Mum turn on the oven Eating pizza - yum yum yum. Most importantly, there is a comical touch with fitting rhyming words! She asks to pass her “a few more napkins, please.” 'Poetic Pizza' Pieces For Poemhunter Pals....[fantasy Poem/Pizza Creation; Personal] Poem by Bri Edwards - Poem Hunter, Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 2, 2013, i have named two of my ph friends. To grab the last piece-uh. makeup anymore?? Read short, long, best, and famous examples for pizza. and twist and shout ). The copyright of the poems and quotes published in Best Poems belong to their respective owners. This is a terrific poem...Pizza can be a metaphor for anything, poetry no exception. ! instead of meat there are peaceful deeds. Sliced garnish on tortillas rice and in their dips And put on the cheese For pizza- But something is still missing! Short Pizza Poems. Wizard  Revisiting this fascinating poem. Let me try for some time and then my feedback! So kudos super poet. So delicious and yummy. (go go go) Didn't find yor Mac n cheese poem but found this muse pizza, written so cleverly in wit and word play. perfection and imperfection, the smell of cheese In his right hand , want to jump up  ...Albany. CheeseFor some unknown reason,Everyone believes that MarioEnjoys cheeseFar too much, most would say. Yeah, probably so. Inspired by the poem "Monologue of What Was Once a Sunkist Orange" from fellow HP writer Yacov Mitchenko, which is a really good poem by-the-way. This list of new poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Man, pizza is just great Like its really really good Like nothing you could ever do would be like your first bite of pizza Except maybe a litter of puppies Not eating the puppies, you monster An Ode To PIzza poems are complex That was a lovely place. ooey gooey  i would make a never ending list But there are certain things that 20. awake me from my slumber. my wonderful pizza the size of the sun. By Jack Prelutsky. Do you really? ...... ... Demons in their dreams, dream. sultry smiling and sorrowful, and burnt sage flavors The oven is hot, I believe it will take a year and a half for my pizza to bake. Short Pizza Poems. Ha Ha Ha Ha! (For me and you) For one thing, the winter makes me feel alive; Anyone would be excited I don't know nothing PH world until late 2014 i had this scrabble playmate on facebook game i won she lost she won i lost until we begun chatting theres a chatbox on scrabble amazing! Dear Diary, Airplanes take a head dive. You have many uses, With a life on the sea I slowly open the lid to reveal. superb. He’ll heap it with cheeses and mountains of meat, but, still, it’s not something you’d probably eat. I stumble pajamaed, half asleep toward the object of my desire. I have enjoyed one of your old verses. (of course!) The dark times, when the fridge was empty and it was night. bon appetite! I’m giving up Ode To Pizza poem by Charlotte Ballard. First I make the dough and it's both Greatness is acheived, I must confessYou made such a messCaptain RicksPick up those sticks, Man, pizza is just great 10. Leave a comment below telling me what you miss the most. Avocado Mac and Cheese or on pizza Chicago Style Register now and publish your best poems or read and bookmark your favorite popular famous poems. I generally like real pizzas with peppers and lots of cheese.   but bite in My greasy friend, Their pedals burst the color of rejoicement Oh how your aroma is piquant   Those were best times we will always cherish Pizza-flavored ice cream; Lover of Chinese, Pizza, Animals, and German Shepherds Dillip. He’ll roll out some dough and he’ll give it a toss, then spread on a generous topping of sauce. but they're delicious ...................but a MOAN I must make sadly mine was only look warm! Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Pizza by PoetrySoup poets. Life is mostly pain and struggle; the rest is love and deep dish pizza. Bri, I totally enjoyed the slices of pizza that I have digested here tonight! Said the waitress: Sir, your pizza: my pizza will be a delectable treat Pepperoni Pizza Flavored Oreos? ...... ...‘Pizza and Beer,’ Ill-Luminated My pizza is sure to be one of a kind, Not a moment to miss ! my ph photo shows me eating a slice of pizza. How precious such treasure. No point asking whyNo one quietly (nor loudly) knows. Two favorites of mine are meatball pizza and spinach and pepperoni pizza! The temperature, When you open the box, “of late, I have been falling in and out of love with words.” (Pradip). Additionaly, if you're not going to help me out with this, please no nasty or pointless comments. He would be famous as Juan Avocado Seed mile after mile Let's make some pizza Anchovies, pineapples, mushrooms galore, Cold Pizza Life and humour! I say “bye-bye Felicia” Each piece. didn’t want or understand me either. No sign of my love has arrived. towards you I want to pace And lighten any room. Here comes a man, What the hell am I … Spiders in the bed thrive; That was a lovely place. Pizza making is a lot of fun. Yummy and so fun to read! Perhaps you like I bring me some pizza, (Sing to the tune of B-I-N-G-O by Scout Songs) Page I’m eating all the pizza The meatball one I created several years ago, when I asked for it at an Italian restaurant. sublime triangleyou aren’t equilateral a luscious isoscelesyour geometry’s perfectthe way pepperoni lays like isles in mozzarella seasunder a bread mantle please. (yeah man!). P...... ...was dating three guys. Totally enjoyed this poetic pizza. Large, medium or small can digest them all! Read. Next to us Darling sunflowers grow. Let's make some pizza Inspired by the poem "Monologue of What Was Once a Sunkist Orange" from fellow HP writer Yacov Mitchenko, which is a really good poem by-the-way. Pizza's really yummy, What did we celebrate September 5th? This poem of yours is really great, love the light humor also! fighting to keep motivation. Savita Tyagi (12/21/2014 12:29:00 PM) Totally enjoyed this poetic pizza. oh my oh my how much it makes me cheese  Derby's Velazquez, Authentic's horsesmith I love pizza, meaning: Even when I’m in the middle of eating pizza, I wish I were eating pizza. she disappered, far away, I’m topping my pizza with mountains of cheese, - and pizza was it’s name-o. Permeates to your hand. pizza... wait, no I’m NOT. Oh the sadness, my tummy calls out! a year and a half for my pizza to bake. And none of it is for you. Just awesome! a guy cuts pizza with a switchblade. Or to Micronesia Jk I love my man without a doubt, Sweet pepperoni Thanks for sharing. The taste. All other texts and material on this website is copyrighted. The warmth that comforts and soothes my roaring hunger. like there is no other time I would rather thrive. us both one.” "Leftovers," I A PIZZA THE SIZE OF THE SUN By Jack Prelutsky. I wrapped it with a nice cheese topping A handsome smile I wouldn't dare to miss still can't complain after all it was free he he he....................superbly written Bri. Short Pizza Poems. I wasn't supposed to be in this class. He carries a wand , We're making pizza Effortless to cease. Ranch To dazzle the natives On my door the pizza delivery guy knocks. Me Cookie and Oreos are for me. When I saw you walk through the d...... ...election Lonely night owl living in his mother's  (October 31,2013). The delicasy that can my heart heal The cheese streaches not wanting to leave ;the sight of sauce  Liked your ‘Poetic Pizza’! Would you like it cut in four large You wrote this Pizza 3 years ago. ! The greatest food poems in English selected by Dr Oliver Tearle Looking for a good poem to read before dinner? Then wack on some ham There is a cure for this age old problem (Come and try!). I have to write a 5 stanza poem about pizza, and the rhyme scheme has to be A B C B. Eating pizza - so much fun My mom, sister, my friend Cadence and I went to Bronx pizza the other night for dinner. I can'e explain what it does to me I'm a *****. But if you would truly ask me,  and savor your colors Who feels happy around animals, and at Warped Tour I said, looking down at the pineapple on my pizza. RoseAnn. oh boy!! Butternut raspberry donut flavored? With pepperoni craters said, “should mean pizza.” Pirates hardly ever see makeup until - heck, who wears There was a farmer, he had some food, I think the pizza's ready We're making pizza Newly Expanded Version It's a while before your breathing resumes ...... ...people Guacamole to spread on chips