This day was established to encourage people to get engaged with literature and to promote not only reading but also publishing. World Book Day is an annual event which takes place on April 23rd in most places around the world and on the first Thursday in March in the United Kingdom.

Photo courtesy of the National Park Service. The annual celebration on 23 April is World Book Night, an event organized by independent charity The Reading Agency.. United States of America. A wall of 4,048 gold stars – each representing 100 killed – at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.; a sobering reminder to all of the price over 400,000 Americans paid to secure victory. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, World Book Day is a charity event in March, held annually on the first Thursday and coinciding with the release of special editions. World Book Day is the biggest celebration of its kind.
Books are more than simple pieces of paper with words on them (or, in the case of digital books, a bunch of pixels on a screen).

Books have been educating and inspiring us for thousands of years, so it should go without saying that World Book Day is a more than a well-deserved holiday. As it happens, the Amazon Crossing 2020 promotion shares its hashtag, #ReadTheWorld , with the new online-readings program from the International Publishers Association , UNICEF, and the beleaguered World … Over the years, the World Book Day promotion has given away 27 titles from 19 countries. The aim of it is to celebrate authors, books, illustrators and - of course - reading!

This event holiday is […]