This can include education, training, or past work experiences — jot down notes in your padfolio. When I work on a project, I keep a close eye on all the details and remain familiar with high-level and low-level tasks associated with the project. A focused, relevant answer with one or two examples will impress your interviewer. Our surveys indicated that the new format was more appreciated and more widely read by staff, and helped to build morale. For instance, if you talk about your tendency to be late, you could easily start to spin it into a negative story that makes you sound unreliable. Next to each skill, note an example of how you have applied that strength in the past. On a related note, I also have strong communication skills, which help me to work well with customers, team members, and executives. Share what you have to offer: Keep your answer to-the-point and focused on the attributes you will bring to the job and the company. There is no doubt that it matters what you say, but they also want to see if you are prepared and if you are confident talking about yourself and your personal strengths.

", How to Answer Job Interview Questions About Mistakes, Best Answers for the Top 10 Job Interview Questions, Tips for Answering Job Interview Questions About Changing Jobs, power words, which help to make a good impression. Either they are too nervous and modest to talk about themselves or they fail to explain relevant strengths. If the job description lists technology and computer skills, this is where you can showcase the related strengths. Numbers help reinforce the impact that your action had. What parts of your work do you like the most? Hard skills, on the other hand, are a set of skills that are job-specific and usually learned through education or training. I have to admit I sometimes miss small details, but I always make sure I have someone who is detail-oriented on my team."

When you respond to this question, you should be truthful about your weakness and then end on a strong note. Lastly, use your strengths to connect to the core values of the organization. Here's how to get it right. The interviewer is going to be doing one of two things: trying to figure out if you’re perfect for the job, or if you absolutely won’t fit — so don’t be shy. Let’s take one of the adaptive skills from the Admin Assistant job offer: Situation - Over a six-month period, I had to assist ABC company in two major reorganization projects. [Greatest Examples], 42 Things You Need To Do Before, During, and After Your Big Interview.

“So, what do you consider to be your greatest strengths?”. It’s likely that a professional setting example will be more impressive to the interviewer. For example: "I pride myself on being a 'big-picture' guy. Good examples include persuasion or confidence. A perfect answer for an Administrative Assistant: See, transferable skills (those in blue) are things you can use at any job in any industry. Focus on adaptive and transferable skills.

The closer a match you are to the qualifications, the more likely it is that you’ll get a job offer. Example of a character-based strength answer: “One of my greatest strengths is being a people-person.
Employers will ask you about your weaknesses to learn more about how self-aware you are and to see if you have any qualities that disqualify you. Think of examples of when you’ve used each strength in the past.
Often, you’ll only be expected to talk about one or two strengths or weaknesses.

The company had also worked with me in my previous role and offered a discount. Now, make a master list of your skills. "I have quite a few strengths…(pause to think)…probably my greatest strength is my reliability. One of our users, Nikos, had this to say: [I used] a nice template I found on Zety. Narrow down your list to 3-5 strengths or skills. When you are talking about your weaknesses, it is easy to enter a pattern where you start to undersell yourself. I often focus too much on the details of a project which can result in working at a slower rate. Your story needs to show the impact your strength can have on your results. "I have quite a few strengths…(pause to think)…probably my greatest strength is my reliability. I sometimes believe I can solve a problem without the help of anyone else. Part of my reliability is consistently being there, I have a 100% on time record at work and have had it for the last three years. Your greatest strength sets you apart from other candidates.