Der kostenlose "Multi Commander" ist ein umfangreicher Dual-Panel-Dateimanager mit praktischer Tab-Funktion. Of course, as a commander it seems to be a good alternative to far manager, but did you try to code your problems in it? I don't think it's a built-in functionality, but you may try plugins like True Template or Text Templates.


у меня выдает, что g++ не является командой.

То есть оно либо ничего не компилило, либо компилило совсем не тот файл :) Потом нормально сделал.

I know this is a little late but I can't seem to locate this in the English documentation. You owe to use appropriate plugin versions. Ой, извините, моя ошибка. SpbSU Burunduchki, or Orel STU with Dmitriy Zhukov and many others.

Mit dem „Far Manager“ organisieren und bearbeiten Sie Dateien und Archive auf Ihrer Festplatte. When i run my c++ program, the output flashes and goes away. Там вроде даже можно задать "всегда для этой программы", I think I'm not really getting it. Maybe it's for file panes only?

F9 — Options — Editor settings. As your suggestion, I want to compile and run my program just type Ctrl + F9(for example) with defined Macro, so where and how should I to edit my Macro? Точнее, что именно написать в командной строке, т.к. I'd recommend checking "Auto indent" and adjusting "Tab size". für solche mit -Symbol. I had the same problem. Thanks in advance.

Они лишние. press ctrl + shift + dot and then press all the compile command and press ctrl + shift + dot again and then enter ctrl + F9. What is the advantage of this over a good shell + editor combination like GNU EMACS or vim? press ctrl + o on windows to switch to cmd view. The oficial site says: " Far Manager is a program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. " in der Version 3.0 Build 5665 zum Download zur Verfügung. How does that work together? Unser ZIP-Archiv enthält sowohl die 32- als auch die 64-Bit-Version der Software. Do you know  Breitling Watches? Der "FAR Manager" ist ein Datei- und Archiv-Manager im praktischen Zweifenster-Look.

How exactly did you set Ctrl+F9 to run something? I have the right g++ and gdb. SO what's the correct way to do this ? For ex: if I will create "problem.cpp", there will be prepared code: "#include<...> using namespace std ....". Well,when I When I type a newline,the cursor will always return to the beginning of the line.How can I solve this problem?In my opinion,when I type a new line ,the cursor will align with the previous line.

ты хочешь просто нажать на hello.cpp и если нету ошибки компиляций, то сразу же запустилась hello.exe?

岩姐测试!如有雷同,纯属巧合!, Это свидетельствует о росте популярности ресурса)), Скоро при регистрации будут писать обход в ширину, наверное)), vim + Kate? I can't seem to compile my C++ program when following Hernan's instructions.

Q-Dir ist ein kostenloser Ersatz für den Windows-Dateimanager. Потом открывать откомпилированый hello.exe, ну т.е. It's called a macro, and it simply remembers what keys you've pressed and repeats them once you press Ctrl+F9. You'd better use file associations for that. Using a debugger with Far is not a trivial task. Additionally, how would you delete the entire line the cursor is at? ". Der "FAR Manager" ist eine gute Alternative zum Windows Explorer, bietet aber mehr Übersicht und erleichtert das Arbeiten aufgrund die zwei Dateifenstern. über CHIP Highspeed-Server herunter, sodass eine vertrauenswürdige Herkunft If you or someone managed to cope with this problem, please, share! Der Dateimanager "FreeCommander XE" ist eine gelungene Windows Explorer-Alternative. First of all I need to note, that most of Russian best teams of 2008 during Petrozavodsk training camp were using Far as their primary IDE.

FAR Manager 3.0 Build 5665 Englisch: Der "FAR Manager" ist ein Datei- und Archiv-Manager im praktischen Zweifenster-Look. Когда открываю Command -> file assiciations то появляется одна черная строка. I'd recommend checking "Auto indent" and adjusting "Tab size". Far Manager works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing most of the necessary actions: viewing files and directories; editing, copying and … It's very simple and you don't have most of the unuseful things that Eclipse and other IDEs have. ", где вместо Compile.bat имя вашего батника. I have tried a few times. Ctr + A is useful but I can't select a block which I want to delete.Please Help :).

:D. Kate is a main editor (for code, samples, etc) and vim is used when I need to create or fix some file which is not opened in Kate (or if I don't want to switch windows). You can also use Alt+I for adding one space of identation to the selected block and Alt+U for removing one space of identation. To the point, did you get Far Manager to work under Linux? I'd also recommend checking "Del removes blocks" (otherwise Del will remove just one character and not the selection),`. Идея уже поднималась при регистрации "заставить" пользователя решить какую-то задачку)). Buy these  Breitling Watches sale  on line.More  cheap Breitling Watches  for sale! Can you compare this program with Vim/gVim. Do you know  [b][url=]Breitling Watches[/url][/b]? Создаёшь батник в папке с твоим решением (.bat) и в нём пишешь  : Можно батник получше замутить - на Enter компиляцию поставить, у меня так сделано. When we are going to solve problem X, we just copy "template" project into X directory and start to write code in solution.cpp file. [ ] is like a checkbox in GUI — it's either unchecked ([ ], meaning "option is disabled") or checked ([x], meaning "option is enabled"). I haven't used any of them, though. UPD.

я уже не помню, смотрел давно... поищи тут. Then, whenever you will press that hotkey, your macro will be played. Самое страшное что я видел до сих пор, это vim со сброшенными настройками, я там ваще нифига сделать не могу. At the beginning we created a project in Visual Studio called "template" with one file: solution.cpp.