Tyler could of been killed in any situation. "[10] Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a positive review, stating the "scenes between Pattinson and de Ravin exude genuine charm." And, I’ve said this before, Caroline represents a whole other level of this story– the children affected by that day. c/o Curtis Brown Group Ltd. "[9] Derek Malcolm wrote in This Is London, "Decently shot and directed as it is, it lacks any real flame. That's another story. Remember Me is genius. A masterpiece. While at Tyler's apartment, Aidan convinces the pair to go to a party, after which Ally is very drunk, and ends up throwing up. ( Log Out /  I don’t think Rob will ever let his fans down, He will never play anything insincere. You can’t help but be moved by it. The film premiered on March 1, 2010, at the Paris Theatre in New York City,[3] and received its wide release on March 12, 2010. The intent of the controversial ending, I believe, was to shock the viewer just as 9/11 shocked us all – No one saw that coming. Learn how your comment data is processed. Charles ignores his youngest child, Caroline, of whom Tyler is protective. This Film opened my eyes about 9/11 it gave me feeling and understanding and respect for what happened that morning in New York that i did not have before. Why did Caroline's "friends" at the sleepover decide to chop all her hair off? Like many other people who weren’t directly impacted by the events on 9/11, I didn’t really “get it” until I saw this movie. He knows good writing when he reads it. | The company were asked to remove a strong verbal sex reference (to being "sodomised") and to reduce a scene of strong violence in which the hero continues to beat a man who has already been knocked to the ground. Remember Me is a 2010 American romantic coming-of-age drama film directed by Allen Coulter, and screenplay by Will Fetters. That the ending was the reason for the entire film and that the premise of the movie was built around the ending and not the other way around. Also, some of them miss entirely the sensitivity of Rob’s performance, so understated and real. It received negative reviews from critics, mainly due to the ending. Edit, The BBFC advised the company that the film was likely to receive a "15" classification but that the requested "12A" certificate could be achieved by making cuts in two sequences. Critics ranted that it was a cheap way to end the movie and simply means to an end. Ten years later, Ally is a student at New York University (NYU), and lives with her father, Neil, a New York Police Department detective. If you are the original owner of any media used and would like it removed, we will be happy to do so, please contact us. Tyler is buried next to Michael. Robert Pattinson Because he is beautiful, popular and intelligent. However many others watched  the scenes unravelling before them, from afar, in total shock and abject horror. 5th Floor, 28-29 It may be affected, but [it] is at least aiming for an intriguing character study — a positive sign in the young career of Pattinson," who he says steps away from "Twilight, apparently in search of his Five Easy Pieces or Rebel Without a Cause. Tyler spends the night with Ally, and they reveal they love each other after making love. Maybe it would have been too much to have 2 children die in twin towers bombings. "[6] Metacritic gives it a score of 40 out of 100, based on reviews from 29 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". c/o Endeavor Agency It was always about remembering the individual lives lost, imagining what their families’ lives must have been like afterwards. I can see why some press slated the idea and some didn’t. "Remember Me" tells a sweet enough love story, and tries to invest it with profound meaning by linking it to a coincidence. One night, with his roommate, Aidan, Tyler gets involved in somebody else's fight, and is arrested by Neil. This was an important movie that I hope gets some respect as the years go by. There is no copyright infringement intended on this blog. It stars Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, and Pierce Brosnan. It was a brilliant idea to make a story that endears the main character to the audience – make them be a bit invested in the character’s life and then show how devastating the sudden loss of that person is. Rob will get good and bad criticism all through his career. http://www.rememberme-film.com/2011/06/remember-mes-message-remember-fallen.html, Your Blog gave me goose bumps, and i could not agree more. Great article, and so true. No one could believe it happened. Of course that I refuse to watch the end of RM again!!! I cared about the characters. Remember Me has had an emotional impact on me like no other movie I’ve ever seen. Ally and Aidan visit Tyler's mother's apartment, where Caroline is sobbing. Haymarket House I think preconceptions tend to play a role, and what this film was, in a lot of ways, was a study of grief and a study of these “bolts from the blue” that alter the trajectory of life and for me the script started as a 22-year-old kid’s therapy session. xxxxxxxxx ❤ ❤ ❤. Seeing it was truly a life-changing experience for me. And that’s where the focus should be. But no he did not use 9/11 simply as an ending. Edit, His name is Leo and is Ally's father's partner. Some time later, Caroline and Charles seem to have a healthy father-daughter relationship. By having him on as EP, if it started to look like that was going to happen—which it did—he could use his clout as EP to redirect the focus more onto what it is. For your information, there will be a 10th anniversary post about RM on the site one of you mentioned. Pingback: El Verdadero Significado de “Remember Me”: Diario Twilight. I still have a tough time with 9/11. He played it beautifully and no matter how many times I watch I’m reduced to tears. Brilliant film! Instead of making them a statistic, Will Fetters humanized them and gave them a voice . The following day, she and her father argue. They didn’t bother going back and looking at it with new eyes. That the critics had emotions running high on the subject and could not see past the ending to what the movie was truly about. He was inspired to write the story after reading 9/11 obituaries. If in doubt think that he really wouldn’t be in it if he didn’t feel it in his heart and understand it. And the movie shows that. Also by reading the original script you can see that the entire story is based around it. Not missing a memory or thought about his brother or the pain he is feeling. Charles is impressed that Tyler stood up for his sister, and they connect. The character of Janine is last seen in Tyler's father's office on the 90th floor of the World Trade Center with Tyler himself on 9/11, so it is heavily implied that she would have been another casualty. Thank you Will Fetters. So well said dear, and I so agree…Remember Me was all about 9/11…and put a face and a name on the innocents who lost their lives so tragically that fateful day… I can’t watch Remember Me without crying my eyes out, and I haven’t watched it but two times because it hurts so much, and your explanation is WHY… you are so correct. September 11th, 2001 changed my life as it did so many others (I sent ToR my personal story); I did not personally know any of the victims, but Taylor Hawkins, and Rob’s sensitive and brilliant acting, put a name and a face to those victims unknown to so many. Tyler was the hero and he brought his family together. I absolutely adored Tyler. This is shown in the argument with his father where he takes a simple drawing from a child (his sister) and his bicycle and goes into a an executive boardroom with it to confront his father. | LOL I can’t see Tyler dying again and again, too sad! Honeycutt goes on to say that the score and cinematography brought "notable sparkle to this heartfelt drama. I agree with all the comments here. This movie was truly a gift and hopefully it will someday get the recognition that it deserves. The whole film was not about 9/11. I think the fairest criticism that I’ve read is going after the basic story points, which when you write a love story you’re going to tread on similar grounds, that kind of stuff I really get. I still need my box of tissues next to me. His last memory was happiness as he realised his father actually did care as he had pictures of his children on his screensaver. Caroline is bullied by classmates at a birthday party where they cut a chunk of her hair off. An Indian/Pakistani song, "Saason ki Mala Peh Simroon" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, is also heard in the movie when Tyler takes Ally on their first date at Gandhi Restaurant.