An all or nothting player, but for him it was worth the risk, I presume you are referring to Big Bob....Rosey always seems to have his body between the defender and the ball (at least the little stuff I've been able to see...). Then against Philly in 81 he did very well against Hairston.Could you argue Kenn as third best pass blocker behind Munoz and Jones? Yary moved into the starting lineup early in the 1969 season and was there through the 1981 season. His 96.5 career total is the second most by an interior defensive lineman. Achievements: eight-time Pro Bowler, three-time All-Pro. Yes, Joe had a great dropback and release of the ball, but there is no way he goes his first five seasons injury free without the great pass protection of Hill. He could slide in and play guard if needed. I know that Mike Giddings loved Yary.... didn't he coach him at USC? It's the most for an offensive lineman as well. . Holmgren added that Jones was "the best tackle I ever saw". Achievements: 14-time Pro Bowler, six-time All-Pro Believe it or not, before he became Ron Burgandy's friend or television's Father Murphy, Merlin Olsen was one of the greatest defenders in the game. He also was a first-ballot Hall of Fame selection in 2001. Gil Brandt's greatest NFL tackles of all time NFL Media senior analyst and personnel guru Gil Brandt ranks the best offensive tackles in NFL history. Take a look at how they stack up. Playing in the Western Division, Olsen faced the powerhouse Packers and Colts twice a season during a long stretch of his career. Yary's only negative might me when, late in his career, when he was called a few too many times for holding, which he would likely admit to. According to his Hall of Fame biography, "it wasn't long before he knew the moves of every opponent and had perfected ways to combat them.". On passing plays, he showed great timing, hitting a defender right when the ball was snapped. I wasn't crazy about it.Thats the thing for me with Yary. Achievements: one-time Super Bowl champion, nine-time Pro Bowler, nine-time All-Pro. And Proscout, Inc., called him an "underrated technician". For the most part, only diehard football fans recognize the contributions of defensive tackles and defensive linemen. John Randle. He was fast and agile, played with an aggressive style, which put his opposition on its heels and kept them there and kept ahead of his opponents through hard work and tenacity off the field. He was an All-Pro for five seasons and went to six Pro Bowl games. But as we all know a Super Bowl MVP does not necessarily make a great player—consider Larry Brown, Dexter Jackson or even Doug Williams. Needs to stay healthy. Offensive line coach John Michales used every psychological angle to get the message to the big second-year player that "if you don't work harder you'll be embarrassed in front of your home fans.". He was traded from the Giants (who held his rights to the Vikings). Though he played 20 seasons, he was a backup for his first three and his last one consisted of 17 games (one game). But it was hardly Kennedy's fault. Vince Lombardi wrote, "Forrest Gregg is the finest player I ever coached". He was All-Decade for the 1980s and the NFL's 75th Anniversary Team in 1994 and the NFL's All-Century Team in 2000. It could be that Kunz came into the league with a five of Hall of Famers (including O.J. In 1993 and 1995 he was Second-team All-Pro and in 1996 he was a consensus All-Pro. He could get in trouble with some of the good 3-4 rushbackers of the day (like Rickey Jackson) overall he was still a great tackle. He was equally adept on running the plays and could routinely get to the second level, often taking down a defensive back when he did so. 6th February 2017. Fellow Hall of Famer Dan Dierdorf said, "I think he's the greatest of all time. Slater was drafted as a guard and was a backup to Tom Mack and Dennis Harrah but learned the tackle position. I've mostly seen listings of Stydahar's position as 'tackle' but have seen a few places listing him as a right tackle including this picture, taken prior to a playoff game against the Washington Redskins. The Best 'Dancing With The Stars' Contestants, Ranked, The Best Miami Football Players of All Time. Reginald Howard White (December 19, 1961 – December 26, 2004) was an American professional... Aaron Charles Donald is an American football defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams of the... Merlin Jay Olsen (; September 15, 1940 – March 11, 2010) was an American football player,... College & Professional Athletes Who Were Raised Mormon. "Nineteen eighty-one was one of my best years, I was nearly 290 pounds and was bench-pressing more weight than I ever had". Gregg was key to the success of the Packers in the 1960s and Lombardi knew he could count on Gregg to keep his quarterback clean and the running lanes open for Lombardi's vaunted power sweep. And while it's splitting hairs picking between two of the 1960s greatest players at any position, Olsen slightly tops Bob Lilly on this list for one reason. A Pro Bowler every year of his career, except for his final season, Merlin penetrated backfields and punished ball carriers for more than a decade. He feared nothing and nobody, often eschewing a helmet in his early years and playing with a ferocity that was not often matched. He took native intelligence and outsmarted opponents.". He was a dominant right tackle who could hold up during both run and pass plays with ease. In Super Bowl V, virtually no one on the Baltimore Colts roster could block him. That's the way I always had it with Walter." Olsen certainly benefited from playing alongside a player like Deacon Jones, but his size, speed and intelligence were just as useful. Where does your team stand after Week 6? But the Steelers defense has been so dominant over the past decade, because they stop the run with consistency. Very happy that you remembered Jon Kolb, he's often overlooked. Alan Cedric Page (born August 7, 1945) is a retired … Yary's only negative might me when, late in his career, when he was called a few too many times for holding, which he would likely admit to. He was All-Decade for the 2000s and was the NFL Offensive Lineman of the Year in 2005 and was a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He was First-team All-Pro ten times (seven were consensus) and he was a second-team All-Pro one more time and went to eleven Pro Bowls. Louis Cardinals (1971-1983). We could go on, but sufficeth it to say Anthony hauled in the honors.