I honestly did not plan this. I got really involved in college radio, and I started discovering krautrock and ambient music and all the sort of indie stuff that was going on. Growing up, I wasn’t a huge music guy, honestly. Definitely listen to it as soon as you can. And I had a friend who had really hip music taste and I remember he, one day — this would have been in 2006 or 2007 so it was kind of before there was any kind of Steely Dan revival or comeback — and I just remember him saying, “Steely Dan is so great.” And I was like, “Steely Dan? But it seems like in many cases, people do find out that you’ve featured them, and they’re happy about it.I try to do people that already follow me now, because I know that they like it. Others, somebody else will see a funny Steely Dan tweet and they’ll tag me. Lacking self-awareness at every level, neither will admit to how badly he needs the other, and that gives Oh, Hello its dramatic arc. Oh, yeah, whatever happened with them is unrepeatable. No. My thoughts are......you deserve GOLD! How did you get the idea to launch this account? So the absence of Walter doesn’t really deter you? And classic-rock radio [in terms of Steely Dan songs], I feel like it was like, “Reelin’ in the Years,” “Do It Again,” and “Rikki [Don’t Lose That Number].” And I liked those songs but divorced from the rest of the Steely Dan discography, it didn’t really stand out to me. … That’s how I found that tweet about, like, “I’m having a crisis of conscience because my houseboat sunk off the docks of Sausalito.” I just punched in “Steely Dan,” “quaaludes” into the search. It’s not quite the same to a degree and I’m glad I did get to see them at least once with Walter, but I’m not like, “Oh, I’m not seeing Steely Dan …” There are other bands that I probably do feel that way, where I wouldn’t see them if a core member was not there. I don’t use most of those but some of them are pretty good and I’ll throw those out. That’s a theme in Steely Dan, and it’s become a stereotype that those kinds of people listen to them, but that reading seems to gloss over the fact that the songs themselves are making fun of that character. It honestly seems to be just a great coping mechanism for the challenges people are facing as individuals during this pandemic. Yeah, Gaucho has that futuristic sheen that’s not on any of the hits. Snag Crossword Clue, Those records sound so great. And that isn't unique in music. Like, I was already a Parliament fan and I was already listening to a decent amount of Zappa and it had a little bit of that. Have you had any other direct contact with celebrities or anyone from the Steely Dan world? Oh, yeah, whatever happened with them is unrepeatable. (See a recent stir created by an anti-Dan tweet thread from New York art critic Jerry Saltz.) When I was growing up in the Nineties, no one was talking about Steely Dan. We’d be inclined to agree. Lego 6862 Instructionsmaybe I Was The One Lyrics, Is there a specific method you have for finding these tweets? Yeah, Gaucho has that futuristic sheen that’s not on any of the hits. Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed. How Old Is Alex From One Day At A Time 2019, Westmount High School Staff, It’s so pure and he talks about it so frequently. The most remarkable aspect of the duo’s climb to semi-renown is how unrelentingly awful they are, to one another and everyone else in the world. And I was at a bar with the same guy two years later, after having graduated college, and it was empty that night and he had put a bunch of songs on the jukebox, and I actually remember literally the moment because I was coming out of the bathroom. It just kind of took off. In the year-and-a-half Fagen and Becker spent making. For those who might be wondering, there’s no sure-fire way to end up on Good Steely Dan Takes.