All they had was concentrates and vape carts but the staff were professional and, The staff and security are very friendly. The man dubbed the “Windy City Bandit” was sentenced Monday to almost four years in …

served after ordering.

*This site does not provide legal or medical advice, is not affiliated with the Illinois Department of Public Health, and is not authorized to register patients with the Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Program. Customer service is following thru with those offers and not making up your own rules as you go. Its affordable and you know what your getting!!

Believe me. However, did you know that the, Canada’s legal marijuana industry is celebrating a jump in sales, more brick-and-mortar stores and competitive pricing as it celebrates two years in business. Learn more about our use of cookies in our Privacy Policy. Highly recommended. My experience at this place has always been good.

Great Staff, and they know their shyt, about reefer!

So when I got a hold of someone here she was extremely ignorant like I was bothering her with my question.

Staff is so nice and I always feel welcome. Great place staff always helpful.ill be there today to beat the rush jan 1. Dont care for the 115 and Harlem one very, WCC is a friendly, well-organized place to buy your recreational or medical marijuana.

Glad my son us going there.

Shout out to Ryan super cool dude and bob. What a good dispensary. Worst dispensary in Illinois. If you want good quality items and great customer service this the spot for you. She was pretty awesome. The staff here is friendly, helpful, & knowledgable about all of their products.

Right now you can get one 1/8 one 500mg oil cartridge one prerolled joint they may run out soon one gram of wax and edibles.

They have the most welcoming demeanor and environment. Hopefully I will get a call back when they open today letting me know I can indeed pick up.

Best of luck in January when it goes rec and the competitors swallow you whole. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Windy City Cannabis is the premier medical marijuana dispensary serving patients at locations throughout south and southwest Cook County. The people who work here are like friends that when I enter I am welcomed by them & they make me feel comfortable by their professional & kind service. This.

They even have specials on any given day.

out of money there right after I ordered when I was about 10 from going in had to run across the street to use there atm. The turn around time to change dispensaries is not as quick as I was told FRIDAY afternoon.

Now every wcc.

that unavailable. I get the whole Rona virus going on but why is it that others have flower and they don't? CANNABIS CULTURE – “It is well understood that people with schizophrenia should not take large dosages of psychedelics because it is destabilizing,” says Mark Haden, CANNABIS CULTURE – “Now that hemp has finally arrived at its long-sought status as a legal crop and commodity, to what extent will it deviate. Thank you for the respond Windy City. Windy City Harvest operates several urban gardens in the Chicago area and the not-for-profit’s main garden is at 3555 Ogden Ave., where classes also are held. No flower.

I question if they mop daily.

All smiles! Very good service and friendly, knowledgeable staff. For the second time now I bought a disposable vape battery with cart and it did not work. friendly very helpful staff more than enough security very safe felling. The website allowed me to place an order and it's ready for pick up.

And all I can not underestimate this stuff!!

This place is great! Legalize it!

$1000 purchased get you $25, not shabby but unlike other Chicago dispensary's they do not include the money you spend on there weekly specials list.

Her whole demeanor was bad. They were mean, and the options were scarce and overly priced.

The lines are. Please, ILCBD.COM Copyright, Disclaimer & Terms of Service. The dispensary was very clean and quite. Didn't have any other choices.

On top of being taxed twice, you will get lower quality bud than other dispensaries even if it is the same brand.

All Rights Reserved. they tax the patient on top of the pre-taxed price.

5/5. Staff is excellent, very helpful with all your needs. The store always has easy parking.

Bad service.Help is worthless.

See their menu, reviews, deals, and photos. She was. Long lines. - All Rights Reserved.

From a soon to be medical patient. Every Sunday. How is this business handling reopening? I want to support WCC but without Rec flower options, I'm going elsewhere. While waiting to have my dispensary changed online, they refused to let me use the restroom. I don't blame.

Great service - quick and easy. I even moved further away and still choose this dispensary.

I wait until more products are available. For rec, there’s usually a good variety of products (sometimes on sale!). and they make it pretty easy to social distance.

They carry a wide range of marijuana flower, edibles, concentrates and vapes. I called here the other day being a medical patient. The line wait for me was about 2 and a half hours got there around 11am. JUSTICE, Ill. (WLS) -- There are dozens, if not hundreds of taquerias in our region, but what makes one stand out from the other?

Didn’t have to wait more than 6mins to get. This is very critical as i have had to waste time at 2 other dispensaries & first impressions are everything & you can't do them over so that's unfortunate for other places, but i recommend this dispensary to anyone for recreational although the supply is limited, but they do better than every where else & I also recommend this dispensary for medical as they always have products in stock for medical & have a good variety. Homemade tortillas, variety of salsas and made-to-order margaritas set this taqueria apart from the rest. I’ll definitely be stopping by next week again. What goes around comes around windy city cannabis. B. Supples was limited and no flowers And lastly C. Taxes  will be based on the percentage  of THC levels. Super clean and very friendly. Really poore quality, The staff has very good energy and the product is fantastic.