The museum (a state institution), formerly housed in the same building as the library, was transferred in 1897 to a new building in the suburb of Mustapha Superieur. He hoped by these means to give a certain stability to his projected institution, and to avoid the superficiality of mere enthusiasm. The Church as an institution now looked forward to a long life upon earth and adjusted itself to the new situation, taking on largely the forms and customs of the world in which it lived. If not, he is prepared to suggest a new form of institution by which the needful service may be rendered. 24.class size varies from one type of Institution to another. Kocvcovia), the fellowship between believers and union with Christ; Lord's Supper, so called from the manner of its institution; Sacrament as a consecration of material elements; the Mystery (in Eastern churches) because only the initiated participated; the Sacrifice as a rehearsal of Christ's passion. Within four years there rose upon its site a pile of stately buildings under the title of St Benedict's Abbey and school, a monastic and collegiate institution intended for the higher education of the sons of the Roman Catholic nobility and gentry. The Hong Kong Bank is Hong Kong's largest financial institution. In 1837 it became a state institution and took the name of the Emperor Dom Pedro II. Other educational establishments are Queen's University, replacing the old Queen's College (1849) under the Irish Universities Act 1908; the Presbyterian and the Methodist Colleges, occupying neighbouring sites close to the extensive botanical gardens, the Royal Academical Institution, and the Municipal Technical Institute. Noteworthy modern buildings are the public library, corn exchange, custom-house, and assembly rooms. During this period the papal institution, considered in its internal development, already showed symptoms of decadence. She said that Maud was born deaf and lost her sight when she was only three months old, and that when she went to the Institution a few weeks ago, she was quite helpless. Institution, 1898, and in Gunnery Tables, 1898. In 1892 appeared the Perkins Institution report for 1891, containing a full account of Helen Keller, including many of her letters, exercises, and compositions. Marriage became an institution in ancient societies. It took the place of an institution which, under various names, had existed since 1797. Vernon (opened 1909); an institution for crippled and deformed children (authorized in 1907); a soldiers' and sailors' orphans' home at Xenia (organized in 1869 by the Grand Army of the Republic); a home for soldiers, sailors, marines, their wives, mothers and widows, and army nurses at Madison (established by the National Women's Relief Corps; taken over by the state, 1904); and soldiers' and sailors' homes at Sandusky (opened 1888), supported by the state, and at Dayton, supported by the United States. He consented to do so, but entrenched himself within a peculiar institution, the oprichina or "separate estate.". The institution embraces a college of liberal arts (1860), with a school of political and ' As lieutenant-governor, Newbold serves for the unexpired portion of the term to which Kirkwood was elected; Kirkwood resigned on the 1st of February 1877, having been chosen United States senator. A movement begun by the Confederate Veterans Association in October 1889 resulted in the establishment in 1890 of a home for disabled veterans at Raleigh; this became a state institution in 1891. It has always been a puzzle that no note exists of the first institution of these liberties. The institution owed its origin to federal land grants; it is maintained by the state, the United States, and by small fees paid by the students; tuition is free in all colleges except the college of law. Hence a good herbarium forms an indispensable part of a botanical museum or institution. The original aim of the institution was to train nurses for hospital work, but its scope was afterwards extended and it trained its members for teaching and parish work as well. See the full definition for institution in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for institution, Nglish: Translation of institution for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of institution for Arabic Speakers, Encyclopedia article about institution. 4. Upon the bishop having satisfied himself of the sufficiency of the clerk, he proceeds to institute him to the spiritual office to which the benefice is annexed, but before such institution can take place, the clerk is required to make a declaration of assent to the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion and to the Book of Common Prayer according to a form prescribed in the Clerical Subscription Act 1865, to make a declaration against simony in accordance with that act, and to take and subscribe the oath of allegiance according to the form in the Promissory Oaths Act 1868. The object of this ordinance was to secure revenue, but it led to the institution of serfdom in its most grinding form. The grouping of reflex "units," and the paths wherein impulses travel and become associated, have been made out by the physiologist (Sherrington and others) working on the healthy animal, as well as by the record of disease; and not of spontaneous disease alone, for the artificial institution of morbid processes in animals has led to many of these discoveries, as in the method of A. There are a deaf and dumb institution at Danville (1823), an institution for the blind at Louisville (1842), and an institution for the education of feeble-minded children at Frankfort (1860). Noel's Gustaf Adolf (London, 1904) and a paper by the same officer in the Journal of the United States Institution of India (Oct. To the same period belongs his institution of the philosophical journal Mind; the first number appeared in January 1876, under the editorship of a former pupil, G. The matter is the sensible thing which in accordance with Christ's institution can be raised to a sacramental plane. The institution of the Janissaries holds a prominent place among the most remarkable events of Orkhan's reign, which was notable for the encouragement of learning and the foundation of schools, the building of roads and other works of public utility. C. Oersted (1777-1851) had shown that a magnetic needle is deflected by an electric current, he attempted, in the laboratory of the Royal Institution in the presence of Humphry Davy, to convert that deflection into a continuous rotation, and also to obtain the reciprocal effect of a current rotating round a magnet. In fine, the decadence of the papal institution manifested itself in an irremediable manner when it had accomplished no more than the half of its task. The scandal threatened to undermine the, 7. Learn a new word every day. The chief educational institution is the Tejnarayan Jubilee college (1887), supported almost entirely by fees. The example of Nicholas I., two centuries before, had shown the position which a pope could occupy in Christendom; but for a long time past the man had come short of the institution, the workman of his tool. 19.he went rather strange and had to be put into an Institution. It may be ascribed partly to the wealth and influence acquired by Aetolian mercenaries in Hellenistic courts, but chiefly to the formation of a national Aetolian league, the first effective institution of this kind in Greece. The French institution of Prudhommes was introduced into Italy in 1893, under the name of Coltegi di Probiviri. The Royal Society in 1894 bestowed the Rumford medal upon him for his work in the production of low temperatures, and in 1899 he became the first recipient of the Hodgkins gold medal of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, for his contributions to our knowledge of the nature and properties of atmospheric air. All bishoprics, abbeys and priories were in the royal nomination, the canonical institution belonging to the pope. Stubbs says of it: "The law of dower, of advowson, of appeal for felonies, is largely amended; the institution of justices of assize is remodelled, and the abuses of manorial jurisdiction repressed; the statute De religiosis, the statutes of Merton and Gloucester, are amended and re-enacted. … the testator disinherited her siblings over their efforts to have her committed to a mental, Each year, over 15,000 students transfer from an LCTCS, And it’s a system predicated on vulnerability, on people who have very little agency and have very little recourse to hold any, This was a stark contrast from the over 7 million visitors who trooped through New York City’s iconic 150-year old art, About 200 organizations will now be required to disclose their exposure to phenomena such as extreme heat and rising heats by 2023, including NZ Super Fund, the country’s government savings, Advocates for a cause are often professionals, such as lawyers or researchers, who can sometimes convince an, Post the Definition of institution to Facebook, Share the Definition of institution on Twitter, ‘Fascism’: The Word’s Meaning and History. 70+1 sentence examples: 1. Hamilton is the seat of Colgate University, which was founded in 1819, under the name of the Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution, as a training school for the Baptist ministry, was chartered as Madison University in 1846, and was renamed in 1890 in honour of the Colgate family, several of whom, especially William (1783-1857), the soap manufacturer, and his sons, James Boorman (1818-1904), and Samuel (1822-1897), were its liberal benefactors. The Christian Church in their thought was a divine, not a human, institution. In1907-1908the institution had 28 buildings (including the old State Capitol, built in 1840), a teaching and administrative force of nearly 200 members and 2315 students, of whom 1082 were in the college of liberal arts; the university library had about 65,000 volumes (25,000 were destroyed by fire in 1897), and the university law library, 14,000 volumes; and the total income of the university was about $611,000. The patrocinium they were made ready to understand by the existence of a somewhat similar institution among themselves, the comitatus, described by Tacitus. Their profession of respect for existing Institutions is hollow, hypocritical and deceitful. Liturgical forms for consecrating marriage are of late development, and the Church took the institution under its protection through outside social pressure rather than of its own will and wish. This depends to a certain extent on the object of the institution. In England nobility is apt to be confounded with the peculiar institution of the British peerage. As a corollary of this he founded in 1875 the "Hebrew Union College" in the same city, and this institution has since trained a large number of the rabbis of America.