Dustin was raised along with two brothers, Tyson and Bronson, both of whom he grew up playing football with. “I was positive he was going to play AFL when he was five.” Bellow Falls, Hudson, Florida, USA grandeinvestmentcoy1@gmail.com +1 646-844-3350 A photo of Richmond star Dustin Martin and his mum Kathy. Martin was born in Castlemaine, Victoria, to a Māori father, Shane Martin, and an Australian mother, Kathy Knight. FROM CASTLEMAINE TO THE MCG: WHERE IT ALL STARTED FOR DUSTIN MARTIN “As soon as he put a football in his hands, I knew he was going to play AFL,” she told the Herald Sun in a face-to-face interview this week. Martin is one of three boys, alongside brothers Tyson and Bronson. Dustin Martin, who is a certifiable champion began playing Australian football in 1997, six years after he was born on the 26th of June 1991 to Shane Martin and Kathy Knight in Victoria, Castlemaine. WINCHELSEA will become the region’s very own Tigerland today as the community throws its support behind Richmond and star player Dustin Martin — whose mum resides in the tight-knit town. His father has family connections to the Ngāti Maru tribe on New Zealand's north island. The Brownlow medallists’ mum, Kathy Knight, relocated to the Surf Coast about 18 months ago after falling in love with the region while visiting a friend.