From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core, Cudas Apparently Through in Birmingham. [3] The Pirates had been barely competitive on the field and hamstrung by Glieberman off it, but had managed to attract a fairly consistent and numerous fan base that didn't disappear when college football season started. (Pardee is perhaps better known as one of the few six-man football players to have ever made it to the professional leagues; his knowledge of that wide-open game proved to serve him well in the similarly wide-open CFL.) Sports Logo Battle is where anything goes as all logos are eligible to battle it out. Although Shreveport was far smaller than Birmingham, it was thought that moving the 'Cudas there would match a team that had made a good showing in its first season with a market that was at least potentially capable of supporting it. Other Sports Stats - World TeamTennis Stats - World TeamTennis Search The Barracudas were also led by veteran CFL quarterback Matt Dunigan, who had his greatest season while in Birmingham. The biggest home game of the season came against the Baltimore Stallions. 1995 Birmingham Barracudas football team scores, roster and statistics. [1] He also began criticizing the Canadian Football League, and its unique concept. Birmingham Barracudas Alternate Logo 1995, 4. Birmingham Barracudas is located in Birmingham, Alabama. The team compiled a postseason mark of 0-1. However, they lost a shootout of a season finale in San Antonio, finishing third in the Southern Division. Reducing the size of a CFL field to American football standards. Whether you’re a current student, parent, player, fan or alumni, you’ll find over 500 products to customize from, including Birmingham Barracudas T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, All Hats, All Bags, and more. Jack Pardee is named the Birmingham Barracudas head coach. A teal, white, black and red barracuda swimming under wordmark “BIRMINGHAM” in white and “BARRACUDAS” in white with black and red trim. Canadian Football League logo 2016 to Present. Currently over … Birmingham Barracudas Apparel, Jerseys, Caps, Gifts. Birmingham Barracudas 1995. Along with other U.S. owners, Williams wanted several changes made: The biggest change Williams wanted, however, was to move the season to the spring; he was not willing to risk another season of going head-to-head with college football. One year US expansion brought us the Birmingham Barracudas with a colorful teal primary logo. The Birmingham Barracudas were a Canadian football team that played the 1995 season in the Canadian Football League. A day after losing in the South semifinals, he announced that the 'Cudas would not return to Birmingham in 1996, if they returned at all. Allowing only 11 players on each side of the ball, rather than 12. They would get their revenge a week later at home by beating the Cats 51–28 in front of 31,000 fans. 1995 Birmingham Barracudas - Pro Football Archives Home Teams Players Coaches Drafts Awards Leaders Contact He wanted a nickname for the team that would "scare the spit out of people," and chose Barracudas.