I do not want--and I don't think you want--to wake up some morning and find America changed because we slept when we should have been awake, because we remained silent when we should have spoken up, because we went along with what was popular and fashionable and "in" rather than what was necessary and what was right. This MBA-style program exposes participants to the fundamentals of owning and operating successful radio and television stations. Broadcasters recognize the importance of educating Congress, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the administration on how legislation and regulations affect their business, and more importantly, the listening and viewing public. You must guard and you must defend your media against the spirit of faction, against the works of divisiveness and bigotry, against the corrupting evils of partisanship in any guise. The National Association of Broadcasters of South Africa. The NAdB Welcomes New Jersey’s Radio Libre, ASCAP Responds To Closure of StreamLicensing.com, The NAdB Responds To Closure of StreamLicensing.com, Cruisin’ 57, JPRG and WOSD Radio Join The NAdB, The NAdB Welcomes KIKX, WARP, KTTR and WPGH To The “Digital Band”, The NAdB Welcomes Jammin’ Jimmy Olson and JJO Radio Group, The NAdB Welcomes U of North Georgia’s Vanguard Radio, Frequently Asked Questions – Internet Radio FAQ.

My entire career in public life--some 37 years of it--has been devoted to the art of finding an area of agreement because generally speaking, I have observed that there are so many more things to unite us Americans than there are to divide us. Service to America Your commentary carries an added element of uncertainty. The defense of our media is your responsibility. Men and women of the airways fully-as much as men and women of public service-have a public trust and if liberty is to survive and to succeed, that solemn trust must be faithfully kept. The News Broadcasters Association (NBA) represents the private television news & current affairs broadcasters. It is certainly a challenge for all of us in this land and this world where there is restlessness and uncertainty and danger. Historians must only guess at the effect that television would have had during earlier conflicts on the future of this Nation: --during the Korean war, for example, at that time when our forces were pushed back there to Pusan; --or World War II, the Battle of the Bulge, or when our men were slugging it out in Europe or when most of our Air Force was shot down that day in June 1942 off Australia.

Reason just must prevail--if democracy itself is to survive. In matters of fairness and judgment, no law or no set of regulations and no words of mine can improve you or dictate your daily responsibility.

President Thieu of Vietnam and his Government are now engaged in very urgent political and economic tasks which I referred to last night--and which we regard as very constructive and hopeful. In our age, the electronic media have added immeasurably to man's power.

You are yourselves trustees, legally accepted trustees and legally selected trustees of a great institution on which the freedom of our land utterly depends. This Nation cannot afford such a price, and this Nation cannot long afford such a leader. T. +27 (11) 326 2444 F. +27 (11) 326 3086 An informed mind--and we get a great deal of our information from you--is the guardian genius of democracy. Let's Celebrate ». The face of hatred and of bigotry comes through much more clearly--no matter what its color.

Our programs are designed to recruit, train and promote current and future leaders to build a brighter future and help our industry continue to succeed. In 1975 the FCC pressured the NAB to include a code provision establishing an hour of nonviolent “Family Viewing Time” that would be telecast between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm. It requires him often to abbreviate what he has to say. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), headquartered in Washington, D.C., represents the interests of thousands of local radio and television station owners as well as national broadcast networks. But somehow or other, we have a facility sometimes of emphasizing the divisions and the things that divide us instead of discussing the things that unite us. The NAdB responded to the sudden closure of StreamLicensing.com in a post on Monday. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. One of my aides said this morning, "Things are really getting confused around Washington, Mr.
Certainly, it is more "dramatic" to show policemen and rioters locked in combat than to show men trying to cooperate with one another.

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I hope and I pray that by not allowing the Presidency to be involved in divisions and deep partisanship, I shall be able to pass on to my successor a stronger office--strong enough to guard and defend all the people against all the storms that the future may bring us. ", He said, "It looks to me like you are going to the wrong convention in Chicago. Innovation Voluntary industry self-regulation proved difficult to enforce. National Association of Broadcasters 1 M Street SE Washington DC 20003 E-mail . His contributions to SAGE Publications's. As broadcasters' voice in our nation's capital, NAB fights for policies that preserve and strengthen free, local broadcasting. There is no accumulated record which the historian can examine later with a 20-20 vision of hindsight, asking these questions: "How fair was he tonight? We believe in a bright future for the broadcast industry. In speaking as I did to the Nation last night, I was moved by the very deep convictions that I entertain about the nature of the office that it is my present privilege to hold. The NAB Leadership Foundation thanks all our sponsors for their continued support that allows us to provide the training programs, resources and events for a bright and vibrant future. I've enjoyed it. In the early 21st century the splintering of broadcast media between traditional and digital platforms proved to be a challenge for the NAB. Building no 8, Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login).

Well, there is no denying it: You of the broadcast industry have enormous power in your hands. I understand, far better than some of my severe and perhaps intolerant critics would admit, my own shortcomings as a communicator.