Modern Languages opens a doorway to learn about language and culture. B2G 2W5. As a result of this shortfall, job prospects for graduates in CS are expected to remain excellent. Students will also have the option to complete an elective, project-based course in a workplace environment or a co-operative education option. Compete for jobs and graduate study all over the world with StFX Engineering. B2G 2W5. Check out this site for some great information! For educational professionals who want to pursue scholarly inquiry with professional practice. The department also offers other first year courses in Computer Science suitable for students in a broad range of disciplines. Students complete professional development seminars and workshops offered through the Co-op department prior to work term placement. Phone: (902) 867-4999 Become a compassionate global citizen with the Religious Studies Department. StFX’s Biology program is rigorous yet flexible, with lots of hands-on research opportunities. StFX School of Nursing graduates are known around the world for their caring, competency and commitment. Computer Science (CS) spans a broad range from theory to practice to cutting- edge inventions. Course Description. StFX English produces thinkers with excellent writing and speaking skills. Opportunities for an i ndustrial internship, or participation in a co-op program offered in conjunction with the Gerald Schwartz School of Business also exist. Philosophy, English, and History — collaboratively, as if they were a single course. Opportunities for an industrial internship, or participation in a co-op program offered in conjunction with the Gerald Schwartz School of Business also exist. degree. In first year, you will be introduced to Programming and Data Structures, which focuses on problem analysis, algorithm development, data representation and control structures. Explore Master of Applied Computer Science (MACS), Graduate with the ability to transform organizations and enhance student learning. Together, they provide an education that prepares students well for the opportunities and challenges of the information age whether they wish to go directly into a career, go on to further studies at the graduate level, or go into an education program. Interested in Programming? There are many sub areas (e.g., artificial intelligence, databases, game development, cyber security, graphics, high performance computing, big data, networking, programming languages, robotics, etc.) St. Francis Xavier University One of the cornerstones of this program is the opportunity provided to students to engage in experiential learning, which will help build confidence and gain experience in the field prior to entering the workforce. Course  for Winter 2021 CSCI 435 - Algorithms and Complexity - See poster for details. Our two-year B.Ed. StFX also offers an MSc in Computer Science for those who wish to pursue graduate studies.

View our Computer Science Postcard, • StFX to offer new post-Baccalaureate diploma in Artificial Intelligence, • Nova Scotia education department officials visit StFX lab focused on development of software tools to aid in medical challenges, • Top honours, national recognition for StFX Computer Science, • StFX Computer Science student in the top three once again at Science Atlantic, • StFX professor Dr. Laurence T. Yang one of 52 new Fellows inducted into the Canadian Academy of Engineering, • Harvard Medical School researcher joins StFX as new Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics, • StFX geology, computer science programs listed among the best in the country, • Students to benefit as StFX, NSCC sign new computer science agreement, • Coding, data analytics, technology that’s changing the world part of new offerings in StFX’s computer science program, Interested in Programming? Gain a wider perspective on Catholicism with StFX Catholic Studies. Our faculty members are very active in research. Learn about the languages, literature, history and folklore of the Celtic peoples. Engage in independent thinking in the StFX Philosophy Department. Explore Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, Explore Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Enterprise IT Management. The program is structured so that real-world problems are embedded throughout the program (in the Computer Science Graduate Seminar course and throughout the elective courses).

Welcome to Computer Science at StFX, where students undertake studies that offer a well-rounded education in the science of computing. In Computer Science (CS), students are offered a well-rounded education in the scientific foundations of information and computation together with practical techniques for the implementation of these foundations, applicable to almost every facet of life, through an intensive, hands-on approach.

Study the world of public affairs and leadership as a StFX Public Policy and Governance student. Our Master of Adult Education program has a professional development focus with a wide variety of specializations. The department also offers graduate studies with a Master of Applied Computer Science … StFX’s Department of Chemistry holds the key to all scientific career paths. The Computer Information Systems major offers an undergraduate curriculum of applied skills and concepts while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Open the doors to an exciting career with StFX’s Department of Physics. Computer Science jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction. StFX’s Aquatic Resources students study aquatic life, sustainability, and climate change.