It matched WWE's new energy perfectly. The new logo design originally was placed on top of the old new-gen design as the company gradually changed into its new direction.

It’s simple, but bold. It was fitting that a man so resistant to authority would reject the status quo to the point of creating his own championship.
Batista teamed with Flair to win the World Tag Team Championship from the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley) in a Tag Team Turmoil match,[19] Orton captured the Intercontinental Championship from Rob Van Dam,[20][21] and Triple H regained the World Heavyweight Championship from Goldberg (in a Triple Threat match that also involved Kane), with the help of the other members.[1][22][23]. to Raw and Flair also began accompanying him to the ring while continuing to second Triple H. On January 20, 2003, Randy Orton joined Triple H, Flair, and Batista in attacking Scott Steiner to complete the group. It fit right in with the simple ring attire that Sammartino and his challengers wore.

The scheme was unsuccessful and at the brand contract signing ceremony, Batista chose to remain on Raw, powerbombing Triple H through a table and thus quitting the faction. It looked more copper than gold, similar to the current tag team titles. The title symbolized WWE's move away from the Attitude Era, entering a safer, glitzier and more family-friendly period. Instead, this was distinctly of its era, which had a lot of green and blue in its predominant color schemes. This version is even better. The "Winged Eagle" design brought back the familiar globe and eagle elements of previous versions in a sleeker, more memorable package.

The original WWWF name was a bit long for branding, especially when you realize “WWWF” actually contains more syllables than “World Wide Wrestling Federation”, kind of eliminating the point of an acronym! The Story Behind HULK HOGAN’s Shocking Heel Turn at Bash at the Beach ’96.

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Very Matrix-like. Chris Jericho defeated both Austin and The Rock at Vengeance 2001 to become the first undisputed WWE champ. The original logo is simple and served as a place holder until VKM’s masterplan came into full effect.

Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship", "Evolution's first World Tag Team Championship reign", "Randy Orton's first Intercontinental Championship reign", "Triple H vs. Goldberg vs. Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship", "Triple H's third World Heavyweight Championship reign", "Evolution's second World Tag Team Championship reign", "Chris Benoit vs. That list would grow fat in a hurry in today's era of constant championship turnover. Flair would instead low blow Christian to set up Orton's punt kick, turning heel in the process and briefly reuniting Evolution. 830. [3] The Shield defeated Evolution in a six-man tag team match at Extreme Rules,[57] and in a six-man No Holds Barred elimination tag match at Payback, in which none of The Shield were eliminated. In theory, it could work for nearly any event, though. Evolution is a professional wrestling heel stable on World Wrestling Entertainment's Raw brand.

The only differences are that once the scratch logo was retired in favor of the new WWE logo, the words SummerSlam were rotated, Summer received a different shade in its gradient, and the star behind it became flat and less tilted. It sports a similar look to the previous design, but with the scratching replaced with definitive bold lines, sharp corners and at a more symmetrical angle rather than tilt. It was replaced, though, in 1983, per When Sammartino went on his hard-to-fathom world title run from 1963 to 1971, WWE wasn't as flashy as it is today. [8] From that point on, Flair accompanied Triple H to the ring as his manager. American Wrestling Association | Evolve Wrestling | Extreme Championship Wrestling | Georgia Championship Wrestling | Global Wrestling Federation | Heartland Wrestling Association | Jim Crockett Promotions | Smoky Mountain Wrestling | World Championship Wrestling | World Class Championship Wrestling | World Wrestling Association, Partnerships [1][43][44] On the following night's Raw, a number-one contender's match saw Orton pin Batista to gain a title shot at the Royal Rumble. While Roddy Piper marveled at the size of the championship back then, that kind of hefty prize became the norm later on.

[55] Later that night, Batista and Orton, along with Kane, attacked Bryan before he was set to defend his title against Triple H. Before Triple H could defeat Bryan, The Shield interrupted by spearing him and taking out Orton, Batista, and Kane, causing Bryan to retain his title via no contest. The original group dissolved in 2005. Logopedia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Jarring at first, but I got used to it and I like some of that even better, even if it feels a bit 90s/early 2000s to me with that coloring. "You're gonna get a majority of diva matches, with the better wrestlers being in tag matches AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT, DAMN IT" - Vince, probably, For a good variety and good amount of depth what would you book?

However, Eugene interfered in the Iron Man match and helped Benoit take the lead and retain the title in the final seconds. Every WWE event has a unique logo and theme that separates them from each other. On December 10, 2007, Evolution had an in-ring reunion as faces on the Raw 15th Anniversary special episode.

The Iiconics seems like the course to take. A racier product arrived in the late '90s and required a change. WWE Magazine | XFL | Tout | World Bodybuilding Federation | WWF New York/The World | WWE Niagara Falls | WWE Classics On Demand | ICOPRO. Mask stipulation. When incorporating WCW forced a change in 2001, the next stage in the belt's evolution began. However, Triple H felt that Jindrak wasn't mature enough for the group and felt that he was dragging Orton down, an assessment mutually agreed by Jindrak himself. It’s just a bit too busy and the font and star shape were still wrong, along with the colors. Who knows what major change will come in the future for WWE, or what will be the catalyst for the next logo change.

In the '80s and early '90s, WWE's logo was boxy and agleam. Becky Lynch's ladder leap sends Charlotte Flair through announce table in a Last Woman Standing Match . Shop WWE T-shirts and wrestling tees at the official WWE Shop. In June 2003, Evolution decided to try and recruit Kane.

Vince McMahon announced the switch on Twitter: It looks as if the Attitude Era logo simply grew up.

[35] At SummerSlam, Orton pinned Benoit to become the new World Heavyweight Champion and the youngest World Champion in WWE history to date.

For 1998, WWE ditched the formula and the regular logo for what I consider to be one of the absolute worst of the bunch in over 30 years: Yikes. Designed by John Lefteratos. In May 2002, the company dropped "Federation" from the name and replaced it with "Entertainment" due to the lawsuit with World Wildlife Fund.

I’m not the biggest fan of this.

1 year ago. It could very easily be a clothing label or a soda like Surge. Eventually, the original backing logo would fade away leaving only the scratch and the scar to remain. ",, "Triple H vs.