SPEND time discussing the details of the final illustration of Blueberries for Sal. Blueberries for Sal - A Mama, Baby & Shar-pei in the Kitchen. I'm calling last year part 1. Why can’t a ghost just be a ghost? But, anyway, stories about kids learning how to express their creative voices, even if people don’t really “get” them, are always on my radar as good reads. ENJOY “blueberry picking” in your living room. Isn’t it wonderful all the emotions a great book can stir in us for a lifetime? Other great children’s books about bears? It is a family treasure for sure. It is a stunning work of story telling, through its simple yet well placed plot, its beautiful illustrations, and its wonderful text. My family still has an audio recording from a dozen years ago of an interview my daughters did with each of their four grandparents about their childhood memories. You do not have enough permissions to access this page. Hide them for the kids to find and see who uncovers the most matches. Picture book unit studies were my favorite part of homeschooling when my daughters were young. After her husband died, Ruth left her own family and the false religions of her homeland to make a new family with Naomi and to worship the true God. Little did I know that my Blueberries for Sal lover would take a walk up a nearby mountain with me, pail in hand, many times each summer and pick her own blueberries to can for winter. It’s a really great message because while there’s still a strong sense that bears are wild creatures, you also can really see the similarities between Sal’s adventure and the baby bear’s adventure. Enjoy discovering more of his artwork. No picture book unit study is complete without a great baking activity or two. Wood Toy Set Blueberries for Sal .Story Book Series. So, since ghosts in this story are literally animated sheets, she washes them and puts them to use in her house. I truly hope they are a blessing to your family. When we found one they loved, we of course read them again and again. I hope your family enjoys this, and other, great picture book unit studies for many wonderful years to come. Other great children’s books by Robert McCloskey? Don Bluth, the man behind Land Before Time and other classic kids’ films, once said that you can show a child anything as long as there’s a happy ending. It's a little longer than a lot of…, Follow along as we “row” classic children’s literature with Before Five in a Row. I shared the recipe over on SoulyRested. On the other ... Read More about Blueberries for Sal {BFIAR}, Embracing the Independent & Authentic Nature of Homeschooling. You see, that someone else who likes blueberries is a bear cub! One daughter (my now-16-year-old homesteader) recently told me that she would love to sit and stare at it when she was a toddler, wishing she could step into Sal’s kitchen. (For the non-readers, you can draw dots on each circle to correspond with each number, so the non-readers can count the dots.) Last year was also bear day, so I took it that directions with a class bear book from the teddy bears they brought in, a directional word activity, a Bb letter identification activity and a nature walk outside. Age level: pre-k and up, and available as board book, Available for purchase: http://www.powells.com/s?kw=harold+and+the+purple+crayon&class=. Your children can, of course, add in sound effects “kaplink, kaplank, kaplunk” as they fill their buckets each time you play. Blueberries have been around a long time and are one of the easiest fruits to grow. Who doesn’t like shouting that? STUDY the biblical story of Ruth. Now, I’ve heard some complaints about how the book supposedly is about exploiting others, like the ghosts are her slaves or something. I used to love showing this to kids at the library and blowing their minds. Waldorf Inspired. Awesome! Enjoy the wonderfull world of humor and suspense. But, I love this book and will work it in wherever I can to get it in each year. I mentioned the book recently, when I started compiling this unit study, and she chimed in with her love of that particular illustration. I also like how there’s *spoilers? Classic fairytales seem to do just that, what with their high body counts, dark subject matter, and struggles for the protagonists. Perfect for a cooler day, as you can serve them straight out of the oven. The only factor to remember is the soil acidity as blueberries require a pH 5.0 or slightly lower. Make Way for Ducklings — my daughter who loved Blueberries for Sal treasured this book even more! It’s no secret among those who know me that I love scary things. And be sure to sign up for the free Blueberries for Sal Printable Pack for TEN pages of interactive printables that will help you extend the fun, hands-on learning even further. They’re bold, extremely cute, and really creative, and I love the simple, bold designs. MEMORIZE Ruth 1:16 together… “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.”. THIS LISTING IS ONLY FOR: *MAMA 4.25" tall *LITTLE SAL…, So far I think that Blueberries for Sal has been one of our favorite books that we’ve done together this year. This year, I worked it in on review day since bear day was weeks ago and fell on my co-teachers day. EXPLAIN that Robert McCloskey illustrated all of the eight books that he authored, and ask your children to draw one of the scenes from another story written by Robert McCloskey as you read the scene out loud. Even as a little kid, I loved scary stories. Age level: reading about K and up, but I think younger children would listen to the story and like the pictures. I have been wanting to row Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey, a staple of my childhood library, for over a year.