It definitely helps a lot when you need to take a data-driven decision since it provides a clear view of what you are trying to analyze. Amazing variety of charts and possibilities. The learning curve it's easy. To learn more, see our. How it automatically brings in data from other google softwares such as google analytics and google search console and combines these all together in one place. But it's still unique and requires a good training module or two to watch before diving in! Review collected by and hosted on Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. The most helpful things about Google Data Studio are the user friendly design and ability to create customize reports and analytics for your small business. Review collected by and hosted on It's also great how it constantly updates this data without any manual work from us. If not, a Google Sheets workaround is a great loophole. Review collected by and hosted on There is nothing to dislike, as it's well made. There isn't a lot I don't like about this product. Review collected by and hosted on Some of the downsides could be if you do a lot of mobile data studio work and have another team member using exclusively on desktop. Some features are available on desktop but not on mobile or the app. On occasion, the dashboard has trouble loading data at all but this is more of a minor annoyance since it usually fixes itself once I refresh. I am very excited to using Google Data Studio because i can create a good dashboard from whatever data source i have. - Often times buggy. I also like how you can integrate other Google products like Google Analytics and Adwords so you can have even more info. In spreadsheets, the software will interpret and graph the data correctly but if I try to replicate the result in datastudio, the graphs will sometimes break or display no data. When Data Studio was first released, there was a 5-report limit for users. This programs is working well for big data, in case you curious. It has helped me solve reporting to clients. The other good thing is that you can integrate it with google sheets, salesforce reports and many other tools that can help you organize your data and have visibility shared for your team.

I am not aware of this as I used the software a lot. What I dislike is the inconsistencies across platforms. It is effective for generating value and finding any trends in data. Options to publish or embed reports is a real-life saver in making custom dashboards. Review collected by and hosted on

Review collected by and hosted on I also love the customizable reporting feature, and this feature helps me to analyze my data in the way that I want. Additionally, we are able to show clients their data in a way that is digestible and easy to understand. The data is updated automatically when linking it to any platform that I want to measure, I can add new panels and obtain different KPI combinations to better measure the results of the work done, it is fully customizable and I recently discovered that in the same panel I can visualize data from multiple platforms. So easy to use with any Google data source, and the visualization/card options are good (especially for a free tool).

Google Data Studio is completely free. I use and subscribe to the Supermetrics suite of connectors, it is invaluable for bringing in Facebook and Instagram data to give my workplace a more holistic view of our digital landscape. It also provides some existing templates and does not need users to create from scratch.

- Creates visually appealing client-facing reports.

I really like how Google Data Studio reports are so customizable. Perhaps in time, there is the risk that the software might become too complicated.
Google is doing a fantastic job of building an abundance of intuitive and time-saving tools. The fact that you can share the results with other people. A interface do usuário é visualmente agradável, típica dos produtos do Google. I like the amount of information and customization that you get with Google data studios. Review collected by and hosted on I am compiling Google Analytics data from multiple clients, generating monthly reports with their stats. Google Data Studio offers limited functionality as compared to other tools such as tableau etc. Selecting different metrics and dimensions requires some Excel knowledge in order to combine data correctly to create graphs and tables. It is basic and easy to learn for people starting out with analytics and data modeling needs. Google (and others) have good training courses on how to use GDS, which I recommend doing before just starting your own reporting.

Review collected by and hosted on The UI is very user-friendly and intuitive and there are many tools and custom integrations for 3rd party software including Salesforce and Hubspot.
We can even combine data source with blend feature Review collected by and hosted on