No technical skills are needed but reasonable fitness and appropriate equipment are essential. The views of Mount Monolith and the other jagged peaks behind Grizzly Lake are amazing. } Incredible hike, though challenging. } These features. width:100%; Tough trail for ATVs because of the initial obstacle. } Marmots are so adorable. Enjoy!! I set off out of Colorado Springs, Colorado at 0430 on September 28th en route to Buena Vista, Colorado to meet up with my buddy Jim and his wife in search of some great trout fishing. At one point going back down, we were faced with what appeared to be about an 10% grade going down hill…with nothing to stop your momentum but the canyon floor. /* ----------------------------------------- */ margin-top:16px; p.entry-meta { border:1px solid #c0c0c0; #report-body-spacer { It was a great trip, just wish we didn’t underestimate the brutality of this trail. left: 0; 1,300). We thought we would just venture down the trail a bit and break off to the streams that were just off the trail…we were wrong again. Leave us a trail review. .runner-name a { position: relative; This hike is very moderate and scenic until you near the end - then it gets steep and challenging. /* ----------------------------------------- */ I thought for sure I had incurred grave damage, but I didn’t. #runners-container { Grizzly Lake. A few hikes in Kokanee Glacier Park have caught my eye – do you have any recommendations? text-align:center; The first leg of the trail starts in a forest you wouldn't think you were in the Yukon until about 3-4km in then its starts to open up losing all shelter from the trees. My second favourite part of the hike (the views of course top everything) was seeing marmots in the aptly named marmot meadows section. } float:left; With a limited number of tent pads at Grizzly Lake, so a valid permit is required to camp. We were lucky to have made it up and back and now not need the 4 wheel drive system, but still…damage had been done. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. We saw lots of wildflowers, whistle pigs and amazing views that change every few minutes. /* Content Template: Loop item in REPORTS Runners - start */ The view was amazing, but the thought of a break line leaking or a boulder causing you to adjust a liiiitle too far left was terror inducing. } They are such beautiful creatures and we were so pleased to see and hang out with them for a while, as well as some pretty cheeky ground squirrels. Maybe a bit too long and hard for doing that in 1 day. Grizzly Lake sits in Grizzly Basin (11,188 ft) near the ghost town of St. Elmo and offers magnificent alpine beauty. Off Track Travel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! h1 a:hover { Pingback: How We Travelled Canada for $45 a day | Off Track Travel, The Grizzly Lake hike: An epic Yukon hiking experience, Grizzly Lake Trail, Tombstone Territorial Park: The Details, What you need to know about the Grizzly Lake trail, 7 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Winter Road Trip in Canada, 10 Travel Books To Inspire Wanderlust and Adventure Within You, Grizzly Lake trailhead to Grizzly Lake: 11.5km one way. .td-transition-controls ul.wpv_pagination_dots li.wpv_pagination_dots_item, After the 2.7 mile trail was tackled we were handsomely rewarded with. /* View slug: reports-other-reports-for-same-trail-slider - end */ Columbia and Mt. The sway bar allowed for that extra bit of travel for the front wheels to touch down and pull the rest of the vehicle up and over the obstacle. Use this information for historical purposes only. When you arrive at the switchbacks, turn around unless you are a very. Rough, tough, technical trail. Earlier in the week Jim and I decided we wanted to get some good trout fishing in before the weather was going to turn south. height:20px; color:#666; Difficult. In addition all of your essential backcountry hiking gear, I would recommend bringing: If you liked this post, PIN or save this post for future reference with one of the above images! border-top:1px solid #c0c0c0; Some features of the Service make use of detailed location and trail route information, for example in the form of GPS signals and other information sent by your mobile device. Posts like this remind me why I am proud to be Canadian. Vistas go on forever. I couldn’t get enough of those marmots. Grizzly Lake 3.5 We are not excited about this Jeep trail. Simply spectacular!!! Dogs are permitted but must be on a leash at all times. .td-slides { I was hiking in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park a few years back and had a friendly one follow us for quite some time down the trail! But my AEV 2.5″ DS XT suspension worked just as it was supposed to. And our camera has a pretty decent zoom . I was proud to have made it, especially after we spoke to everyone else who agreed that it was a hard 11km, even the Tombstone Ranger who hikes (or practically runs it) it in 2.5 hours! text-decoration: none; .td-slider-container { It was completely gorgeous and fairly challenging. I was a bit naive thinking I could do anything (well I did, but it was hairy at times) and probably should have heeded the old mans warnings. The odds just weren’t in our favor to come out totally unscathed. From here on out your completly exposed to the elements until you set up your tent. You can do a part of this trail for a scenic lookout. (719) 539-3591San Isabel N.F., Salida R.D. Those rocks I just mentioned were apparently very very slippery the day before. Since there are such a limited number of permits available every day, your best chance to get one is by reservation. 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