What the previous poster was saying was that the Whydah coin is rare to the marketplace and seldom seen for sale. Coins from several kingdoms were recovered, since Whydah did not confine its captures to Spanish treasure galleons. You will not find this anywhere else. Members Profile. Get the best deals on Shipwreck Coin when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Printable Version. Barry Clifford and crew has found tens of thousands of these coins, in denomination of 2 reales 4 reales, and 8 reales, with the 8's being most common. What the previous poster was saying was that the Whydah coin is rare to the marketplace and seldom seen for sale. Quote BellamyCay. If I did sell, it would only be to another shipwreck enthusiast like myself. I really want to buy this from you and could pay you asap! See Also: Inexpensive Spanish Copper "Pirate" Coins! WANTED!!! View cart for details. Kind Regards Dave 954 5629963 954 9250580 djpjdot@aol.com. I have several and have been collecting them for many years now. See Also: Shipwreck Coins from the Atocha for Sale. TreasureDave... are you in Hollywood Florida? The Whydah was the first pirate shipwreck to be positively identified, and, nearly a quarter of a century later, remains the only pirate shipwreck whose identity is unquestionably authenticated. If no answer, I will call you back as soon as Possible. Find Members Posts. We'll never post without your permission. Her name was Whydah, and she was on the homeward journey after just having exchanged her cargo of slaves for what again had to be Spanish coins … Something went wrong. Mr. Clifford was fortunate enough not to struggle to support his dreams. The captain of the Whydah, Sam Bellamy was linked to important pirates such as William Kidd, Bart Roberts, Blackbeard and others. HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR WHYDAH 1717 SHIPWRECK COINS!! Not only was the crew of the Whydah diversified, so were her treasures. I feel the tragic part is if the heirs of such coins would dispose of the coins to be lost to history. *Closed Tuesday October 13th* Open daily 10 AM - 5 PM - Closed Mondays Book Tickets You are 7 miles from my location. I have been fortunate to have collected a Whydah coin for my personal collection in the past. If you want further info, please leave your e-mail address on the site and I will return e-mail Hope this helps. The Whydah Museum in Provencetown has the bulk of them on display and the salvers does not sell them. The story about the Whydah fascinates me to no end. I am a shipwreck coin collector/diver for over 40 years in South Florida. Be Among the First to Know of Breaking News and Special Offers on Amazing Rare Coins. Hello, Whydah coins on the market are very scarce. 904-599-5768, If anyone has a Whydah coin to sell please contact me at. Is the coin still available, as I do not see any responses on this site? The Whydah Pirate Museum will has new procedures and practices in place including online ticketing and reservations, timed visitation, extensive new cleaning protocols, and significantly reduced capacity to allow for safe distancing. Add to Buddy List . Please e-mail me at birds-or-shells@comcast.net to discuss this coin. Please give me a ring 954 5629963 I live in Hollywood Florida. Posted: 04 Sep 2011 at 10:23pm: 1717 Authentic Whydah pirate shipwreck coin for sale.
Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. You will not find this anywhere else. 1717 Authentic Whydah pirate shipwreck coin for sale. Quote Reply Topic: WHYDAH shipwreck coin for sale. shipwreck treasure for sale, whydah coin for sale, whydah coins for sale, whydah folklore treasure, whydah pirate ship bell for sale, whydah shipwreck coins for sale, whydah treasure for sale, wyda ship. The coins that were found on the wreck were English, French, Spanish and any other vessel they felt they could capture. After all, the Whydah was a slaver taken over by pirates. CALL ME ON MY DIME, AT 702 374-2148  OR CONTACT ME BY MY E-MAIL AT  skyvaper247@yahoo.com  YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF NOT TO GET RIPPED OFF!!! Thanks! I think we're just getting our wires crossed. In 1984, underwater explorer Barry Clifford and his team discovered the only Pirate ship to be absolutely identified. LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! Most of these wrecks were located by struggling salvers and had to sell to make payroll. The legendary pirate treasure of the Whydah Gally lies in a secret spot in the murky waters off Cape Cod, says Barry Clifford, the undersea explorer who discovered the first authenticated pirate shipwreck … This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. THESE ARE IN FRAMES, WITH CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY AND LITHOGRAPH OF WHYDAH GALLEY!!! Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity with history of the wreck. The Whydah Pirate Museum has new procedures and practices in place including online ticketing and reservations, timed visitation, extensive new cleaning protocols, and significantly reduced capacity to allow for safe distancing. People associated in some way with the Whydah include Ben Franklyn, Cotton Mather (Salem witch trials) Henry David Thoreau and others. All Rights Reserved, Where Does Dak Prescott Live In Prosper Tx, Powerhouse Platinum Pressure Washer Manual, Forget about Forex Indicators and Do This, 3 SUPER SIMPLE Ways To Skyrocket Your Win Rate When Trading The Trend. In the mix you may find a rare date or design with them but generally they were just coins circulating at the time. If selling coins, I will pay top current values. I would never sell the coin, it only fills a void in my collection.When I am old and frail and somehow loose my life interest in shipwreck, I would have no problem selling it to merely recover the price I paid. So 1699 fits the timeframe but like I typed earlier, not verifyable as to being found from the Whydah wreck. Masks are required for the safety of fellow pirates. Visit the Whydah Pirate Museum on beautiful Cape Cod located at IMMEDIATE PAYMENTS, I COVER ALL SHIPPING COSTS!!! These pirates raided ships in the Atlantic, Carribean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean and all over. Send Private Message. Make Offer - NGC Shipwreck Certified 1740-62H La Dramadaire King Louis XV 1 Écu Silver Coin El Cazador Shipwreck Coin 8 Reales 4 Coin Clump Dated 1783 RARE! Feel free to call or e-mail me any time. Any ideas what it is worth, before the appraisal comes back?? I am interested in your Whydah Coin. I have tried uploading here, but size is too large. Certificate of Authenticity. You should feel very proud to have been a part of their quest. Find Members Posts. Masks are required for the safety of fellow pirates. If you wish call and I will call right back so conversation is my dime. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Whydah was originally built and used as a slave ship before the pirate Sam Bellamy liberated her. The Whydah… DON'T ACCEPT LOW-BALL OFFERS, THESE COINS WERE GIVEN TO INVESTORS BY SALVOR BARRY CLIFFORD, AND FAMILY MEMBERS WHO INHERIT THEM, OFTEN HAVE NO INTEREST IN KEEPING. Gold artifacts including Akan jewelry appears to be the only examples that have survived from a period of time 1500-1870. Some say Atocha coins are rare. As I write this I'm in Fort Lauderdale for Winter, around the corner from the MaiKai Polynesian Tiki Room. For a confidential, personal consultation on buying or selling specific rare coins, call Monaco Rare Coins today: 888-900-9948. I have dove many wrecks and have enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. The coins have a value of around 2 to 3 hundred dollars but because there are collectors who collect samples from ALL known wrecks, there are always people who will pay alot more to own one. The most valuable haul of pirate treasure ever found is heading to Galveston's Moody Gardens for an exhibit showcasing cannons, coins and muskets. Jewellery & Accessories There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. But Spanish coins were not the only ones found on Whydah. p.s., These coins are rare to the marketplace, that we agree. Post Reply : Page < 1 2: Author: Message Topic Search Topic Options. I do have a coin from the Whydah, and it is currently being verified / appraised.