May, 2005: A panorama of the Sawatch peaks from Mt. Follow the Colorado Trail north to the junction with Mount Elbert Trail. Many trail junctions near the South Mount Elbert Trail/Colorado Trail junction can be confusing, especially on the return trip. Will you be prepared to spend the night if an accident or injury turns your light and fast trip up a 14er into an overnight stay? Elbert Trailhead, no parking available in lot after 6AM, but plenty of parking on road if you have 4WD. Lauren works full-time in supply chain management for a global food company.

This was mostly because my dog ended up drinking more than I was expecting, but you will not want to run low on water. Turn right and follow the North Mt. Elbert seen from Halfmoon Creek. We were very fortunate to have clear weather the entire day, but storms are known to come in the afternoon.

Here are some of our favorite Fourteeners to climb: Resting at 14,000 feet, Mount Elbert is Colorado’s highest mountain. View of the Twin Lakes from North Mount Elbert Trail. Route Information and Additional Resources Halfmoon Creek Route: The trailhead is approximately eleven miles west of Leadville.

Elbert is right of center.

August, 2008: During a hike of Elbert's NE ridge. Picture a young blond woman in a red dress and high heels. Continue reading to learn about my experience hiking to the top of this 14,439 ft. peak. I felt much more in control of my feet once I got back into the forest. Mount Elbert East Ridge Trail; Mount Elbert Southeast Ridge Trail; The North Mount Elbert trail is 10.3 miles out and back. Her name is Erin Ton, she's 22 years old and this is why she hikes 14ers in high heels. Did you know that the summit of Mount Elbert is the highest point in Colorado? For more info about climbing Fourteeners near Buena Vista, visit for additional route info and updates on trail conditions. Check out these top five ways to experience Buena Vista like the locals do! Another reason we chose to hike Mount Elbert was that the distance and difficulty rating seemed doable for our second 14er. Our dog, Bear loves being on the trail and can handle strenuous hikes. I hiked the trail during mid-September and did not encounter any ice or snow. From the summit, you’ll see magnificent views in every direction, including sightings of other mountains such as Mount Massive towards the north and La Plata Peak towards the south. Author Jeri Norgren has written fascinating text about how the names were chosen for the 58 highest mountains in Colorado. One of the things I appreciated about this hike was that there was no scrambling, although poles were still a huge help! I encountered one false summit but it turned out to be only about 0.25 from the actual summit. With over 53 mountains exceeding 14,000 feet, Colorado is a renowned “Fourteener” state. Less than a week after completing Little Bear Peak, Ton found herself at the bottom of Elbert, once again, this time in a red dress and high heels. Feel free to comment with any other items to bring or tips for hikers. Thanks! One of the reasons we chose this hike was because you are allowed to bring dogs on a leash. CFI supporters will be able to purchase the book at a 10% discount and a portion of sales will be donated to help protect and preserve the 14ers.

We suggest checking multiple resources before departing on any hike.… ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, CFI’s Adopt-a-Peak crews have been working on this section of the La Plata Peak trail the past few seasons.
“Personally, it’s symbolic of how far I’ve come,” Ton says, “from struggling so much that first time [up Elbert] and now I’m cruising up it in heels.”. My name is Alex Derr. Erin Ton, 22, climbed Little Bear Peak, her final 14er, in August of this year. She loves hiking, photography, and finding money-saving deals. CFI’s Adopt-a-Peak crews have been working on this section of the La Plata Peak trail the past few seasons. That way, I can picture myself more leisurely strolling through the forest, instead of wondering when I’ll be done.

August, 2010: On Mt. Reaching 14,199 feet, Mount Yale is Colorado’s 21st highest peak. Because of the impressive views at the top, La Plata is a favorite among many. Meet the Colorado girl who hikes 14ers in high heels. This seemed like a better option to us than the nearby 14er, Mount Massive with a trail totaling 12.8 miles. Don’t cut switchbacks.

Massive (right) from the summit of Mt. The Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office is teaming up with land management agencies and stewardship groups to promote best practices for recreating outdoors. Perhaps a fancy dinner? Recommended Route Halfmoon Creek Route (also called the North Mount Elbert Trail) or the Mount Elbert Trail (also called the South Mount Elbert Trail) – use of these routes will help to reduce impacts to this Fourteener’s fragile alpine environment. August, 2005: Mt. Follow the trail all the way to the summit. Buena Vista in particular is a mountain climber’s paradise, as Chaffee County has the highest concentration of Fourteeners in all of Colorado. We found parking just past the parking lot and began our hike around 7:30 am. Sheridan (13,748`). Elk calving areas exist near this trail. I always try and mentally prepare by telling myself that I’m going to spend the whole day hiking. She goes to Cornell University and whenever she moved, she realized how much she missed living in Colorado. Over the years the term has changed slightly to focus on "systems" instead of specific items.
Follow the Mount Elbert Trail northwest and west to the summit. Last month they returned to add some finishing touches with this beautiful timber backwall. Elbert Routes; Route Mt. I recommend hiking with polarized sunglasses and a lightweight hooded shirt with long sleeves. Travel approximately four miles to Lake County 24, then north one mile to Lake View campground. If you use this route, make sure you descend on the Northwest Ridge. Hiking & climbing 14ers is an inherently high-risk activity – do so at your own risk, and use the following best practices to help keep yourself safe. Elbert marks the high point for the Colorado Rockies. A couple of other hikers told me that they felt like they encountered more false summits, but if you track distance, you will not have to worry too much about this. Older maps and guidebooks will show this route incorrectly. By the time we arrived at the trailhead, the parking lot was already full. Through extensive research of the early days of mining in Colorado and the voluminous records of the 1870’s Hayden Surveys, author Jeri Norgren has written one of the finest Colorado history books ever. The Trails Illustrated® map #127 is the most current, as the trail was reconstructed in 1993. The book is set to release Monday, September 14th and is the perfect gift for any 14er enthusiast. The Next Summit is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Carry these items in your pack and you'll be more comfortable and have a better experience, as well as be better prepared to spend the night out in the event of an accident or getting lost. Please remember to be careful about trash to not let anything blow away. Earlier this week the high peaks received their first dusting of snow for the season. There are several camping areas here in case you want to get to the area the night before. As you approach tree-line, you’ll start to see views of the summit through patches in the forest, along with the rest of the route. Please keep your distance to avoid undue stress to the animals. CFI supporters will be able to purchase the book at a 10% discount and a portion of sales will be donated to help protect and preserve the 14ers. From Mt. Here are some of our favorite Fourteeners to climb: MOUNT ELBERT.

Elbert with her father and sister. August, 2005: Taken during a hike of Elbert, via the east ridge. Stay alert on the way up to avoid difficulties and wrong turns on the way down.

We recommend using Nikwax and these easy-to-follow steps to wash and take care of your hardshells. 402 E. Main Street, Buena Vista CO (719.395.8001), 78321 US Hwy 40, Winter Park CO (970.281.4148), BV 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Every Day, WP 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Every Day, Warm hat and gloves (it gets cold at the peak!

June, 2004: Elbert from Mt. When hiking this route, please be prepared with the 10 essentials and an awareness of symptoms of high altitude illnesses. Elbert trail - 5. Alex Derr is a mountaineer and blogger based in Denver Colorado. After leaving the trees, follow the great trail as it switchbacks up a gentle slope below the northeast ridge - 7. Afternoon thunderstorms are common, so you’ll want to summit before noon, which typically means leaving the trailhead no later than 4:00-5:00 a.m. For more info about climbing Fourteeners near Buena Vista, visit for additional route info and updates on trail conditions.

If you know the distance of a mile, it’s easier to picture how much farther you have to go. All 15 of the Sawatch Range Fourteeners are within an easy distance from downtown Buena Vista, allowing you to lodge in town and enjoy a fresh meal, taste of local beer, or soak in the hot springs after you've summited one of these mountains. Southwest Ridge: Class 2, easier route than the Northwest Ridge but harder to access. How about the trailhead to Colorado’s Mt.

Elbert, the highest mountain in the state? Can you imagine hauling logs up those switchbacks? Have you ever wondered how Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks got their names and who first climbed them? Join The Next Summit Newsletter to get advice, news & stories! Mt. This post includes links to different trail options and tips for hiking in Colorado. Travel across snowfields until the trail can be regained. Many people head to climb Mt Elbert apart from the rest of the 14ers as it’s the tallest peak in the state and rocky mountains overall. Keep in mind that not all guidebooks list this recommended route and that each guidebook’s description or route name may vary slightly. Use Code "14er" at checkout to receive 10% off and ensure that a portion of sales will be donated to CFI's trail stewardship projects on the 14ers. Peak Specific Environmental and Safety Concerns In Spring snowfields cover the trail. (Lyn Alweis, Denver Post file) These five peaks are time-tested hikes for novice fourteener folks. I have still never experienced hiking a 14er to be easy, even though I already live above 5,000 ft. ... See MoreSee Less, Have you ever wondered how Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks got their names and who first climbed them? You’re only a few hundred feet from the top now. Some seasons you’ll be able to climb in late June or early October, as the weather and snowfall varies from year to year. Ton had begun her 14er journey two summers earlier when she climbed Mt.

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