Kindly stand back and give the truck room to proceed! His farm was visited by onlookers from miles around. Oh right, that little ol' detail! Arable opened her handbag. In the last analysis, we simply know that we are dealing with supernatural forces here, and we should all feel proud and grateful. "Cheer up," replied Mrs. Arable,"this is fun. "Stand by for an announcement! Avery jumped out and lowered the tailgate. However, smelling fish became rarer and rarer. he ran out of money."Mrs. said Mr. Zuckerman. Mr. Zuckerman isn't trying to be mean or anything. Homer was sold to Mr. Zuckerman for six dollars. Fern's Uncle. You recall that day last summer when the writing appeared mysteriously on the spider's web in Mr Zuckerman's barn. ""Don't shout, Fern!" "And don't point! 'Some Pig', 'Terrific', 'Radiant' captivated them all and convinced them that Wilber was special enough to be entered in the county fair. Mr Homer I Zuckerman and his distinguished pig! Lurvy pulled his big handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the sweat from the back of his neck. At last he managed to reach the judges' stand. cried Fern, pointing. Mr. Homer Zuckerman. This miracle has never been explained. Tobi was the … "Here is forty cents. Hearing this, Wilbur passes out. ). His farm was visited by onlookers from miles around. ""Can't you see I'm busy?" Many of you will recall that never-to-be-forgotten day last summer when the writing appeared mysteriously on the spider's web in Mr. Zuckerman's barn, calling the attention of all and sundry to the fact that this pig was completely out of the ordinary. Letters and numbers only. Several men stepped forward from the crowd to help lift the crate. "All together, now, boys!" "Wilbur trembled when he heard this speech. Homer Zuckerman. Edith Zuckerman. We know, Homer seems like a pretty cool dude. The truck bearing this extraordinary animal is now approaching the infield. The truck crept along slowly in low speed. cried Mrs. Zuckerman. "This magnificent animal," continued the loud speaker, "is truly terrific. Mr. Zuckerman had purchased Wilber so that his family could eat him in the winter. replied Avery in disgust. "Over in the pigpen, silent and alone, Charlotte rested. "What a lot of fuss about nothing! This miracle has never been fully explained, although learned men have visited the Zuckerman pigpen to study and observe the phenomenon. Mrs. Zuckerman's grandmother bathed her pig in buttermilk so Mrs. Zuckerman bathed Wilbur in buttermilk. Now don't get lost! But here's what makes Mr. Z a serious antagonist: he wants to kill Wilbur. Charlotte could hear everything that was said on the loud speaker. ""Can't I please have some money?" Hearing this, Wilbur passes out. Mr. Zuckerman took off his cap and bowed. © Melody Sawyer LIBR 268:  History of Youth Literature - Summer 2015. "Special announcement!" Wait, Homer is a villain? Mr. Zuckerman: Mr. Homer Zuckerman, Fern's uncle, buys Wilbur from her and raises him on his farm. A vocabulary list featuring "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. As Wilbur came out of the crate, the crowd clapped and cheered. In a few moments the pig will be unloaded in the special judging ring in front of the grandstand, where a special award will be made. When Charlotte's message describing one of Wilber’s traits was found in the barn doorway Mr. Zuckerman had fallen for Charlottes trick. Avery was the busiest helper of all. In this classic novel, a pig named Wilbur befriends a spider, who attempts to save his life. People came to visit the farm with each of the three reoccurring miracles.