Vous auriez dû persévérer. Aimez-vous l'article? Logan hugs him, and expresses his affection for him, calling him "Billy". Plongés dans un décor de western plus vrai que nature, ils vont vivre des scénarios prédéfinis dans lesquels il leur sera possible, sans la moindre conséquence, de tuer, violer et brutaliser les "hôtes", des androïdes à l’apparence humaine peuplant cet univers. Lire sa critique, Contact | Logan de Westworld taquine la finale de la saison “terrifiante” et parle des théories des fans La finale de la saison 1 de Westworld n’est qu’à quelques jours et Ben Barnes (Logan) a décrit la finale comme "terrifiant" – tout en disant aux fans de "arrête de penser si fort" d’essayer de percer les nombreux mystères de l’émission avant la finale de dimanche. Données Personnelles | Vous pouvez également vous rattraper via Sky On demand ou NOWTV. Official Sites Logan tries to get rid of him. Jeux concours | Compared to just being a disembodied A.I. William sits on the whitish starboard side of the cabin, while Logan is initially in a chair on the dark port side. They deliver the stagecoach back to El Lazo, who is less than bothered by Slim’s passing. Teddy tells him "Nice shot" and Clementine wants to express her gratitude more directly. Based on Simpson's remarks (and the behavior from Logan early on in season one), Logan was probably already considered to be a reckless person. Westworld is a show that centers around its characters’ hubris and how their past mistakes can come back with a bloody vengeance, and William’s involvement (or lack thereof) in Logan’s death may end up giving the Man in Black a taste of his own medicine. De leur côté, Teddy et son mystérieux acolyte poursuivent leur chemin, jusqu'à ce qu'ils tombent sur une garnison... Alors que Bernard cherche à se sortir d'une situation périlleuse, Maeve fixe un ultimatum à Lutz et Sylvester. Westworld (TV Series 2016– ) Ben Barnes as Logan. 1, 2 Logan encourages the Confederados to stay, and the Confederados praise Logan, calling him a true asset. Just because William and an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) They split up as they get off the train and are each met by hosts. Logan wakes up hungover the next morning, and discovers that William has dismembered all the hosts in the camp. Logan seems to delight in harassing and sometimes intentionally hurting the hosts at the slightest excuse, for example, when he stabbed a host playing an old man through the hand with a knife. 19 burning questions we have after the mind-boggling 'Westworld' season finale, Siri is having an existential crisis in the wake of the 'Westworld' finale. De son côté, Teddy suit un nouveau scénario, qui le lance à la poursuite d'un nouveau méchant, laissant Dolores seule à Sweetwater. The hope is that once the technology is perfected, the consciousness of a Guest (or any rich person willing to pay) could be uploaded into their Host, thus cheating death. Westworld eventually becomes a Delos Destinations theme park. As they pass the Mariposa Saloon, Clementine tries to tempt them in, but Logan tips his hat and carries on. Stranger Things fait beaucoup mieux avec des inconnus, s'il était besoin d'établir un point de comparaison. Later, Logan and the Confederados surround Dolores and William, and Logan tells them they are "so f*cked". Nous le saurons dans quelques jours. Kissy (Physical Body, Off-Screen) 10. William figures out that it's Logan. Lire ses 417 critiques, Suivre son activité Account active Logan is a longtime park visitor, and is experienced in what the park has to offer. Dolores Abernathy (Physical Body, 2 times) 8. Family Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 follow. While Dolores and Bernard deduce that the Logan they’re talking to is just The Forge’s avatar, it’s not too left-field to say that this is Logan’s final posthumous form. CGU |