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The resources include: graphs, badges, and resources on what steps to take to boost Libraries Day's visibility. And remember, you can tell everybody about your ISLM by sending information and photos to our “What People are Doing for ISLM” page. It was a fun and short Spanish class field trip to the center’s library down the hallway; however, I learned so much. She informed me that there is a larger one at the Cultural Center in town. Read our privacy policy here. “Is the library here in the community center?” I asked in my limited Spanish. They provide evidence, explanation and justification both for past actions and current decisions. Darwin Day celebrates the life and work of Charles Darwin. It is not possible to focus solely on one type of record, as other categories of archives also deserve attention.

Through the International Archives Day, we can: The International Archives Day around the world. If you know someone – a friend or a family member – who does not have a library membership, now is the chance for you to encourage them to get one. Archives are witnesses to the past. See also: How Archives are the documentary by-product of human activity retained for their long-term value. For any media or sponsorship queries, please contact We encourage the community to submit its proposals, but we would also encourage you to reach out to librarians, museum professionals, data managers, journalists and people working in civil society to be part of this conversation. So, Seattle Public Library partnered with their strategic library fundraising partner, “Hoy es el dia internacional de la biblioteca,” she said proudly, with a smile.

We invited people to celebrate ISLM 2018 by engaging in projects and activities to express why they love their school library. There were many celebrations relating to national holdiays written about on social media that our algorithms picked up on the 6th of February. One might think that we have got a full calendar of international days to celebrate. Librarians across the United States celebrate National Library Workers’ Day (NLWD) on the Tuesday of National Library Week, held in April every year. Always a crowd favourite, why not host a trivia night themed around books and media? The day shown for 'National Libraries Day' is based off how much chitter-chatter and buzz there was on Feb. 6, 2016 across social media making references to 'Libraries Day'. Feb 14 Fun Holiday – Library Lovers Day. To ensure the preservation of these sources, a comprehensive approach that considers all types and formats of archives, is required. Library Giving Day started as an idea generated by the Seattle Public Library Foundation. Your email address will not be published. International School Library Day will be held on 20 October 2020, and is about promoting all the ways that school libraries add to their communities. The librarian welcomed us warmly and then began to speak to our class in Spanish—only in Spanish—and rapidly. An archivist or record keeper needs a passion for history, an eye for detail and a strong commitment to service. This is the reason why the ICA decided at its Annual General Meeting in November 2007  to launch the International Archives Day by its own, on the 9th of June. Sometimes the activities last the whole month!“, You can look at NAPLE’s list and find out if and when your country celebrates “International Library Day.”, “In Spain, we have celebrated ‘Library Day’ on the 24th of October every year since 1997 to commemorate the destruction of the Sarajevo National Library, set on fire in 1992 during the Balkans War. This troubled image has an impact on the financial and human resources that responsible managers and administrators dedicate to records and archives operations and/or institutions.