Over 1,400 companies produced everything from field rations to parachutes to torpedoes, while new aircraft plants employed 100,000 in the construction of engines, aluminum sheeting, bombsights, and other components.

Throughout the 19th century Chicago had been reputed to be a place where, in Mark Twain's words, "they are always rubbing the lamp, and fetching up the genii, and contriving and achieving new impossibilities." The Bears have won more games in the history of the NFL than any other team,[246] and only the Green Bay Packers, their longtime rivals, have won more championships. The city claims three Dow 30 companies: aerospace giant Boeing, which moved its headquarters from Seattle to the Chicago Loop in 2001,[195] McDonald's and Walgreens Boots Alliance.

[170][171] Since the 2013 legalization of same-sex marriage in Illinois, over 10,000 same-sex couples have wed in Cook County, a majority in Chicago. Regardless of this, Indianapolis is still a significant player in the economics of the Midwest with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area housing more than 2 million. | Miscellany, Nothing that either man or nature can do, apparently, can check the growth of this city that has spread back from the lake like a prairie fire. Lincoln Park contains the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Lincoln Park Conservatory. In 2015, roughly 4% of the population identified as LGBT. Despite his editor's desire to insulate the New Yorker from language and themes that might subject it to government scrutiny, many of Liebling's "Wayward Press" pieces exposed the emptiness of the red-baiters' accusations and the mendacity of the publishers who devoted so much coverage to this "long, dreary exhibition of prosecution by innuendo.
As soon as his stepdaughter's school term ended, he leased an apartment on Riverside Drive and returned to his desk at the New Yorker, where he would be obliged, to quote his editor Harold Ross, to "eat crow. . In the 1840s, Chicago became a major grain port, and in the 1850s and 1860s Chicago's pork and beef industry expanded. The Obamas' residence is located near the University of Chicago in Kenwood on the city's south side. [196] For six consecutive years since 2013, Chicago was ranked the nation's top metropolitan area for corporate relocations. [312], The city of Chicago has a higher than average percentage of households without a car. While home loan discriminatory redlining against blacks continued, the real estate industry practiced what became known as blockbusting, completely changing the racial composition of whole neighborhoods.

Chicago also has a high concentration of post-baccalaureate institutions, graduate schools, seminaries, and theological schools, such as the Adler School of Professional Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, the Erikson Institute, The Institute for Clinical Social Work, the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, the Catholic Theological Union, the Moody Bible Institute, the John Marshall Law School and the University of Chicago Divinity School. [341] In addition, the Chicago Sister Cities program hosts a number of delegation and formal exchanges. Henry Darger is one of the most celebrated figures of outsider art. From this depiction of municipal paralysis he turned to the political impotence and intellectual pretensions of the lakefront liberals. It has the fourth largest city GDP in the world producing over $670.45 billion. ", "Chicago, IL - Detailed climate information and monthly weather forecast", https://www.weather.gov/lot/observation_history, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "Chicago/O'Hare, IL Climate Normals 1961-1990", "Chicago, Illinois, USA – Monthly weather forecast and Climate data", "Chicago Growth 1850–1990: Maps by Dennis McClendon", "It's official: Los Angeles ousts Chicago as No. The Chicago Pride Parade, held the last Sunday in June, is one of the world's largest with over a million people in attendance. The city has been a center for rave culture, since the 1980s.

Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska account for half the corn produced in the United States.

According to Raymond Sokolov (author of Wayward Reporter: The Life of A.J. [335] Because of low participation in the blue bag programs, the city began a pilot program for blue bin recycling like other cities. After successfully running for re-election five times, and becoming Chicago's longest-serving mayor, Richard M. Daley declined to run for a seventh term. The University of Chicago Oriental Institute has an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern archaeological artifacts.
Behind the pavilion's stage is the Harris Theater for Music and Dance, an indoor venue for mid-sized performing arts companies, including the Chicago Opera Theater and Music of the Baroque.

Encouraged by the strong reaction and wishing to take advantage of the considerable attention Chicago was then receiving as the site of both the Democratic and the Republican national conventions, Liebling collected the three articles into a small volume, padding it out with an introduction, several full-page Saul Steinberg drawings, and extracts from some of the more colorful letters. And, of course, there was Colonel Robert McCormick, the man who had drawn him to Chicago in the first place.

Chicago is the county seat of Cook County, the second-most-populous county in the US, with a small portion of the northwest side of the city extending into DuPage County near O'Hare Airport.

In 1885, the first steel-framed high-rise building, the Home Insurance Building, rose in the city as Chicago ushered in the skyscraper era,[59] which would then be followed by many other cities around the world. [259] The Chicago Park Boulevard System Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018.[260][261]. Today, Chicago's South Side and the adjoining south suburbs constitute the largest black majority region in the entire United States.

[80] Chicago was also a hotbed of labor activism, with Unemployed Councils contributing heavily in the early depression to create solidarity for the poor and demand relief, these organizations were created by socialist and communist groups. Black and trans activists build networks of support and mutual aid at Brave Space Alliance. Two of the city's largest parks are also located on this side of the city: Jackson Park, bordering the waterfront, hosted the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, and is the site of the aforementioned museum; and slightly west sits Washington Park. The city was particularly important for the development of the harsh and electronic based music genre known as industrial. Contributors have included Ezra Pound, William Butler Yeats, William Carlos Williams, Langston Hughes, and Carl Sandburg, among others. [232] The tradition of serving the Greek dish saganaki while aflame has its origins in Chicago's Greek community. In 1933 and 1934, the city celebrated its centennial by hosting the Century of Progress International Exposition World's Fair.