But if you take it apart, it’s a very risky proposition that you can follow in these comments. God bless! And they say prenups… Well those are getting thrown out more and more these days in the family courts. Finding love, or the idea of dating even, can be scary and overwhelming. Thanks for your comment. Find ways to be remain positive about love and dating in a genuine and honest way. Be sure to appreciate the perks – look for a center with a pool and a sauna! What’s the first thing you notice about a women, or man? There is no cost to subscribe. Many of the now-happy lovers had experienced the pain of divorce. No need to go overboard with arrogance about how great you are. You’re 50, not old. Please stop portraying all woman as silly, gold digging, unstable idiots just like women, such as myself, do not portray all men as greedy, small minded, only out for one thing, boars. We can each speak our truth in a way that is compassionate and helpful. However, many are in their 70s and 80s and many others are in their 50s. Sounds like you’re on the right path! Do you love to read in your spare time? After all, what else is there to do but talk, other than standing around looking at art installations? We are experiencing a lot of loss around that time in our lives. See yourself as open to a new love. Loving the single life. You’ll find that most fitness centers even offer classes for your age group, so why not sign up, sweat a little and chat with the people in your class? I don’t think love is only for young people and I think love in later life can be more grounded in shared vision and companionship and affection without the intoxication driven by hormones and biogical clock that I felt in my thirties. He graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology in 2011. I hear the same from women who come to us for help. They’re welcome to join me in my life but I’m not going to put myself in the position where half of that can be taken away. It sounds logical and practical but in ten years of life after single this catch phrase has never worked. He was quick to make rash decisions and I’m the total opposite. Despite your faith, (if you have it) let’s be honest here. You’ll be “assigned” a book to read, and you and the group will meet, usually once each week, to talk about what you’ve read. When was the last time you felt blue and also interested in sex? Be accepting of your body as it is now. I am a widow and I don’t feel or act my age. Best of luck, Dawn. The fact is, many older women will find themselves single. Very few people walk through life without some difficulty. Its sad. That’s why in my work every day with women going through midlife divorce, I hear so much about successful men running off with their massage therapist, their administrative assistant, a waitress or a nurse. If it works for you, great. You learn to love the person they are now! Second relationship and marriage will only work if you are happy yourself to start with. No! There are websites that specifically cater to people who are over 50 – just search the web to find them! Is there something you’re interested in learning more about? At any rate, it’s always important to know who your neighbors are, so introduce yourself and, of course, let it be subtly known that you’re single and looking! Depending on where you are, there are some organizations that allow membership into senior’ groups at as young as 45 years old. But if you have an ongoing ED problem, it might be time to visit a doctor. What a bunch of biiter misogynists. Think about if that partner's maturity matches your own. Maybe an alternative to marrying if women "don't want to be bothered" is to aim to build friendships with women whose company you enjoy. My mother remarried in her 50’s to a wonderful man and they had many happy years together.