After skinning the deer and checking your snares, it is time to complete the optional objectives. Run around collecting clues, while avoiding accidently jumping in a pile of branches, until a child's position is pinpointed and then go collect them. When you have to eavesdrop on the moving guards, blend into a group ahead of them and wait for them to pass before following at a safe distance. Talk to Lee in the tavern to start this memory and then leave the tavern to automatically be transported to Benjamin Church's house. As you enter the lobby, the attendant will announce that you need to find your seat to continue. After the cutscene, head to the mast and follow the prompts to learn the basics of naval travel. Use this to know when to hit O/B to block the attack and then X/A (to disarm) or Square/X (to counter kill). As you find more clues, easily found and marked when in Eagle Vision, the search zones will shrink until they target the individual on the spot. Notice the red dot over the enemies head and that an action triangle appears when he goes in for an attack. Once all snitches are dead, start a kill streak with a couther kill and during the kill animation hold in the direction of your next target on the L stick and hit Square/X to link the attacks together. After the cutscene, head forward for another scene. Check for new sidequests frequently in all zones from now on. In these cases you will manually need to jump off by holding R1/RT and pressing X/A while pushing the L stick in the direction you'd like to jump. You must quietly take out the guard on the left by approaching with your hidden blade and assassinating him, Lee will take care of the other, and then rush in and finish Cutter. When you exit, head to the waypoint and defeat the two guards blocking your entrance to the Print Shop to learn the third, and final, method of lowering notoriety. When damage is taken, Connor will regenerate the health back fairly quickly. They are not permanent weapons, so drop and replace them as needed. Now follow Adams to the docks to finish the cutscene and gain freedom. Once the impressive shot of Boston has completed, hold R1/RT and manually jump forward with X/A to perform a leap of faith. With a few changes from previous games, mostly cutting out having to hold R1/RT ALL THE DAMN TIME, the controls have not changed significantly and the game will introduce the use of all controls through gameplay tutorials. Exit the tent to the left and enter the brush to observe the guard nearby. Either method works, but aiming allows you to be in some cover when you fire. Once all boys are found, it is your turn to hide. When you are ready, head to the upper deck and talk to the Providence's captain to learn more about the trouble you have put him through. In order to complete the objective, take a step back and throw some bait on it as well. The man, Achilles Davenport, will not let you inside. Full game walkthrough for all 38 Achievements in Assassin's Creed III. Wait for an animal to walk below you or throw bait to lure them and hit Square/X to air assassinate them. Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com, Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half their health, Remain undetected during the whole warehouse infiltration, Limit detection time to a cumulative total of 15 seconds, Perform a Kill Streak of three sequential deaths, Prevent Snitches from calling reinforcements, Perform three stealth assassinations from a corner spot, Kill two soldiers without triggering open conflict, Find all the children without making a mistake, Find all the children within four minutes, Hunt and skin three different types of animals, Combine bait and a snare to catch an animal, Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry, Sustain no damage before you reach Martha's Vineyard, Successfully brace during an attack on three occasions, Fail an objective such as losing a target or not following an ally, Running out of bound (indicated with the fractured Animus visual). You can now trample through the camp and openly kill the rest of the soldiers with help from your allies. Follow the path to a tree and then hit X/A in the V-shaped tree to climb up farther for a cutscene. After a few linear chapters, the sandbox style gameplay will open up and allow the player multiple options. When you reach a big tree that juts out into the water with four branches coming off the left side, jump to the end and then into the water to save Terry. You also have access to much of the map and can spend time gathering feathers, getting viewpoints, Attacking Convoys and more. Now follow the wall around the other side to the first set of captives and hide in the tall brush to assassinate the guard and free the captives. After the cutscene you will be standing outside the gate with instructions to shoot the explosive barrel. You can now run across the street, along the building, and hide against the fence until the patrol walks by. When he turns down the alley to the left, walk to the corner and take cover and slowly follow him to the rooftop. Level 1: Potential hostiles will see Connor, but only investigate if the yellow arrow fills (high profile actions make this increase faster). Buy them if you have the money. When you're ready, talk to Faulkner and select the objective marker on the naval map. There are a total of three, but Lee and John usually take out the other two. Thanks again for your time. Desmond will receive a notice that there is a new email. The basis for all combat is based on high profile or low profile actions against enemies. Talk to the man outside the General Store, not the one offering the minigame, for the first Side Quests in the game; a Courier Missions. When you are ready, re-enter the Animus.