You will be parking on the residential street so please be respectful of the neighbors. Do they have any other facility for kids or disabled people? Love all the details you provide about the hike, looks like something I would totally do when visiting! Lol. Will try to schedule a trip soon. The hike starts of fairly steep, and can be very dry at times. After about 45 epic minutes of the gorgeous sky, we bid farewell to all of our new friends that we made on top of the pillbox and started our way back down the hill. The hike follows the ridge that rises above Lanikai Beach where two pillboxes are located (abandoned military lookout stations).

. Hey guys! If you have a chance, do it. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Thanks for the inspiration. Just be sure that you wait a couple more weeks to make sure that The pillboxes are open again!

Although, sunrise was definitely harder to do! but they are hard to find in the darkness. •  Jacket   It gets cold in the morning before the sun rises. This was filmed in the Lanikai neighborhood on Oahu near Kailua. We did visit the Lanikai Beach but had no idea that this 3-hour hike could get us to some of the most amazing sunrise views! We also did not know about the Stairway to Heaven at the time and that’s also a pity. There was a sense of stillness and quietness in the air as if everyone had forgotten how to breathe, mesmerizing by the beautiful display of mother nature. There is no parking lot for this hike. But I did look into it and thought it would be absolutely amazing to hike up there and watch the sunrise. What a beautiful setting to pop the question! Lanikai Pillbox Hike: Best Sunrise on the Island The Lanikai Pillbox Hike is situated on the east coast of O’ahu in the Kailua/Lanikai area.

. Required fields are marked *, Hey guys, I’m Vy! There still wasn’t enough light to give the other sunrise seekers a proper outline. We didn’t have any problem finding it. It’s across the street from the Mid-Pacific Country Club, a scenic golf course in Lanikai/Kailua. This is one of the best white sand beaches in Hawaii, and it’s one of my favorite places to relax, swim, kayak, etc. I can’t wait to share all of our crazy adventures with you! It was definitely hard not to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep! My name is Dustin!

I appreciate the tips you also give, it’s good for a newbie hiker like me. We saw what appeared to be little blobs on top of the pillbox. It gets cold in the morning before the sun rises. . Any transportation ? . Lanikai Pillbox Hike - Sunrise Hike on Oahu (Hawaii) - YouTube #travel #bali #i. Tanjung Tinggi Beach Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and sign up for our newsletter! . Secondly, I LOVE that you caught a proposal in action. We ended up parking along the road right about here 21.391854, -157.718200. Lanikai Pillbox Hike In Oahu, Hawaii – Epic Sunrise Trail + Beach The Lanikai Pillbox hike in Oahu, Hawaii is one of the best “bang for your buck” hikes I have ever done.

by Kyle Harada December 27, 2019. written by Kyle Harada December 27, 2019. Dog-friendly: Yes. I’m the planner, writer, editor, designer, traveler, and adrenaline addict behind That Adventure Life. The scenery was breathtaking even after the sun had risen. Be sure to take your time on the steep parts. A few of the must do things for us on our Hawaii itinerary were to watch the sunrise, watch the sunsets and hike up Stairway to Heaven. There are some ropes to help you get up the really steep parts. First, I need to be more like you guys and get up to see sunsets! It was such a peaceful vibe! I can’t wait to share all of our crazy adventures with you! The view was definitely worth every second! The views are splendid.• Check out our video map at:• Music ♫♫♫♫ from (feel free to ask!) You’ll want to bring water! A few of my favorite things besides adventures are cooking, kayaking, reading, photography (from both sides of the camera), my fur babies, and hiking. Thank you Lisa! The steep sections can be difficult when muddy. .

The good news is that there are so many great places in Hawaii for incredible sunrise/sunsets that are more accessible!

Thank you Nazneen! Your email address will not be published. The Lanikai Pillbox hike in Oahu, Hawaii is one of the best “bang for your buck” hikes I have ever done. Green sa, Canyon Trail to Waipoo Falls Trail Hike – Waimea, HI, Kaena Point Hike (Waianae route) – Oahu, Hawaii, Convict Lake Loop Trail – Mammoth Lakes, CA, Hang Gliding Lesson with Windsports – Los Angeles, 5 Epic Natural Hot Springs in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I’m David, an American with a passion for adventure, the outdoors, and all things travel. Unfortunately, it was so dark during the hike up that it was pretty much impossible to get any good photos. Lanikai Pillbox Hike is very short. I’m the planner, writer, editor, designer, traveler, and adrenaline addict behind That Adventure Life. After about half a mile, we got to the first pillbox. From there, just follow the dash and that will take you up the path! The trail starts in a residential neighborhood in Lanikai (a community in Kailua), and goes up a dirt trail until you reach a ridge with some old World War II-era concrete bunkers. As the island slowly woke up, the sky showed off a picture perfect sunrise that was so vivid and full of color. It’s better to go by TheBus, but this does add a bit of extra walking since the nearest bus stop is 5-10 minutes from the trailhead. And 10/10 to that guy for picking the best proposal spot ever. Lanikai Pillbox Hike is not handicap accessible. Once you’re done, don’t forget to check out Moke’s Bread and Breakfast for an amazing breakfast. There is plenty of room on the trail for kids, but make sure to steer clear of the edges because the drop-offs are pretty significant later in the hike.
Lanikai Pillbox is family (And dog) friendly, and is one of the most popular spots to watch the sunrise.