receive media releases, publications, speeches and other industry-related information by email prosecuted.

The trustee would have lodged a copy of this Trust Deed with APRA as required by the fund registration process is 2005-2006.

This is essentially every fund except for SMSFs and small APRA funds.

This e-mail is intended solely for the person or organisation to whom it is addressed, and may contain secret, confidential or legally privileged information. 4. mailto:[APRA request email] An outline of the Personal Plan for new members. Use this link to find out more about the complaints process. by Phillip Sweeney This brochure contains additional information about the fees and costs referred to in the 'Fees and Costs' section of the PDS.

Products. Super funds regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) are typically large funds with hundreds or thousands of members.

ANZ Australian Staff Superannuation Scheme, Australian Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund, Australian Defence Force Superannuation Scheme, Australian Ethical Retail Superannuation Fund, Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Trust, Building Unions Superannuation Scheme (Queensland), Citibank Australia Staff Superannuation Fund, Colonial First State FirstChoice Superannuation Trust, Colonial First State Rollover & Superannuation Fund, CommInsure Corporate Insurance Superannuation Trust, Construction & Building Unions Superannuation, Crown Employees (NSW Fire Brigades Firefighting Staff Death & Disability) Superannuation Fund, Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme-Pool A, Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme-Pool B, Factory Mutual Insurance Company Superannuation Fund, Fire and Emergency Services Superannuation Fund, Goldman Sachs & JBWere Superannuation Fund, Grosvenor Pirie Master Superannuation Fund Series 2, Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia, Incitec Pivot Employees Superannuation Fund, IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation Fund, Jamestrong Packaging Australia Superannuation Fund, Labour Union Co-Operative Retirement Fund, Macquarie University Professorial Superannuation Scheme, Meat Industry Employees Superannuation Fund, Mercer Portfolio Service Superannuation Plan, Military Superannuation & Benefits Fund No 1, Munich Holdings of Australasia Pty Ltd Superannuation Scheme, Perpetual WealthFocus Superannuation Fund, Public Sector Superannuation Accumulation Plan, Smartsave 'Member's Choice' Superannuation Master Plan, The State Bank Supersafe Approved Deposit Fund, The Super Money Eligible Rollover Fund (SMERF), The University of New England Professorial Superannuation Fund, The University of New South Wales Professorial Superannuation Fund, The University of Sydney Professorial Superannuation System, The University of Wollongong Professorial Superannuation Scheme, The Victorian Independent Schools Superannuation Fund, United Technologies Corporation Retirement Plan, Wealth Personal Superannuation and Pension Fund, Westpac Mastertrust - Superannuation Division.

Your first telephone-based discussion is at no cost to you. If you have completed the generic ATO Super standard choice form, attach this letter to your form to give to your employer.

You should consider whether any information on SuperGuide is appropriate to you before acting on it.

Complete this form to combine your super. Have more than one super account? contents to any person. The Plum Superannuation Fund was established in 1998. The ERF will apply a different fee structure than that of the fee structure in Plum Super. The trustee of this fund is PFS Nominees Pty Ltd. You can search for a particular super fund by name in the first filter. Plum Super was established in 1998 and is part of the MLC Super Fund.

Plum Pension. The rules of the ERF will govern your benefit once it has been transferred. This is clearly marked.

Includes Rules for Appointment and Removal of Directors, Please note the Executive Officers Remuneration Disclosure listed cover the 2018 and 2019 Financial Years.

July 31, 2020, To Australian Prudential Regulation Authority You can also use BPAY® to make spouse contributions. Choosing a super fund is difficult enough, and it’s not helped by the fact there are hundreds of different super funds offering seemingly identical products.

Units will only be issued when we receive your funds and will generally be issued at the unit price applicable the day the payment was made. If you are interested in the top-performing funds, see the following SuperGuide articles:. If you follow our information and it turns out to be incorrect, or it is misleading and you make a mistake as a result, we will take that into account when determining what action, if any, we should take.

This means that, generally, administration charges cannot exceed investment earnings on your account in a reporting period. Transferee Fund is the Plum Superannuation Fund (ABN 20 339 905 340) Following the purported "successor fund transfer" the PepsiCo Australia Superannuation Fund is referred to as the "PepsiCo Australia Superannuation Plan" under the Plum Superannuation Fund. List of superannuation funds - this is the Super Fund Lookup service which provides publicly available information about superannuation funds that have an Australian Business Number.It includes funds regulated by the Australian Taxation Office and APRA… Alternatively, you can contact the ERF for a copy of its PDS. Please complete this form if you are applying for up to a maximum of $1 million Death and TPD cover.

The list of funds is sourced from APRA and reflects information as at 30 June 2019. Are there any other services available to me? Yes.

Learn more about the different types of super funds.

At the time of writing, Plum Super offers one ethical investment option in the Plum Personal Plan: Australian Shares – Ethical. The Budget tool provides you with a breakdown of your income and expenses. In most circumstances, you will be automatically transferred to the Plum Personal Plan when you leave your employer if your account balance is $2,000 or more. Learn more about comparing super funds in the following SuperGuide articles: IMPORTANT: All information on SuperGuide is general in nature only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Details of the MySuper investment option. An investment with NULIS Nominees (Australia) Limited is not a deposit or liability of, and is not guaranteed by, National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937 AFSL 230686 (NAB).

Best performing super funds: All Growth category (96–100%) Best performing super funds: High Growth category (81–95%) If you are interested in the top-performing funds, see the following SuperGuide articles:.

What happens to a member's superannuation if they are a temporary resident and depart Australia permanently? No. You can also all us on 1300 55 7586 between 8am and 7pm AEST (8pm daylight savings time), Monday to Friday (if calling from outside of Australia call +61 3 9222 4800) about your general investment and retirement needs. If you want to change how your future contributions are invested, you can make an investment strategy change. Parramatta NSW 2124. When you request a switch before 3.00pm, AEST, on any business day: If we receive your request after 3.00pm AEST, we will use the unit price applying at the close of business on the next business day.

What are the different types of super funds? MySuper Dashboard

July 15, 2016, To Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Staying with Plum Super by transferring to the Plum Personal Plan when you leave your employer; For regular income stream in retirement and transition to retirement strategies, investing in other pension offerings in the MLC Super Fund; The opportunity to use BPAY® to make additional (after-tax) personal contributions. by Phillip Sweeney

However, indirect management fees may be deducted from gross fund earnings.

November 02, 2016, To Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Part of the National Australia Bank Group of Companies.

Learn more, Your email address will not be published. required by the fund registration process is 2005-2006. Education. ºVlœŒK™6ÙNàß¾ ¦áøAF+®=Dot(è¸ì¸»©��A¯…í„Õ M

Find out about: News and alerts for APRA-regulated funds

Although you can generally make an investment switch at any time, you will need to wait until your first switch is processed and units have been allocated before you can request a second switch. by Phillip Sweeney If you have received this e-mail in error, please contact the sender immediately. Email us, opens in new window with your enquiry, Trustee: NULIS Nominees (Australia) Limited, ABN 80 008 515 633, AFSL 236465

by Phillip Sweeney

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GPO Box 9836, Sydney, NSW 2001 Your death and total and permanent disablement cover will also be continued once notification from your employer has been provided.

Other services include: Log on to the Member site to see what other features and services are available to you or call us on 1300 55 7586 between 8am and 7pm AEST (8pm daylight savings time), Monday to Friday (if calling from outside of Australia call +61 3 9222 4800).

Please check your Product disclosure statement to find out more about the Plum Personal Plan and how you’ll transfer upon leaving employment. FOI 17 9 Notice of Decision.pdf

Subject: Freedom of Information request - APRA FOI request Plum

Can I choose my investment strategy or switch my investments? You can then use your financial institution's internet or phone banking service. We’re making some changes to the Insurance Guide so it’s not available at the moment. We can put you in touch with a financial adviser who can help you with your specific personal financial needs. List of MySuper compliant products. AUSTRALIAN PRUDENTIAL REGULATION AUTHORITY

To maintain equity, the trustee has the right to manage members who frequently switch by: If you are a former temporary resident who has left Australia and your visa has expired or been cancelled, you can claim your superannuation from us by applying for a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP). The document I seek is a copy of the trust deed that established the Plum From: Peter O'Connor [mailto:[FOI #2336 email]]