Please add to your ad blocking whitelist or disable your adblocking software. It allows the network teams to model the topology, which isolates issues from the whole service chain. The solution takes only a few seconds to extract, store, and convert their data, and the results are 100% reliable. It allows marketers to measure and optimize their campaigns across all devices. Easy document collaboration lets your data safe and secure in an effective way and provides you to edit and to see changes. which enables it to be used in any case. The platform integrates various forms of data into a single user interface and receives all the data in real-time. Drive proven results for your business with SnapEngage. Userlike combines website chat with mobile messaging. Lastly, it also offers mobile app optimization and personalization tools. Clicky is a web analytics tool, which provides real-time data of visitors. Heatmaps that are regarded as essential elements of analytical tools are the parts of Mouseflow. Matomo is a cloud and on-premise web analytics platform that enables the improvement of the website with its analytics and secures or protects the privacy of users. It uses the latest cloud-based technology and GIS tools. It takes a unique 'inside-out' approach to cybersecurity. The platform is simple to use and requires no Windows Service or Windows Scheduler or separate applications. Pubnub Alternatives. Moreover, it also generates complete profiles of visitors about their visit to a website and what they did there. It comes with a real-time correlation feature that provides users the fastest ways to detect and escalate visible threats. It uses PubNub, something I've never had experience with, but seems simple enough and it definitely works in the current system. Acquires flexible and scalable software suite meets the customer service and support needs of any business on any device. Immediate access anytime from anywhere. Efficient technical support is available online for the customer. Deloitte, The Weather Channel, LexisNexis, GreenPeace, sears,, INTUIT, etc. With the help of this tool, web owners can access the data on their website regarding visitor location, time spent on site, page visited, monitoring system, browser used, Internet speed of visitor, etc. Create an account with by providing the link to your website. Powerful live chat software built for super fast customer support. The user needs to pick the edition that works best according to their requirements budgets. By using the Ptengine, you will be able to get the essential information about the visitors about page visit, clicked, time of entry and exist, tag or keyword used, and a lot of others. PubNub is a platform that enables users and companies to share data between devices and enables them to add real-time capabilities to their applications. Other essential features of it are Third-party Integration, Mobile and Software development, Multi-users Spaces, and Data Streaming. The most important things is the reliable security options it provides. Other features included: Description. Oracle Maxymiser is a website testing and personalization tool which helps the users to make data-driven decisions on mobile applications and websites for seamless customer experience. It also enables the users to connect themselves with other platforms for sharing and gaining the data. Survicate is a marketing SaaS tool that allows you to find out your prospects, main points, and requirements with onsite surveys. We don't have any banner, Flash, animation, obnoxious sound, or popup ad. It can be used in factories, IT companies, vehicles, and so on. Adoption was accepted due to its ease of creating and updating process flows. The platform provides network operation teams with the required capabilities to solve all issues with its comprehensive network fault management. Segmentation, live view, the result set filtering, lots more metric and dimension combinations, IP address exclusion, IP address anonymization, and many more features will surely do your marketing as you have in mind. The worlds #1 customer service platform, empowers every service employee with the innovative tools, and unified data. Zoomdata’s best thing is that its interface is designed with all the popular web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and WebSockets, which make it fully customizable. Bizible analytical tools are based on the behavior of the general visitors, and it makes it possible and simple for its users to get real-time information about visitors comprehensively. IBM Cognos also comes with a wide selection of advanced analysis tools, including what-if analysis, trend analysis, advanced analysis, and analytical reporting, etc. Userlike is the first and only live chat software to help your business win and nurture customers across messaging channels. The Tag manager feature of this platform allows the users to take control of all the third-party tracking codes. Search, advertising, content, social, and offline are some essential factors Bizible consists of the solutions of which. There are also specific modules and add-ons for popular application to provide more value and event-based monitoring. Note that I am part of the Emitter team, so I am biased :). The service enables you to understand what your visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it. The solution is built to be extended and embedded, thus can perfectly integrate with other applications. The platform comes with a free trial, a free version, and a paid version. It comes with a built-in web interface that allows the users to view the whole picture of their background processing, and the logging frameworks enable the users to catch errors early with zero configurations. Mouseflow is a paid analytical platform. It is one of the best analytical tools that will make you able to increase sales and boost conversions. It integrates the IIoT and Big Data to enable industries and organizations to achieve complete optimization of their processes. Temboo is a fully featured IoT Software designed to serve SMEs, Agencies. It offers an advanced level of flexibility, meaning that it joins data from all possible systems under a single analytic system. It is an inventive and a state of the art utility for today’s reach. Stigasoft is an iot solution for It experts. Survicate uncovers friction points and objections at various levels of the buying process. - IoT management platform provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. enmo provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. The platform takes responsibility for the background job created by Hangfire, and users can use this solution to get more processing power with no configuration. We have to become a member and talk to a sales representative. IoT Smart Product Platform provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. Apache NiFi is computer software that works with the undergoing incubation within the Apache software foundation. Ptengine is web analytics and heat map tool for the webmaster and digital market managers to view how their website is doing on the internet world.