Temperature; 20-26 c. 1. BREDLIS hatchies and adults Hi everyone my names lars and im 14 and looking to earn some money doing dog walking in Armidale, i have 3 dogs of my own that i take care of, i can do $20 for an hour long walk down to the park to have a run around or $10 for a 30 minute walk, i can do dog walking all around south central in the afternoon or on the weekend please message me on facebook or on my mobile i could also do pet sitting for $10 per visit i have my own pet geckos, monitors, turtle, lorikeets, cockatiels, Pick up available, postage available for $10 I’ve got the following available: 80-120g (3 rats) (2 packs available) $11 120-160g (5 rats) (2 packs available) $20 Australian geckos are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, get them remains more or less the same regardless of the variety. Have to order before pick up. Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. Marbled Gecko and Full Enclosure Setup (no license required). A: STEM, SMALL REPTILE ENCLOSURE-WITH PLASTIC PLANT AND ROCK, Small reptile enclosure with plastic plant and rock. Kellyville Pets has a huge range of native reptile species available and can cater for beginner reptile keepers through to experienced reptile enthusiasts. The good news is now I can truly be myself and it feels so good to be a friendly loving goofball. 6. Marbled Gecko and enclosure - selling due to getting out of hobby. COASTAL CARPETS adults Please no messages or emails call only as we are, SORRY WE DO NOT SHIP REPTILES We have over 70 snakes in stock from Hatchlings to Yearlings, Juveniles to Adults in lots of species from $250 DIAMOND Adults At Kellyville Pets we are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare. The information in this website is meant as a guide only. We are open Tuesdays to Fridays 10am til 5pm Saturdays and Sundays 11am til 4pm Come and see us for all your Reptile needs, foods and equipment. Goannas $40 8. Pick up from regional Vic. The geckos and snakes below are some of the more common morphs that fall into the $150 or less category. We are situated about 45 minutes drive from Sydney CBD. Suitable for all kinds of reptile eggs, 1 female and 1 male marble gecko plus exo-terra enclosure and accessories, Live aquatic plants for aquarium for sale, Live aquatic/aquarium plants for aquarium/aquascape for sale!! - Has seen many clutches after fix. Thanks. 90cm l x 40cm h x 30cm wise. Express $14. They coaxed me out from my bat cave with treats and tricked me into it. We have everything you need to care for your Gecko's too! 160-200g (3 rats) (1 pack available) $12.50 200-250g (5 rats) (3 packs available) $35 Purchasing a reptile in NSW requires you to hold a current reptile keepers licence. We always have spare enclosures and love to help a reptile out WE HAVE INCORPORATED A MASSIVE REPTILE SECTION INSIDE OUR ALREADY WELL ESTABLISHED AQUARIUM BUSINESS. Childrens Pythons Hatchlings http://www.exo-terra.com/en/products/habitat_kit_desert.php. Comes with free candling torch so you can easily check if your reptile eggs are fertile. ! Selling reptile/snake food Metro buyers not accepted. Reptile One small tower terrarium Up for sale is 2 Marbled Geckos. A complete guide to reptiles of Australia $50 Kellyville Pets take no responsibility of any description for any consequence and or result that may eventuate as a consequence of any information obtained from this website. Selling due to up grade to larger Tank. Please also note that we do not ship reptiles interstate. Or if you want to make a splash with aquatic turtles, frogs or toads, we have what you're looking for in local stores near you. CHILDRENS juveniles and adults - Candling torch Note: We can can freight Stone Geckos to airports serviced by Australian Air Express. Keeping children pythons $15 Field guide to Australian Reptiles $45 (SOLD) Does not require any wildlife license to keep. Ph less than 7. The enclosure measures 460mm long, 280mm wide and 370mm high. Gecko enclosures, Gecko food, Gecko books and care information, heating and lighting and Gecko accessories! Buying insects to feed your gecko from the pet shop can turn a cheap pet into an expensive pet so we suggest you buy yourself an insect trap and catch them yourself. - 200 watts Black ceramic heat lamp with flanged base for maximum heat distribution Colour: Black Voltage: 220-240V Power: 150watts Size: 8cm at widest point, 12cm tall Package:1 pc Geckos are ferocious hunters of insects, they will often be seen congregating around outdoor lighting to catch the bug is attracted to the light. Northern Spiny Tailed gecko Kellyville Pets has a range of geckos available in store including: Smooth Knob Tail Geckos and Thick Tail Geckos, also known as the Barking Gecko. Limited quantities available!!! Matching owners with the right pet and providing customers with unsurpassed advice, service and selection of products is our drives everything we do. Removable top and front sliding door. Find the perfect companion, from desert-dwelling dragons and sun-loving snakes to nocturnal geckos and invertebrates. Understanding Reptile Parasites $30 Up for sale is 2 Marbled Geckos. In its native habitat your gecko will usually seek out large rocks to bask on as they maintain both. Your gecko will bathe in the water as well as drink it so it will need to be changed frequently. Message, don’t call. Preparing your gecko’s Terrarium Try and cover your terrarium with materials your gecko is likely to find in the wild sand, gravel, rocks to bask on and plants. Cash waiting or could possibly swap for some barking gecko breeding pairs if interested please contact me on thanks :). 208 total views, 1 today $100.00 ✍️ Please read below important informations. Whether you live in Melbourne or Darwin your terrarium will require a heat lamp to allow your gecko to bask as it requires. BLACK AND WHITE JUNGLES hatchies and adults Baby turtles Shortnecked Come and see us for a great package special. South Western Spiny Tailed gecko An introduction to keeping and breeding Australian reptiles $25 No shop front. Express post is highly recommend because of recent delays in Australia post due to Covid 19 impact. Enclosure with heat pad, sand and logs. We have heaps of livestock in stock, permit and non permit It’s unlikely you will ever get cuddles from your gecko, but if watching an animal interact in a man-made version of its natural environment is your thing gecko will provide you with hours of enjoyment. Whilst catching a wild gecko is a relatively simple task in the Northern states where they live in almost plague proportions, it is only legal to keep domestically bred lizards so do consider the consequences before venturing into the garden to catch one. Will not ship. No shopfront or display tanks. - Getting out of keeping reptiles. BLONDE SPOTTED CHILDRENS PYTHON Blue tongues 200-250g (3 rats) (1 pack available) $20 2, WANTED BREEDING PAIRS Banded Knob Tail Gecko Smooth Knob Tailed Geckos, WANTED BREEDING PAIRS Banded Knob Tail Geckos & Smooth Knob Tailed Geckos Geckos make a fascinating and low maintenance pet. Reptile Licences can be obtained online at http://www.licence.nsw.gov.au/new/categories/parks-wildlife or in store. - Slight crack in top after lid fell, waterproof tape sealed inside and out. ALBINO DARWINS Hatchies We stock Shinglebacks, Blue Tongues, Geckos, Skinks and Pythons: Bredlis, Murray Darlings, Jungles, Coastals, Albinos, Black Head, Small and Large Blotched and Childrens Pythons all sizes from $250 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A reptile license costs approximately $60 for 2 years and any Class 1 reptile species can be kept on this permit. Bredlis hatch, 2 Geckos, Enclosure with Heat pad, sand and logs. 450mm Tall 300 x 300 wide LARGE BLOTCHED adults My name is Batman and I’ve been trying in vain to live up to it! We produce a lot of great geckos and snakes each year, from the rarest of the rare to the more common morphs. Buying insects to feed your gecko from the pet shop can turn a cheap pet into an expensive pet so we suggest you buy yourself an insect trap and catch them yourself. I can’t wait to officially retire as a brooding masked vigilante and be snuggled up in my forever home where I can live t, SORRY WE DO NOT SHIP REPTILES We are licensed Reptile Dealers and we can give you all the right advice, the best service in relation to housing, keeping and feeding your Reptile. 157 total views, 10 today 2. Barking geckos, SORRY WE DO NOT SHIP REPTILES FISH HAVEN IS A REPTILE STORE ASWELL AS FISH, AMPHIBIANS, ARACHNIDS, INSECTS AND CRITTERS. Only for pickup, no shipping. Body full-length 12cm, 6cm diameter base Ceramic Bulb Do not use wi, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. Some illegal exotics include: Chameleons, Iguanas, Red eared Slider turtles, Corn snakes and Ball Pythons. Keeping Australian gecko's $15 Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Regardless of which species you prefer, you will find something you like on our list of geckos for sale. Must show wildlife license on pick up. Metro buyers not accepted. Also happy to take any unwanted accessori, $270 brand new ⏰⏰ no holds unless you pay. MURRAY DARLINGS juveniles and adults A guide to health and disease in reptiles and amphibians $50 Text or PM :) Geckos are perhaps the most ubiquitous and recognizable of all lizards. Stone Geckos (Diplodactylus vittatus) Stone Geckos are a dark brown gecko with a pale, deeply notched zigzag stripe down back from neck to tip of a short plump tail.They live in shelters in burrows and shallow depressions under stones and fallen timber. Has a small piece of plastic broken off the bottom of one of the sides (see pics). Contactless pick up Highett, Reptile enclosure for sale. Located lowood 4311 can not deliver sorry 3. Please ask us about availability. # Can post : standard $10. Blue tongues - 150 watts Choose from a variety of pet reptiles for sale including snakes, lizards, turtles and more. You must have an animal keeping licence. 10 newborn pinky rats for $8 80-120g (5 rats) (2 packs available) $18 9. Purchasing a reptile in NSW requires you to hold a current reptile keepers licence. The enclosure measures 460mm long, 280mm wide and 370mm high. Awesome adjustable side vent for power cords. FREE SYDNEY METRO SHIPPING ORDERS OVER $49, UNDER 44KG - T&C's apply. Suitable for geckos, hatchling snakes, scorpions, etc. All of our geckos available for sale come with a 14 day Health Guarantee and a 7 day Cooling Off Period as part of our standard policies and procedures. need to place orders before pick up. Shinglebacks Exotic species of lizards such as the chameleon and are unavailable as pets in Australia, as a Australia has no native species of Chameleon. 5. Located in Toowoomba pick up or post at buyers expense. Pick up from regional Vic. Eco Tech Deluxe Reptile Egg Incubator The Deluxe Reptile Digital Egg Incubator gives breeders complete temperature and humidity control to care for developing eggs. 7. Please message me ASAP, Exo terra terrarium medium desert kit lizard gecko snake frog, Brand new in box, 45x45x45cm Bought for $330 This is our way of ensuring our animals have the best possible start in their new home with you. All of our geckos available for sale come with a 14 day Health Guarantee and a 7 day Cooling Off Period as part of our standard policies and procedures. I am looking at adding a gecko to my collection I am interested in these species; Bynoe gecko Try placing the basking lamp over the largest rock in the terrarium. Shinglebacks 3 x Bearded dragon books $45 for the 3 (will not separate) White with glass sliding front doors with cool gecko handles. 120-160g (2 rats) (1 pack available) $7 160-200g (5 rats) (2 packs available) $22 Applicable Animals: all kinds of reptiles, tortoises, semi-aquatic turtles, lizards, spiders, pythons, snake, gecko, chicks, chickens - 100% working condition Pick up from carlingford . Happy to travel! They are an excellent pet those without a large yard of those who are more interested in a hobby and will they can observe.